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Ryan + Bethany

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us! We know that your journey hasn't been easy, but we are confident that your selfless decision to make an adoption plan will bless your child with biological AND adoptive parents who love him or her. What a lucky kid!

About Bethany, Written By Ryan

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Bethany is proof that big things come in small packages. Bethany is passionate, she is loving, and her resolve is unwavering. When she sets her mind on something, she makes it happen. It is no surprise to me that she graduated from A&M with a 4.0 GPA, has two master's degrees, and is a published expert in her field. The quality of her intellect is without question. But what I am truly attracted to is the quality of her heart. She helped initiate and now runs the orphan care team at our church. She disciples young women in our small group. She relentlessly takes care of me, our house, and our two dogs. In her spare time, she also works a full-time job researching ways to improve our nation's early childhood education policy (unsurprisingly, she serves as an expert on the subject both locally and nationally). It's easy to see how Bethany could have achieved success in just about anything. Yet she chooses to care for others, and I love that about her. No matter what happens in life, Bethany draws her strength, her compassion, her hope, from the Lord. She is a constant reminder to me of the following scripture - "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness" (James 1:2-3).

About Ryan, Written By Bethany

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When Ryan and I began dating in college, I was immediately attracted to many of the things that now make him a great husband. He is somehow simultaneously the coolest and nerdiest man I've ever known. He was an all-state pole vaulter in high school. He plays the guitar and is often asked to sing worship songs at church events. He loves math and takes calculus and statistics courses online for fun. He started the model rocketry club at his high school, and is now the Sustainability Chair for the local chapter of his professional engineering organization.

Despite all those things, what attracted me most to Ryan during our first years (and still does), is how great of a dad I knew he'd be. He's silly and goofy, and he isn't afraid to make a fool of himself in order to get kids to laugh. He worked at a kids summer camp all through high school and college, and has volunteered in our church's children's ministry. Out of all the things I love about Ryan, I think my favorite will be watching him be the very best dad in the whole world.

Meet Emmitt & Romo

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Emmitt became a part of our family when he was 10 weeks old after a local dog rescue found his litter on the street. Less than a year later, we saw a dog swimming across the river in the middle of the winter. After doing everything we could to find his owners, no one claimed him. He became our Romo. We are definitely what you would call "dog people."

Our Faith

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Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We believe that He conquered death and was raised again in glory because death could not hold Him. Because of His sacrifice, we have been adopted into God's family. Our hope is to show Christ's love to our child in the way that we love, forgive, defend, and encourage him or her.

We live out our faith by giving back to our community and fighting for social justice around the world. Our church small group gathers for a meal at our house once a week, and we seek out opportunities to serve those in need.

Our Family

All members of our extended family are overjoyed that we have decided to grow the family through adoption. Ryan's grandmother adopted two sons when she was about our age!

Through our marriage, both sides of our family have become very close. Last year, we went on a vacation to Alaska with both Ryan and Bethany's family members. We love watching our mothers' friendship grow even deeper as they plan to be grandmothers!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We cannot imagine how difficult a decision this must be for you. But we know that you will make the right one, and we are praying for you to do just that, even if that means that you choose a different couple to parent your child. We would be honored to go on this journey together.

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