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Troy + Aimee

We know everyone has a story. Although we wish we could sit down and hear your story right now, we share ours with you here. We hope you are able to see who we are and our heart for family and adoption.

What Adoption Means To Us

Adoption is something we hold in the highest and most tender regard. That's because we adopted our son, JJ! He is the most precious gift that has been given to us. We have seen firsthand how the love of his birth mother allowed us to have this precious life to love and raise. The love and respect we have for her is a part of our son's life as well. We pray the next child that we have the honor of raising will know the love their birth family has for them as well.

How We Began

'How We Began' Image

We were almost high school sweethearts, but God had a better plan for us to be great friends first! We first met when Troy's family moved to Aimee's hometown our sophomore year of high school. We were instant friends and stayed good friends all through high school. It wasn't until the summer before college that we saw the sparks. Long story short, we have been married for over 12 years now! Our relationship began as friends and, to this day, we each say we married our best friend.

Meet Troy...through Aimee's Eyes

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You won't ever meet anyone like Troy. I have known him for over half of my life now, and he is still the most patient, servant-hearted, intelligent, humble, and faith-filled man I have ever known. He is such a kid at heart, too! He makes me and JJ laugh with his silliness all the time! He is a wonderfully gentle and fun dad and it's been a joy to see that. One of Troy's biggest joys in life right now is watching JJ run down the hall to greet him at the back door when he gets home from work.

Troy grew up all over the US, as well as Japan and Germany, before his family settled in my hometown since his father was in the Air Force. He loves all sorts of food and loves to try new things. Troy is also an avid runner (has done a few half-marathons). JJ even gets to go along in the stroller during some of dad's runs. I know Troy can't wait until he can teach our children how to play board games or go camping. There are many fun years ahead of watching him enjoy being a dad!

Meet Aimee...through Troy's Eyes

'Meet Aimee...Through Troy's Eyes' Image

Aimee is the love of my life. I know no other lady who is as caring, thoughtful, crafty, and intelligent as Aimee. Her smile is one my favorite things about her! She was raised by her grandfather and her mother which has given her a special perspective in life. She has so many people who love her in her life including our huge church family of friends! Not only does Aimee make a difference in my and JJ's lives, but in the lives of her patients as a clinical pharmacist.

Finally, she truly is my best friend and is the best mom. I love watching her interact with JJ. She has the innate ability to know how to care for him, be silly with him, or cuddle with him. And JJ sure does love his momma! Ever since she became a mom, a spark like no other has been lit in her heart. I can't wait to see that spark only grow bigger as our family grows.

Meet Jj

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JJ is a curious, adventurous and silly little man! What a joy he is! A few of his favorite things include dogs (though we don't have one), playing outside and eating marshmallows! He is a momma's boy but still loves to wrestle with daddy whenever he's lying on the floor. JJ will also bring you book after book for you to read to him. Troy and I are close to our siblings, so we pray the same for JJ. He will be a terrific big brother!

Our Home And Community

We bought a house in a wonderful neighborhood recently and couldn't be happier now that we are settled! We have a wonderful elementary school within walking distance. There are many children in the area, as well as parks and long paths to ride bikes on or run with a stroller. We also are much closer to our church home, a community that we have been a part of for over 14 years now. We have enjoyed settling in here and look forward to seeing our house grow.

A Few Favorites

Favorite food- dessert. All 3 of us prefer ice cream to anything else!

Favorite season- summer! Each summer, we travel to a beach nearby or somewhere we haven't been before.

Favorite things to do together- running, camping, playing games

Favorite Games- Cribbage, Dominoes, Taboo and Catch Phrase

Favorite Movies- Disney classics, Up!, any of the Marvel Comics movies, and Aimee loves musicals (White Christmas, Hello Dolly)

Favorite places we have traveled to - Hawaii, Grand Canyon, NYC

Looking Ahead

We hope this short page on the website allows you to see that our faith, family and friends are central to our lives. We want to raise our children to love the Lord. We know and have seen our family and friends be a great support to us as we grow our family. Adoption has been a beautiful thing in our families as well as our community of friends. We pray for our child's birth parents daily and are asking God to give you courage, strength, and peace. Whatever you choose, we pray peace would be at the heart of every decision.

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