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Steve + Rachel

Have you ever felt like the universe conspired to make something happen? That's pretty much how we feel about meeting each other. Out of nowhere, Rachel reconnected with an acquaintance from college. Steve happened to be friends with him. A blind date was arranged that consisted of an awkward dinner and a hilarious game night. We quickly bonded over sarcasm, laughter, and sports.


It is hard for us to put into words how we feel about the opportunity to be adoptive parents. We can't imagine how difficult the decision to make an adoption plan for your child is, and we can't help but focus on the courage and selflessness in that decision. This is something that is so admirable, and we would want to raise this child to demonstrate those same values. Throughout life, we have learned that difficult situations present amazing opportunities. We know that you are making this decision out of love for your child, and we would be beyond excited to begin our family and continue to make sure that your child feels that love every single day. Your baby will be loved, nurtured, and encouraged throughout life. We look forward to getting to know you better and hope that something about us touches your heart as you make your adoption plan.

Our Story

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Have you ever felt like the universe conspired to make something happen? That's pretty much how we feel about meeting each other. Out of nowhere, Rachel reconnected with an acquaintance from college. Steve happened to be friends with him. A blind date was arranged that consisted of an awkward dinner and a hilarious game night. We quickly bonded over sarcasm, laughter, and sports. A couple days later, we had our first date together with a competitive afternoon at Top Golf. I was pretty sure I had met "the one." A year and a half flew by with trips, sports, job changes, and moves. Steve proposed in February of 2016 and we married 3 months later!

Steve proposed on what Rachel would consider a perfect date. (Though she was totally convinced it wasn't going to happen on this day!) It was a mix of romance and sports. We started the day at the Dallas Arboretum walking through the Crepe Myrtle Alley. Steve nervously pulled out a ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. A sweet couple saw it happen and asked to take our pictures afterwards. We went to a Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks game afterwards.

Our Story

Steve and I wanted a wedding that reflected our personalities. It was a simple outdoor ceremony, followed by a backyard bbq. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family for a ceremony that we wrote entirely, including the part where we forgot to let our guests know that they could sit down! After some confusion and laughter, we made sure everyone sat down!

A Little About Steve

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By Rachel: Steve is my best friend and the most amazing husband. He is funny, playful, creative, and caring. He always makes me feel that I come first in his life. Steve claims that the kitchen is his (unless I am baking him cookies). He loves to cook and makes dinner every night. He is quite handy and does a lot of woodworking. He has made some of the furniture that we have in our home! He's witty and sarcastic, which makes joking around a lot of fun with him. Steve is calm when things get stressful (unless TCU is playing, then all bets are off). He's the first to celebrate with me when something exciting happens. Because of this, I know that Steve will make an amazing father. He will make sure that our child always feels supported and has every opportunity in life. He will be there to raise our child to be confident, witty, independent, and loving.

By Steve: I grew up in Texas. I have an older sister who is one of my best friends. We grew up with a lot of cousins and spent tons of time with family, even going to school and working with them. I played football, baseball, basketball and soccer as a kid, and I still enjoy watching and playing in pick-up games when I have a chance.

For work I am a Quality Process Analyst. I love that I get to work with everyone in our company to make the products we provide to customers better in every way. I love music and love to play guitar. I also love to work on things and build furniture. One of my favorite things to do is watch sports and attend games. The best parts of my day are getting to do the things I love with Rachel.

A Little About Rachel

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By Steve: Rachel is the most caring person I've ever known. She is sweet, smart and witty. Since the day I met her I knew she was going to be the most important person in my life. She loves learning and sports as much as I do and is always up for a basketball game. She tries to make dad jokes (You know...the corny ones!), but they don't always work, and she is always teaching (even me), which makes every day a great day with her.

I know Rachel will be a great mom. She will be loving and caring, patient and kind. She will be there to guide our child to be a caring, loving person and successful in all of their endeavors.

By Rachel: I grew up in Illinois. I have a younger sister who has two beautiful children. The day that I became an auntie, my whole world changed. They are such an important part of my life. We didn't have much growing up in means of big houses or material things, but we always had family around and that meant the most to us.

I love being in education. Seeing learning stick with a child is one of the most rewarding jobs. My love of children's books helps me find so many ways to connect with little ones.

Sports also played a big role in my upbringing. I learned so many life lessons about how to win gracefully and learn through losses. In my spare time, I love to paint, hand-letter signs, and sing. I'm most happy when I get to use my creative side.

Meet Maisy

Maisy is an energetic dog who keeps us on our toes. She loves playing and eating anything she can get her paws on! She adores kids and is a great snuggler!

A Little About Our Lifestyle

If there's one thing that Steve and I value in life, it is having fun. We spend so much time laughing together and goofing around. We are laid back and enjoy time with friends and family, and don't pass up a good game night. This is something that we know we would continue to do with our child as well. Life is too short to not enjoy it!

Friends & Family

We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends and family that embrace adoption and can't wait to have another little one running around. Most of our friends already have children, so our child will have a large amount of friends to play with when we have get-togethers.

Our family is so excited to welcome a new little one. We both come from big extended families. Both sides of our family have been touched by adoption. We know that this little one will steal the hearts of our loved ones.

Our Promise To You

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We have dreamed about being parents for some time now and can't wait for that to become a reality. We are so excited to be adopting and have so much love to share with this child.

Please know that we will unconditionally love this child. Celebrating birthdays and adoption day will be part of our traditions with our child. We want to honor your amazing gift to us and your child's roots. We will help him or her navigate this life with encouragement, love, understanding, and patience. We will spend the rest of our lives making this child's life the best we can!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully something about us catches your heart, and we can start to get to know you better. Our hearts are ready to welcome a child into our home!


Steve & Rachel

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