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Warren + Margaret

The first thing you should know is that we greatly admire you. Your decision to put your child's best interest first, and at the same time fulfill a couple's dream of completing their family is quite courageous. Thank you for having the strength to make this decision. We are certain this is not easy and comes with much prayer and deliberation. With that, let's not be strangers; allow us to tell you a little about ourselves, the life we share, our joy.


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We are Warren & Margaret, and from the start of our marriage, we knew we wanted to be parents. For us, adoption was always part of the plan. Warren's mother was adopted and while dating we talked of having one child and adopting a child to complete our family. A few years into our marriage we learned that we would not be able to conceive children. We get to experience joy in parental-like roles with the children of family, friends and neighbors, but we want more. The desire of having our own family grows every day.

About Us

We met through mutual friends and dated long distance for a couple of years. Our love of traveling together began with concerts, football games, river tubing trips.

We have now been married ten years. We still enjoy traveling. It doesn't matter to us whether it's a quick weekend trip out of town or a planned vacation to another country. We are excited to share our love of traveling as a family- Hawaii, Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains, South Africa, SEC & Big 12 Bowl Games, NYC, San Diego. It could involve helping with grape harvest, hiking in a park or snorkeling at a beach. We enjoy being outside and experiencing anything that has to do with agriculture or animals and have a special appreciation for zoos. Having a child accompany us on our adventures will enrich our own experiences even more! Seeing a child take in all of the cultural sights and sounds for the first time will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience for us as parents.

While we spend a lot of time with family and traveling, we also revel in our time at home. We love to spend time working in our garden on the weekends and training our dogs. We look forward to having a little one getting his or her hands dirty - getting excited about rolly polly bugs, worms and nature! We also enjoy our lazy weekends to playing games, working on puzzles or cuddling up for a movie marathon.

About Margaret

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Kind, caring and compassionate and a little silly. These are all words that describe my wife. But, more importantly, they are words I think that describe a good mother. I know with every part of my being Margaret will teach our family that kindness matters. She is quick to say it is easy to say something negative about a person or situation, but it takes real intellect to find the positive.

When a friend, a neighbor or a family member is in need, Margaret is the first to respond. She is an incredible listener, and while she may seem shy at first, she is definitely a bubbly and outgoing person. It is her nature to be there for people when they need help or to just share what's troubling them. This trait of compassion is something she will instill with our family.

Margaret loves to learn about people, things and places. And then she wants to share that with those around her - by teaching fire building or how to decorate the perfect cookie or that giraffes have hearts that are 2 feet long and 26 pounds to help pump blood all the way up to their brains. She is inquisitive and finds details interesting. Kids love that she can tell you the why behind most things.

Margaret has a heart as big as the state of Texas. Her sense of purpose, compassion and kindness makes her a great aunt and godparent. I have no doubt it will also make her an incredible parent.

About Warren

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Warren is Fun with a capital F! He knows how to let go and seeks out opportunities to enjoy time with family and friends. He can get anyone to take some time out to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It could be seeing some live music at a festival or getting folks together to volunteer at the auction for the State Fair. Then there are events like the neighborhood cul-de-sac gathering where Warren gets out the wiggle plasma cars and encourages the adults to have a race. Or it could be a small gathering of friends where Warren lights up the room with his storytelling. When there is dancing involved, Warren will get everyone out on the floor - even the folks that are the most awkward. He is a great source of joy in my life and the lives of our family and friends.

Warren will be an amazing father. He is sought out by kids at gatherings to get down on the floor to play cars/dolls or ride the bumper cars at the carnival. His laugh is infectious and kids young and old are drawn to him. Warren is unique in his ability to relate to teenagers and young adults. Whether it is helping a high schooler with their Ag project or working with a college intern- they equally respond well to his challenging kindness and encouragement.

I smile when I think of the qualities Warren will teach our children- the importance of a sense of humor, how choosing the right word can make a difference when communicating and that he always takes the time to have a little fun. I can't wait to parent with him!

Our Family

Family gatherings are a big deal. We come together for holidays, family reunions, Sunday dinners and family road trips. It's easy when most of the family is within a couple of hours of each other.

Holidays involve cascarones (confetti eggs) at Easter, pumpkin carving for Halloween and the Turkey Trot 5K before Thanksgiving. For Christmas Margaret hosts her annual holiday cookie decorating parties (which she has done since she was 12!!) and we all enjoy the tradition of finding creative stocking stuffers for the entire family. There is nothing we cherish or look forward to more than getting together as a family.

Our Neighborhood

We love our house. It has 4 bedrooms, two baths and a screened in back porch for dining. Margaret enjoys gardening so we have a beautiful backyard where our two dogs , Belle and Otis, run around. There is plenty of room to play. But the real reason we love our house is that we live in a connected and diverse neighborhood.

We help host the annual Fourth of July party where everyone brings a dish. We close the cul-de-sac, play street games and watch the fireworks set off by a nearby golf course. It's awesome. Come October, we gather again for annual Pumpkin carving where the teenagers help the younger kids gut, design and carve their pumpkins.

We live in a community of where neighbors are not just neighborly, they are true friends and are connected into each other's lives. Margaret serves as a Girl Scout leader for a Brownie Troop with our next door neighbor and her two girls. Warren has mentored several teenagers with their Ag and FFA projects in high school. We can think of no better place to raise a family.

We Promise

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To provide a home filled with joy, laughter & learning

To read bedtime stories or sing every night

To teach them compassion and gratitude

To give hugs that nurture and reassure

To show that character is more important than color

To help them understand their mother's courage

To teach him to be sensitive & caring

To teach her to be strong

To kiss them goodnight - no matter what

Thanks for letting us share our story and we look forward to hearing yours. We are grateful that you would even consider us to love and care for your child.

We can neither imagine what you are going through, nor the road that led you here. But your decision to have an adoption plan is an incredible gift. This child will know how he or she came to us. We will make sure they know that they are a miracle that has brought so much joy and love into our lives.

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