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Warren + Danielle

We complement each other in many ways. Warren is an extremely hard-working businessman. Danielle is an early childhood specialist; she owns a preschool. Warren has a more serious personality; he likes staying up to date on all business current events and finance. Danielle is playful, she is often singing songs to the children in her school.

Hey There,

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We want to thank you for having the courage, strength and faith to consider adoption for your child. As we try to understand the huge range of emotions you must be going through; confusion, fear, uncertainty; we believe you must be a person of tremendous conviction and unconditional love to contemplate making such a brave decision for your child.

We are happy you have chosen our profile to read and hope to provide you with a look into our lives. We can only try to understand how difficult this decision must be for you. Please know that we admire the love you have for your child and the courage it takes to learn about us.

About Us

Warren and Danielle met about 12 years ago through a mutual friend. Danielle's friend invited her to a casual get together at Warren's house. A few dinner dates later and it was history. We have been together ever since. We love to travel together, be surrounded by friends, our dog, and most of all surrounded by family. We enjoy allowing our families to experience things they may have not been able to experience on their own, such as fun trips, sporting events, lots of great memorable family parties and holidays. We have 6 nieces and 2 nephews and a few dog nephews too.

We were both raised in the Christian denomination and have a strong faith in God. We attend church together on Sundays. Warren also helps mentor young men from the church who are interested in business as a profession. Danielle helps volunteer at church when they do community outreach. Danielle loves to sing at church. Holidays are our favorite - especially Christmas!

We complement each other in many ways. Warren is an extremely hard-working businessman. Danielle is an early childhood specialist; she owns a preschool. Warren has a more serious personality; he likes staying up to date on all business current events and finance. Danielle is playful, she is often singing songs to the children in her school.

As a proud biracial couple, we believe strongly in diversity, the importance of our shared culture, our positive heritage, and proud traditions that we would share in a child's upbringing.

Why Adoption

We are so excited to realize that our dream of parenthood could soon be around the corner. We have much to offer a child and think adoption is our best route of having our dreams come true.

We both love children and the possibility of giving love and development to another person redefines the true meaning of life. We are both at the point in our lives where we are excited about making a child the true center of all the positive things we do together. The thought of being able to pass on the love and values instilled in us by our parents is something we have thought about our entire adult lives.

When Warren was in graduate school, at the age of 22, he wrote a diary including his guiding principles that he would want to share with a child.


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Danielle was raised in Long Island, New York and moved for work down south where she met Warren. Her mother and father have been married for over 59 years and they still live in the house where she was born. She has one younger sister and three older brothers. All but one brother still lives on Long Island. Her brother, Greg, has triplet girls and her sister, Jaime, has two girls, as well.

Growing up, Danielle was somewhat of a tomboy and played soccer her entire childhood. She is very athletic and competitive when it comes to sports. When out having fun with Warren, she likes to catch the biggest fish and bowl the better score, although it does not often happen. She is far from a tomboy now and nobody would ever believe she was a tomboy in the past.

Her passion has always been children, which is why she made that her career concentration. She specializes in education from birth to 3 years and has been in the field for 22 years. She recently bought her own school which enrolls children from 3 months to kindergarten. She is excited at the possibility of having her own child attend her school one day.

Danielle loves to dress up Scout, the dog that Warren gave her, for all major holidays and for any special occasion. She loves to hike, workout, kayak, shop, go to dinner with her friends and be spontaneous!


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Warren grew up in the south with his mother, father, sister and brother. His mother's family lived close by to them and his father's family lived up in the mountains. He grew up in a rural area with lots of farming. Warren was a hard worker from an early age. He always knew that he wanted to go into business as a career. He went to an all men's college where he majored in economics and then went straight to graduate school for his MBA.

Both of Warren's parents are deceased. They were both educators and his father was his best friend. Warren is still close with his aunts and uncles on both sides of his family and helps to take care of their needs as they get older.

Warren loved to play all sports as a child, but really loved being on the debate team at school. He always had some type of job even as young as 10 years old. This is what instilled in him, the work ethic he holds to this day. Warren promised his father he would always take care of his family and, always true to his word, he continues to take care of his family to this day. Both his brother and sister work in his family run business and soon his oldest nephew will come work with him after college.

Warren is the ultimate provider. His family and his culture are very important to Warren. He has created the business that he wanted to from an early age and he is now ready to create the family he always dreamed he would have one day.


Oh my, where do we start about our dog Scout. Scout is a friendly 4-year-old, 17-pound, Yorkshire Terrier. Typically, Yorkie's are tiny, cute, purse dogs and about 8 pounds. He loves to be with us all the time and we take him everywhere. He loves to swim in lakes, play with much larger dogs at the dog park or just lounge with us. He loves everyone and has an extremely sweet disposition. All our friends volunteer to babysit him if he cannot come with us somewhere. He does also have a dog walker that takes him on daily playdates with his friends, to the dog park and sometimes sleep overs with her other dog clients.

Our Home

We live in a multi-level house in a suburban area. We have about two acres of land so there is a lot of room for play space and huge birthday parties. We have an inground pool, so we will enjoy the summers!

It is a very multicultural area with great private and public schools. We have lots of areas called "town centers" with play areas for kids, restaurants, and dining. We have many friends that have raised their children here and we have seen firsthand, from them, that our community and surroundings are family oriented. Our neighboring communities have walking trails and many families are seen biking, walking and exercising together. There are many lakes and ponds nearby. As a suburb of Washington DC there are many museums and opportunities for historical learning. We also have a lake house and a house in Florida where we enjoy spending time.

Our Hobbies & Travel

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We share a lot of the same hobbies. We love to be out on the water, either boating or fishing, as you can see from some of the pictures in this book. There is something just very relaxing and tranquil about being out there - but we go early or late because we both do not like it when it's too hot! We share this love of the water with people close to us regularly.

We love to spend time in Florida, where we have a second home. We often have a lot of friends and family there to create wonderful lasting memories.

Our Traditions

We love the holidays and are so excited to celebrate all our favorite holidays with our child! Birthdays and major milestones will be celebrated with big parties and lots of cake! Danielle loves to entertain and celebrate special events. We will take trips to NY to see family, go to the beach, visit Warren's family down south, and enjoy fishing together.

We also celebrate "Thankmas" with Danielle's family from New York every November on Thanksgiving. What is "Thanksmas"? It is Thanksgiving and Christmas all wrapped in to one holiday. It is sometimes hard to get everyone together for both holidays, so we created this new tradition so we can all be together.

Thank You

We are honored that you have chosen to read our profile. We write this message to you warmly with the opportunity of being blessed with our first child. We admire your courage and bravery in taking this next step during this difficult time in your life.

We hope this profile gives you a glimpse into our life and the family we wish to create through adoption. We admire your courage in considering us and promise we will love your child like you would want them to be loved.

No matter what you decide to do, we wish you and your child the absolute best!

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