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Tommy + Elizabeth

Hi! We're a family of 4 ready to bring another wonderful child into our home! With our life experience and adventures together, we are 1000% sure we will continue to be amazing parents when we start caring for and loving this child, from birth through the rest of his/her life. We look forward to getting to know you.

How We Met

'How We Met' Image

(Elizabeth's version)

In 2012, Tommy and I were set up on a blind date by our close mutual friend, Bert. I knew that I wanted to spend my life with Tommy after just 3-4 dates. We are so aligned in every way, and I love that he has been and still is an amazing dad to 2 children. Tommy challenges me in all ways to learn and grow to be a better human being.

(Tommy's version)

My friend Bert introduced us--I liked her energy and was attracted to her as soon as we met. Our first date, we met for lunch, and talked for at least 3 hours. Right away, I loved her easygoing and grateful spirit. Since my divorce 3 years prior, this was the first woman who I knew I wanted to introduce to my children, and with whom I wanted to spend my life.

Tommy (by Elizabeth)

'Tommy (By Elizabeth)' Image

I first fell in love with Tommy's authenticity, and the amazing father that he is. Tommy challenges me daily to learn more and to question things, to not always take everything at face value. He is a serious learner of all things he finds important. And Tommy is the most loyal person I know. He's also very romantic, texting me meaningful songs and writing love notes on the bathroom mirror. Tommy shows up at every event that Ethan and Harley are a part of. He is a highly engaged and present father. I admire his dedication within his work to making life better for his customers - and his long-term commitment to improving all aspects of a local homeless shelter. He inspires me and all others around him.

Elizabeth (by Tommy)

Elizabeth is a blessing in my life. She is the best role model for me of patience, loving-kindness and gratitude. She is an adventurer of life, love and learning - she is curious, loves to travel, loves her friends, she is fun, and she always sees the best in everyone and in all situations. She handles being a parent to Ethan and Harley with grace and ease. She makes everything about our family better with her presence. Her purpose is to remind others of how precious and wonderful they are just as they are. Most of her adult life was spent running a business employing primarily women, with a mission of empowering those women, and doing it all financially on her own. I have watched her years of service work helping others, through helping women with eating disorders and depression, women in the jail system, women in the homeless shelter, and work at a food bank.

Harley & Ethan

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Harley is a natural with babies and children - she babysits often and loves it! She's also a natural teacher who is highly intelligent, teaching us daily in unexpected profound ways. She and Ethan are very close, and look out for one another. She's very helpful and caring, a great listener, creative, playful and fun, and loves her family and friends. Harley is very responsible, and she now has a part-time job after school that she loves. And Harley can't wait for her new baby brother or sister - she constantly asks us when it's going to happen!

Ethan is also amazing with children - his little cousins look up to and adore him. He is super patient and fun in how he plays with them. Ethan loves to play, loves his family and friends and especially our dogs! He is adventurous and loves to explore, and goes to various summer camps every year. He loves basketball, watersports and snowboarding. He loves going to the movies and loves superheroes! Ethan is a great friend, he is sweet and kind, affectionate, and like his sister, he is sincere and authentic. Ethan is excited about a new little baby brother or sister too!

As A Family

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We love spending time together, and we love adventure, and travel to a different country every summer! We love special occasions and all holidays - any reason to celebrate and have fun together! All birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are our favorites - we have special traditions for all of them.

Our Hope

We hope that this is the start of getting to know one another better. We hope and pray that these pages illustrate how much we will love, adore and cherish your baby (if you were to choose us). Our home is full of love, light, laughter and peace, and we surround ourselves with very supportive and loving extended family and friends. We know it takes more than just the 2 of us to raise a child. We, along with our loving friends and family, are prepared to welcome and care for your precious little baby, and also love him or her forever. We are surrounding you in love and light and prayers as you choose the best family for you and your child.

Love, Elizabeth & Tommy (and of course Ethan & Harley)

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