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Finding answers is your first step toward making the best decision. These are some of the most common questions we hear about adoption.

As you think of others, don't hesitate to ask. An adoption options counselor is available to discuss your questions and concerns every step of the way.

What is adoption?

Adoption is when a family becomes the legal parents of a child who is not their own, biologically. Adoption occurs when expectant parents, who may not feel emotionally and financially ready for parenthood, make the loving, courageous choice to find a new family who deeply desires and has prepared for a child.


Does the father of my baby have to consent to the adoption?

Every situation is different. But you can leave this concern in the capable hands of Gladney’s legal team. We will work hard for the best interest of you and your baby, and you don’t have to be involved in this process.


What does adoption offer me?

At Gladney, you receive these benefits:

  • Support during your pregnancy
  • Confidential services, including counseling, medical care, and legal services
  • The opportunity to personally select a family for your child
  • The option of staying in contact with the family
  • Help with planning for your future
  • Counseling and support groups – for a lifetime, if needed

How does adoption benefit my child?

Adopted children are loved and treasured. Significant sacrifices are made for them before they’re even born. An expectant mother like you carries her baby for nine months and makes the loving, courageous choice of adoption. At the same time, adoptive parents submit themselves to a rigorous process for the privilege to adopt. These children are deeply loved and joyfully welcomed into their forever homes.  

In addition, your child will have the opportunity to seek counseling and emotional support through Gladney for a lifetime. We’ll be another reassuring voice for your child, testifying to the love and courage of expectant parents who choose adoption.

Who chooses the family for my child?

You do. You’ll have the chance to review several parent profiles submitted by carefully screened, prospective parents. These bios paint a picture of each family’s lifestyle, personality, and values. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the perfect parents for your child.


I want to choose adoption, but I am feeling overwhelmed. Will I have enough support to get through this?

Adoption is about crafting a plan for your child. And with Gladney, you won’t do it alone. We give you the emotional and practical support you need, through individual and group counseling available for a lifetime.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to or hear the stories of women who’ve chosen adoption. When the time comes, you’ll be ready. And afterwards, Gladney will be there to help you take the next steps toward your future.

How do I know that adoptive parents will take good care of my baby?

Adoptive children have an army of professionals working for their future. Licensed social workers do extensive background checks of adoptive parents, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations. Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective about who we choose to work with. In addition, you’ll have the assurance of watching your child grow up through photos and letters.

Will my baby grow up hating me?

Adopted children grow up knowing they are doubly loved – by their biological and adoptive parents. This love is demonstrated by the sacrifices made by each parent in their lives. Adoptive parents are eager to share with their children your legacy of love, courage, and selflessness in choosing adoption.

My mother had me at my age, and she raised me. What if she thinks I should raise my baby?

We encourage you to listen to the opinions of those who love you, while also learning the facts about adoption. Think about the dreams you have for yourself and your child. You alone are responsible for your future and planning the future of your child. Adoption is a gift of love only you can decide to give.

Won’t the government help me take care of my baby for the first few years?

In limited ways, yes. But welfare does not help you buy clothing, toys, gifts, or any extras. It helps only with basic necessities and may not provide the stability you want for your child.

This baby is my one chance to feel loved. How can I give that up?

Babies and children are sweet and loving, but they’re also very needy and demanding. They’re not equipped to love you in the consistent, selfless ways needed by an adult. While you will enjoy their hugs and kisses, there’s also lots of work involved. Constant feedings, potty-training, and discipline are just a few examples. In choosing adoption, you’re not giving up the chance to parent for a lifetime. You’re choosing to wait for a better time, while giving your baby a wonderful home.

How do I choose the right adoption agency?

Look for an adoption agency that cares about you and not just the adoption. Find an agency that will help you craft a personalized plan and provide lifelong services to you, your child, and the adoptive parents. For your emotional support, the agency should provide services and resources with a warm and personal approach.

Why should I work with Gladney?

We’re committed to working, not only for the benefit of your child and the adoptive parents, but also for you – the loving mother who makes this choice. We give you every resource, emotionally and financially, to help you succeed in your life. We want to give you all the preparation you need so you can look back on your adoption choice with gratitude and joy.

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