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Zac + Whitney

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are not a perfect family, but we strive to love fully as we have been fully loved by God. We know as parents, that children are full of fun, laughter, messiness, adventure, and teachable moments. We will love this child with all of our hearts. We want you to know that your brave decision to pursue adoption is full of sacrificial love.

About Whitney

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I grew up in Dallas and spent my childhood doing piano, ballet, soccer, and gymnastics. I have fond memories of unending giggles with my twin sister and unending aggravations from my older brother. After graduating high school I moved away from Dallas to go to college. College brought so many great things but most importantly, the introduction to Zac (we met our sophomore year)!

Zac and I got married right after graduation and I then worked full-time until we had our daughter. Being at home with our children is important to me, so after our 1st child was born I left full-time "office" work to be at home. Our 2nd child was born 3 years later and we adopted our 3rd child last year. The days go by slow, but the years fly by! Today, I teach piano 2 days a week from our home. I have 13 students and adore passing on my love of the piano. I study the Bible by attending Bible Study Fellowship, and also do marketing work for a public speaker. The most rewarding work of all is the privilege of homeschooling our kids! We attend a homeschool "co-op" where they go to a classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays and we do school from home the other 3 days.

About Zac

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I grew up in a small town north of Houston. As a kid I loved playing most sports but especially the Sunday afternoon golf with my dad. My parents always taught me to love God and to love my neighbor. After high school I moved away for college. I loved college because it introduced me to Whitney and to college football.

I went to work after graduating college and have spent my entire career in the construction industry. My job allows me to travel the USA, provide for my family and meet new people. I enjoy my work. When not working, I love the outdoors. The Bible says that creation reflects God's glory. When I am outside I feel like I am closer to Him. Call me crazy, but I also enjoy "endurance sports". Running, cycling, swimming, back-packing or anything else that pushes me physically and mentally. I use these sports to teach my kids about perseverance, toughness and patience. Finally, I love getting to help with homeschool. Not many dads get to play an active role in their kids education and God has blessed me with the opportunity. The kids call me "Principal Daddy" and I love it!

About Us

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Our story starts in 2002 when we met our sophomore year at college. We knew early on that our lives were meant to spend together. We began our family journey in 2004 when we got married in Whitney's home church in Dallas. Our lives together changed in 2009 when Livy Anne, our 1st child was born. We then became a family of 4 in 2012 when Wade was born and then a family of 5 in 2018 when Jacob was adopted. We are so excited to grow our home again and now become a family of 6! Who would of thought in 2002 that God would bless us this way.

Throughout our lives together there has been joy and sadness, but in it all God has taught us to love each other in a deeper way. He has shown us what "in sickness and health, till death do us part" really means. We believe our family is called to be different. To talk different, to act different and to look different. Being different is how other people know that our hearts have been CHANGED! God gives us the perfect gift of Jesus and by Him we are living examples of His great love. Because of this, it's our desire to adopt. We are excited to adopt any child - boy or girl and a child of another race. Our favorite family time is spent in our travel trailer. We also call it our "little house". We take the trailer all over the USA to visit the most amazing places. Our goal is to see all National Parks before the kids go to college!

About Our Kids

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I am Livy Anne. I love being a big sister! I like painting, playing guitar, playing piano, singing and making silly faces. I am excited about having a new little brother or sister. I can't wait to help take care of them (and maybe get to share a room!).

I am Wade. I love adventure! I like to sword fight (pretend), go hiking with my daddy and play soccer. I have been thinking about names for our new baby but need to wait until I know if it will be a boy or girl.

Hi, I am Jacob. I like to skateboard, ride mountain bikes, play the drums, and wrestle with Wade. I am excited about a new brother or sister because I love big families.

Jacob is the newest part of our family. Jacob was adopted into our family in 2018. We are so thankful that God gave us Jacob and knew right away that he would be a perfect addition. Jacob turned 12 last year and he is a great leader for Wade and Livy Anne. He protects them with honor. Jacob is the most courageous 12 year old we have ever met and we have no doubt that he will be a great big brother for this new baby.

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