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Tim + Cristal

Hello! We are Tim and Cristal (and Dozer)! We are very humbled that you would consider us as adoptive parents. We know you have a huge decision in front of you, and we hope to share a glimpse into our life. We have tremendous admiration and respect for you in making an adoption plan for your child - what a brave and selfless decision. We are so excited to become parents and making our family complete. Thank you so much for taking time to look at our profile!

Our Story

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We first met in 2001 at a high school football game when Tim was a football coach. Tim was scouting an opposing team and Cristal was home from college for the weekend, visiting her family. We dated casually for the first few years before things became serious between us. After a career change and relocation to Arkansas for Tim, we got engaged in May 2013 and were married on a perfect fall day in November of that year. After the wedding, Cristal moved to Arkansas and we began our new life together. We are the proud parents of Dozer, our English bulldog, who is waiting on a snuggle buddy and playmate to join the family.

We believe that spending quality time together is one of the most important pieces of our relationship. We love to travel to the beach and attend sporting events and concerts. Tim looks forward to loading up the family for road trips and seeing more of our country. Closer to home, we enjoy snuggling on the couch with Dozer and going to church and brunch on Sunday mornings. Tim has brought Cristal out of her comfort zone and has gotten her out on the biking trails and golf course with him too. We can't wait to welcome a child to the family to have all new adventures with!

About Tim

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Tim was adopted by his parents at five days old and looks forward to having that special bond with our child. He was raised in a small town in rural Arkansas where he was involved in every activity and sport. He grew up near his grandparents and spent many days after school helping his grandfather in his shop. He met his best friend at 3 years old. Tim is "Uncle Timmy" to his 6-month-old daughter. Tim's mom and dad divorced when Tim was in college and both have since remarried. Tim has great relationships with his stepparents. Tim is very close to his dad, who lives about an hour away with his wife. Tim's mom and stepfather live in Tim's hometown near his grandmother. Tim is the apple of his grandma's eye and she can't wait to spoil her great-grandchild.

Tim graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a degree in education. He began his professional career as a teacher and football and baseball coach. A few years ago, he changed course and return to his roots in Arkansas where he now runs a construction equipment dealership and owns a small business where he invented and designed a product that is for sale in retail stores and online. He loves to be outdoors - mountain biking and off-roading in his rock crawler, and you can always catch him reading a book to relax.

About Cristal

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Cristal was born and raised in the Dallas suburbs. She calls herself a "Misplaced Texan" and every time she crosses the state line into Texas, she does a little dance in the car. Cristal is an only child, but has a close group of girlfriends that are like sisters to her, including her best friend whom she met in preschool at 3 years old! Cristal is extremely close to her family and grew up near her grandparents and extended family. Cristal and her mom talk at least once a day and are very much alike. Cristal's dad was very happy to add Tim to the family to even things out! Some of Cristal's favorite childhood memories are of attending baseball games and collecting baseball cards with her dad. Her parents plan to move to Arkansas in the near future to be close to Cristal and Tim and their growing family.

She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Journalism and PR and is now a Senior Marketing Manager at a Fortune 500 company. Like any true Texan, Cristal's favorite food is Tex-Mex. She loves to shop, go antiquing, read, exercise, bake and watch sports.

Our Home

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We moved into our home in the fall of 2014. It sits on five acres on a country road, but we are just a few minutes from everything! We are lucky to live in one of the best school districts in the state and just a few minutes from two museums and beautiful parks and hiking and biking trails. Our backyard is ready for a swing set, games of tag and t-ball, and playhouses and chasing butterflies. We are excited to have family movie nights snuggled up in the media room. Our street is filling up with families. One neighbor turned the empty lot next to them into a soccer field and hosts their children's team practices there. Our other neighbor has two kids and they have already volunteered their babysitting services! There is always the sound of children playing on our street, adding to the feeling of home.

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. If you were to choose us, we want you to know that this child will always know how loved he or she is by you and how brave your decision is. This child will be cherished, guided, nurtured and loved by so many.

As you continue on this journey, you and your child are in our prayers.

With grateful hearts,

Tim & Cristal

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