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Ryan + Andrea

Ryan & Andrea are a fun loving unique couple that love being active and in the outdoors especially at the beach - we love to spending time with our family, friends & Dogs. We are very excited to realize our dream of completing our family and can't wait to share that with our future little beach bum.


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Thank you for taking the time to meet and learn more about us. We hope that you'll see that we are a fun loving & unique couple with a lot of love to give.

We have a great respect for your decision to consider an adoption plan. We are very excited that we may be able to realize our dream of completing our family, and this may be possible because of a courageous person like you.

How We Met

Even though we grew up a mile from each other and had many mutual friends, for some reason we had never met - until one day we finally managed to find one another through a mutual friend - from that time on we were inseparable

Then one February day in THREE FEET of SNOW Ryan proposed to Andrea. We got married that same year in much different weather surrounded by all of our family and friends

Ryan Through The Eyes Of Andrea

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Ryan is my best friend and rock. He has been by my side & supported me since the day we met. He is dedicated and devoted to friends and family. He is talented and creative in so many ways, he loves to play golf, photography, draw, hike and cook - especially on the grill. Ryan is also able to use his creativity in his career in Marketing in the Security industry. Ryan's sense of humor, patience & positivity will make him an amazing father.

Fun Facts about Ryan:

Has a pair of Vans shoes for every holiday

Swam with sharks in the Bahamas

Played drums in a rock band

Keeps a Frisbee & Wiffle ball bat in his car at all times

Ryan's Favorites

Outdoor Activity- Grilling & Hiking

Sport- Golf & Baseball

Exercise- Watersports, Fitness Boxing

Music/Band- Pearl Jam

Holiday- Fourth of July

Food- Tacos & Steamed Crabs

Kids Movie- Finding Nemo & Bee Movie

Childhood Memory - Watching the Blue Angels Jets with my Grandfather

Andrea Through The Eyes Of Ryan

'Andrea through the Eyes of Ryan' Image

There are many things that I admire about Andrea such as her legacy as a Division 1 Lacrosse player in College, her sense of humor and compassion. Andrea always puts the needs and feelings of others ahead of her own. This played so true during the time of her mom's illness. Andrea put her life on hold and moved in with her parents to care for her mother. It was during that time that Andrea was inspired to follow her true calling and apply the same compassion she had for her mother into the medical field. Her wit and vibrant personality make her so much fun to be around and is what attracted me to her when we met. I am so excited for our next chapter as parents so she can share that same compassion with our child.

Fun Facts about Andrea:

Went to MTV Music Video Awards show-sat in first row

Went scuba diving in Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Played Div 1 lacrosse in College

Andrea's Favorite's

Music/Band- Rock & Country

Holiday- Christmas

Food- Steamed Crabs & Sushi & Pizza & Fries & Shrimp & Cheese

Outdoor Activity- Playing w/ our dogs

Sport- Lacrosse

Exercise - Fitness Boxing

Kids Movie- Finding Nemo

Childhood Memory- Traveling to Greece to visit my grandparents

Our Life Together

We are excited to bring a child into our home. There are so many fun things to do. Watching the fish try to escape our fish tank, playing with the dogs, swimming in our community pool, hiking through the rock park, playgrounds, site seeing in Washington DC, and lots of yummy places to eat. It is such a diverse community and we are thrilled to share all of the different cultures with our child.

Our family beach house is our happy place...we love being able to spend time with family and friends in our sandy nest and are so excited to share this with our future little beach bum... We can go to the rides at the board walk, jump waves, make sand castles, eat cotton candy, catch sand crabs and make a life time of new memories

Sunday is our TOGETHER DAY- whether it be just the two of us at the pool, the beach or having dinner with family & friends. We always look forward to spending Sundays together and can't wait to have a little one to share that with.

Faith & Parenting

We were both raised in Christian homes and we continue to embrace the guidance of our parents and live our lives as Christ centered people. Our Christian upbringing has provided us with strength and comfort in our daily lives and intend to raise our child in the same manner. It is important for us to maintain an environment where he or she knows the unconditional love of Jesus and we will teach him or her to love others in that same way. Our child will always feel loved, accepted and safe in our family.

We want our child to know from the beginning of the special way he or she came into our lives. We will always celebrate your amazing gift and our child's unique family heritage.

As children, our homes were filled with love, laughter, warmth & happiness and we want to re-create that environment for our kids. We are so excited to have a child in our lives and look forward to the bedtime stories, pillow fights, pizza parties and kickball games that we fondly remember as children but more importantly, we look forward to making new memories.

Our Promise

'Our Promise' Image

We can't imagine what you're going through. Your choice to take this brave journey humbles us. We have tried for many years to build our family and we are so excited to pursue adoption.

Please know that we will give this child a home and a life filled with love, laughter & happiness. Our little family is surrounded by a bigger family of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, dogs & friends waiting with open arms.

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