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Steve + Anna

We hope that what follows from our profile gives you hope and strength. We would love the opportunity to know you more, learn about all the things that are important to you in your life, and all the hopes and dreams you have for your baby. Please know we are with you as you're making these difficult decisions!

Hi, We Are Steve And Anna,

'Hi, we are Steve and Anna,' Image

Wow this is a hard letter to write, but we will give it our best!

We wanted to start this journey by saying a few words on how much you and your baby mean to us. Your circumstances and decision are likely beyond what we can ever know, and we feel so blessed to be a part of this opportunity. Our hearts are with you during this time.

Your road to get here has undoubtedly been hard; and something we may never truly understand. We are humbled by you and this choice you are contemplating for your baby. We don't know you yet, but already love you so very much and are in awe of you.

Why Adoption

We have always known we wanted to adopt a child into our family. Steve had close family friends growing up who had adopted their daughter. Anna has several friends who have adopted their children. We have both desired to bring a child into our home through adoption, as we love them and help them become an amazing person. We cannot wait to give our love to a child. We started our journey to parenthood as most do, and quickly realized that it was not going to happen the traditional way for us. Unfortunately, IVF has only brought heartache and loss. We have always believed it's who we love that makes our family and we cannot wait for the opportunity to love a child through adoption.

Our Story

Our love story starts out pretty boring... we both worked for the same company. Anna lived in Texas, and Steve lived in Indiana. In 2014, a joint friend started playing "matchmaker" and talking to both of us about each other. Anna was the initial pursuer; calling and striking up conversations with Steve. We spoke to each other for 3 months, and finally decided to go on our first date. At the end of the night, we shared our first kiss - somehow we both knew this was it for us. The rest of the week was a whirlwind - Steve's dad had been fighting lung cancer and he passed away the next day.

Seeing someone go through something so heartbreaking shows their character and Anna knew she loved his character. We said we love you just a couple of weeks later. We chose to marry in Saint Louis, where Anna is from. We know how lucky we are to have the kind of love we have. Anna has never respected someone more. We share 50/50 in everything and just love sharing our life together.

Hi, I’m Anna!

'Hi, I’m Anna!' Image

I have always been the social butterfly of my family. At 5 years of age, I was serving the cake at my cousins wedding to 250 people, many of whom I had never met! I am outgoing, fiercely loyal, and believe life is what you make it. I love animals and grew up with a literal "zoo" (turtles, toads, birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc.). I was never a part of a "group" in school; rather, I was friends with everyone. I loved drama, played soccer and swam on the swim team much of my youth. I did learn though, that I am a terrible dancer.

I do not have a quiet voice. My office-mates at work remind me of this often and I am honest sometimes to a fault. I work hard while at work, so I can hurry home to spend time with my family.

I enjoy giving back to the community. I currently sit on the board of a big cat (lions, tigers, etc) foundation and an adolescent cancer foundation. I have so much love ready to share with a child and look forward to the day that dream can come true.

Hi, I’m Steve!

'Hi, I’m Steve!' Image

I grew up in a small family, just my parents and I. We lived in a small town in Southern Indiana where I was born, raised and began my adult life. Life was simple there. My parents were hard working individuals, and their work ethic was instilled in me as I grew into an adult. They used to say, work hard, then enjoy fun times with friends and family.

I was lucky to meet the love of my life through work, which also included a great opportunity to move to Texas, which was a whole new experience for me. I have now taken up running, which is something I never thought I would do, especially for fun. Around a year ago, I decided to pursue running to push myself to do something I had never done before. I run mostly 5k races, but also try to get out to run a few times a week. It's fun to push myself to see what I can accomplish each time I step foot on the concrete.

As I get older, I want to take in as much of this world as I can. Travelling with my wife and friends has brought great experiences and memories that I will cherish forever. The one thing we both are missing in our lives is a child that we can share these experiences and memories with. We are so ready to give all the love and happiness inside of us to another human.

Our Precious Cecilia

Cecilia is our only child and lived only a short while before passing away in 2018. She had to be born prematurely around 24 weeks, and wasn't even a pound at birth. She was such a sweetheart and beautiful. During the short time we had with her, we hope she knew all the love we have for her. She will forever be in our thoughts and prayers and we will carry her on throughout our lives. Becoming Cece's parents changed us in so many ways. She taught us how much love we have for a child. She brought out an unbelievable amount of love in our family and friends. As we move forward in this journey, we truly know the amount of love and support that surrounds us in our lives and will surround us through our next steps to hopefully raise a child. We've also learned more patience, care and love for those around us - giving back in honor of our daughter.

Why We Are Unique

The fact that Steve and I met a little later in our lives, and spent our first year dating long distance makes us unique. We have a type of communication that a lot of people do not seem to have in their relationships. We both were old enough and confident enough in our lives when we met to know that we wanted someone to enhance us verses a need to complete us. We spent hours and hours over the year we dated long distance; learning about each other. I'm very type A - the planner, outgoing, and get things done. Steve is very type B - he goes with the flow and helps me slow down. We are very much a great match that balances each other well.

Our Home & Pets

Our neighborhood was built in the1970's. The homes have nice sized yards for children to run and play. Over the last 10 years or so, the neighborhood has shifted from older couples to a mix of young families and older couples. The local elementary school is about half a mile from our house in our actual neighborhood and is a highly rated, sought after school. There are parks at the end of both of our streets with wonderful playgrounds.

We currently have two dogs and two cats. Dexter - is 10, and a big teddy bear. He is a loyal, faithful, gentle friend. He loves a good cuddle and lives for walks. Baxter - is 7 and a Boston Terrier. He lives his life at 2 speeds: either running around playing or hard core sleeping. He LOVES to cuddle and even though he can be a bit hyper, is super sweet without a mean bone in his body. Cheeto - is 2 and is the laziest, fattest cat you will meet. He was rescued from a hurricane a couple of years ago. He has found love in our home and will go from lap to lap in order to let everyone pet him. He's got gorgeous golden eyes and is the best boy. Bella - is also 2 - she was a stray. Our neighborhood has a family of black cats and Bella was just about 8-9 weeks old when Steve and I saw her scurry across the road. Her and Cheeto are best friends and she is a tiny little black kitty, barely weighing 6 pounds.

Before You Go…

'Before you go…' Image

Steve and I have longed for a child to love for most of our adult lives. If you decide to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise to love your child unconditionally for their entire life. We promise to care for your child limitlessly and to always put their needs above our own. We will give them loving support to help them grow up to be amazing individuals. We promise to teach your child to love EVERYONE, regardless of upbringing or skin color, to be confident and kind, and to work hard for the things in life they want. We also promise to show your child the fun side of life. We will laugh often, be silly as we jump on the bed or have dance parties in the kitchen.

We promise to be the stability in their life, and love them no matter who they choose to be. Lastly, we promise to teach them about you and the amazing sacrifice you made for them in order to give them the life you wanted for them. We promise to always love you - as we love your child - and to always be thankful for the decision you made.

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