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Tony + Patty

Hi, we're Tony & Patty. We love traveling, time with our friends & family, our two dogs, and each other! We marvel at the strength, courage and the love you have in your heart to pursue an adoption plan.

This Is Us...

'This is Us...' Image

We marvel at the strength, courage and the love you have in your heart to pursue an adoption plan. We can't imagine the life circumstances that have brought you here, but we continuously pray for you, asking God that you will experience peace in this process. We know what it's like for life to turn out different than expected.

We believe God is in control and He is good and that we were given all of these talents and this desire in our hearts for a reason. We are so excited to meet the amazing children God has planned for us to parent. Know that your child will be loved unconditionally and with every inch of our hearts.

This is us... and if pictures tell a story, we hope you can feel our hearts through these photos. We hope they bring you hope and peace that your child will grow up loved, cared for, and cherished. We will coach and guide them, provide them with spiritual growth, give them the best education opportunities available and the chance to travel and experience other cultures.

About Us: How We Met

"A match made in heaven" was our wedding theme. After years of praying to find each other, we met online. It was worth the wait! We have been together for 8 years and still hear our friends tell us, "you are so perfect for each other". We both work from home, love to travel, and enjoy concerts. We love to dress up for Halloween and host parties for our families and friends. We met unconventionally and our family will grow unconventionally. We are thankful for His blessings and embrace life with all it has to offer.

Our favorite verse is, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. In all the ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight".

About Her

'About Her' Image

"My wife is loving, funny, smart, optimistic, independent, giving, sensitive, and has a huge heart. She grew up in South America, and spoke 4 languages by the age of 10. She graduated an economist, and is now very successful running her own business out of our home, where she helps women reach their God-given potential by empowering, coaching, and mentoring them. She embodies the motto of God first, family second and career third. She helps others by volunteering at church and at a women's crisis center. She is my best friend, my love, and my partner for ever". -Tony

About Him

"My husband is incredibly smart, funny and the most unselfish human being I know. Tony has an engineering degree and an MBA. He served as a pilot in the Army and now designs apps from home. He teaches 3rd grade bible study and runs the sound system at church. He loves to sing, travel, and he can fix anything - from house projects to life's biggest issues. My favorite thing about Tony is that he is always doing what's right and that seeing me happy is his greatest joy!" -Patty

Our Community And Friends

We have the best friends anyone could ask for. They are family! We treasure our time together be it at house parties, church fairs, or community events. We love hosting game night to play board games or dominoes. We find ourselves constantly surrounded by children and its such a joy to see the world through their eyes! We live in one of the best parts of the country. Our family oriented neighborhood was on the national news for our spectacular Christmas light shows!

Kids Around Us

This is what happiness looks like: being surrounded by kids that we adore and adore us! By blood or by choice, they are our family and bring so much joy to our lives! Little kids are usually drawn to us and we can play with them for hours but also be the voice of reason when needed. Close by or far away, they are the ones that keep connecting with us and want to spend time together. For us, that is priceless!

Our Families

Tony's parents still live in the town where he grew up, in the north part of the country. They are proud of their Italian heritage and they have those priceless small town values and family unity like you see in the movies! They own a beautiful lake front house and love to be Alyssa's grandparents! This little girl is a such a shining light! She is funny, happy, super smart and loves to play with our dogs and our friend's kids when they come to visit. Since she is the only grandchild in the entire extended family, she's very excited to meet her first cousin.

Patty's parents still live in South America. They love to visit or meet us in exotic places! Patty's dad is also an engineer and besides being smart, is one of the funniest people in the world. Patty's mom has a heart of gold and is an example of what hard work, integrity, and faith can do for your children. She can't wait to meet her first grandchild! Besides those in South America, Patty's cousins are spread across the US, Canada, and even Europe.

Our Pets

'Our Pets' Image

Meet our 4 years old twins!!! They are Goldendoodles or like Tony likes to say, "a cross between a horse and a teddy bear". These gentle giants love kids (and big humans too). Everybody loves them and they were even asked to be in a TV series! Barley is our giant teddy bear. He loves to shake and play catch. Canela is soft, snugly, and is usually found with her favorite toy, a little fluffy pillow that she's had for years. She is just the cutest when she rolls on her back for free belly rubs!

Our Home

It's big, friendly, and full of fun! 4 bedrooms, 2 offices (we both work from home), craft room, playroom, movie theater, and a huge backyard! Our home is bright, open, and comfortable, but the best thing about it is our neighborhood. We have great schools, many playgrounds, and a ton of green space. It's full of fantastic neighbors and a lot of fun kids waiting to meet their new friend.

Our Vacations

Creating memories is undoubtedly our favorite hobby! We mix business with pleasure and get to see this beautiful country from coast to coast. We love traveling overseas at least once a year. We enjoy the ride, the food, the language, the people and their culture. It helps that we have relatives in Europe and South America that love to see us!

Thank You

'Thank You' Image

Thank you for considering us and taking a glimpse of our lives! Yes, maybe life didn't turn out to be what we expected, but maybe you and us are pieces of a miracle puzzle that is waiting to take shape. Perhaps while looking at these pictures and reading our story you can already see this miracle baby laughing and playing, traveling the world and learning at the best schools, but what we really want you to see is this miracle baby being loved by this family that has been blessed by God, this family that started in an unconventional way, but knows that sometimes it is the broken road that leads to happiness.

We will forever be thankful to you, because it is your courage and strength that will shape this miracle baby's life. It is our prayer that you would have strength, courage and peace as you make this very important decision.

Much love,

Patty and Tony

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