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Sean + Lana

We're Sean and Lana! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! While we have never met you, we already have so much respect and admiration for you. We pray that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are in this journey. To us, you will forever be the most selfless and strong person we will ever know.

Our Story

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Sean and Lana were born and raised in Oklahoma and introduced to each other in the spring 2009. After a month of dating, Sean left for the Philippines for the entire summer. While serving in an orphanage, Sean's eyes and heart were opened to adoption.

Lana's adoption journey started much earlier with the adoption of her brother, Jacob.

As we continued dating through the fall, God made it clear to Sean that he would marry Lana. Sean asked...and Lana said "YES!" in November 2009. We said "I do" to forever in June 2010.

On our first anniversary, we discussed the next steps in growing our family. Adoption laid heavily on our hearts, but we felt God shutting the door at the time. We made the decision to pursue pregnancy and welcome Madelyn Grace in 2012, and in 2014, we welcomed our second daughter, Lydia Joy.

Through parenting, we began to truly understand God's great love. Over the last few years, adoption tugged on our hearts and was unmistakable. We began prayerfully researching and sought the support of our family. God led us to Gladney, and we can't be more excited!

Sean (dad)

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Sean leads our family with integrity, compassion, great patience, and the smile we all adore. He has a passion for international missions, the church, and serving others.

Sean is a real estate agent and enjoys the flexibility in his work to spend time with family. Sean's love for adventure makes him the favorite during hikes or lake trips.

He enjoys yard work, even if it involves carrying a kid on his shoulders while mowing. Sean loves cheering on the Sooners at the football games in the fall and the thrill of a ski trip in the winter.

But, the best part is watching Sean teach our children about God's Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

Lana (mom)

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Lana loves life and has a contagious joy that lights up a room! She is dedicated, caring, and generous. One of her special gifts is her ability to include everyone and make them feel loved.

She works as an accounting supervisor, but her favorite time of the day is spent with family. She has a great love for anything involving water -- swimming pools, lakes, oceans, and especially bubble baths. Lana also enjoys running half marathons.

At family gatherings and church events, Lana will be found with the kids! We joke that she always has a new game or song to teach them and makes it her mission to ensure everyone has fun. It's no surprise she wants a large family!

In parenting, she has found life's greatest joy in telling our girls the price has been paid and the tomb is empty.

Our Children

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Madelyn is our spunky, outgoing 4 year old! She loves taking family walks through our neighborhood nature trails, animals of any kind (as long as they're "nice"), and swimming in our neighborhood pool. Like her mom, she is always up for an adventure and loves creating new games and songs.

Lydia is 2 years old and is our compassionate nurturer. She is rarely seen without a baby doll in her arms, and many times their needs come before hers. She loves play dough, painting with her hands, and blowing bubbles. While she's initially shy, she enjoys making new friends and loves them well!

The girls are so excited to add a new brother or sister to our family!

Our Church And Community

Our desire as a family is to live with integrity, purpose, conviction, and joy! We love Jesus, and we love the church. We enjoy welcoming our community group into our home for fellowship, Bible study, and fun. We look for opportunities to demonstrate servant leadership to our children -- serving as camp counselors at kids camp, hosting youth small groups in our home, and teaching 6th grade on Sunday mornings.

In a broken world full of fear, uncertainty, and busyness, we know how important it is to surround our kids with spiritual role models who speak life into their hearts and minds.

Our Promise

In closing, we want you to know you will forever be honored in our home. We are so humbled by your courage and deeply admire your selflessness. We promise to love your child unconditionally, encourage your child's hopes and dreams, and provide the best education possible. Your child will always know where he or she came from and how much you loved him or her.

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