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Rick + Melissa

Hi! We are Rick, Melissa (and Sugar). Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better! We are excited and long to build a future with a precious little one that we can love and cherish and welcome into our lives. We understand that your decision to find the best family for your child is made selflessly and with great love. We admire your courage in creating an adoption plan and we only hope we can be apart of that. It's hard to sum up our story in a few pictures, but here's a peek into our life!

About Us

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We've had the desire to have children since we first got married 6 years ago. Adoption has always been on our hearts and we knew one day we would journey down that road, but after a lot of thought and prayer, we know that time is now! Over the years, we've had a couple of miscarriages and last year we had made plans to start a natural fertility treatment when after much time in prayer, we felt the Lord redirect our steps to pursue adoption. God made it so clear to us and gave us an even deeper desire to start that journey now! We know adoption is God's heart and a beautiful example of God's love for us and adopting us into His kingdom as His children!

Here's a little background of our story. Rick graduated with a bachelors degree in history and a graduate degree in seminary. He is the Senior Pastor of a local church that he planted in the area. His schedule is very flexible and he works from home or coffee shops when he meets with others for counseling. Rick is passionate about what he does and is considered to have a father's heart already in many ways to those he counsels. He is often sought out for Biblical counsel and wise advise.

Melissa graduated with a bachelors in business management. She is a musician and leads worship with her band at church. She's also the women's ministry director and works to create events that help make the women feel more connected to each other and God. She loves what she does! She also works as a personal fitness trainer at a local gym. She loves fitness, staying healthy and active, and works with others to help them meet their fitness goals.

We enjoy having traditions and making new ones! We plant a vegetable and flower garden in the Spring. We kick off the summer with a trip somewhere for Labor Day and hopefully fit in a beach trip. Autumn is our favorite! Pumpkin spice everything, carving pumpkins, hayrides in the fall, pumpkin patches and apple cider. We spend Thanksgiving with Rick's family and have a wonderful feast! In the winter, we cut our Christmas tree down at a farm with our friends and usually spend Christmas with Melissa's huge family filled with lots of nieces and nephews. For New Years Eve, we host all of our friends & family for a food dipping party. Rick loves dips and sauces of any kind. Basically all condiments. So everyone brings a dip or something to dip in a dip. It sounds confusing, but it's a load of food and fun!

We work hard, play, and rest! We feel that life needs the balance of all three! When we have a day off, we love to hike trails nearby or catch a movie. We love to explore new places and travel together and experience different parts of the world. Melissa spent 15 years traveling around the world doing mission's trips on various teams going from Africa, Asia to South America and back. She lived in India for a year right after college. Rick has traveled more in the U.S. If we can save up enough for it, we're always trying to plan for the next fun place to explore.

Meet Rick (from Melissa)

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There are so many things that I love about my husband. He's the kindest person I've ever met and constantly inspires me to be more loving. He is a really wise teacher and counselor. He knows a lot about a lot of things and always has the best advice, offering it with humility. He often makes things that seem hard easier to go through. He's compassionate and gentle. And sometimes you can catch him impersonating a celebrity although he won't perform on demand, so its fun when you catch him in the act!

There are so many things he does that make me laugh and it's so easy to get him laughing! When I get him laughing, he laughs so hard he can't breath and his face crinkles up and his eyes get squinty. He's ticklish, so that's a gift that keeps giving! When we're in conversation, he'll think of a song that fits the moment to a T and finds it online and plays it for me.

Rick loves exploring and being active and adventurous. He is always wanting to do something outdoors from hiking, to adventure sports, biking, Crossfit, or anything really. He also loves kids. Most of his life has been working with youth, from being a Young Life leader, to coaching the high school soccer team, to speaking at youth retreats, and more. But he can't wait to be a dad to one of his own. Currently, he ministers to all ages as the pastor of our church. He loves teaching God's Word and making the Bible come to life for people.

Meet Melissa (from Rick)

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There isn't enough space to tell you all I love about my wife. I love that Melissa is fun, creative, artistic, and adventurous. She makes all things beautiful. Whether she's painting, refurbishing an old piece of furniture, singing or playing a musical instrument. Her creative side shines when she's coming up with some fun game for her nieces & nephews like ice bowling using balloons & food coloring to make frozen ice balls, & water bottles to make pins. She makes everything fun!

Melissa has spent most of her life loving on other people's kids. She has watched her 20 nieces and nephews grow up over the years. She loves babysitting and loving on our friends' children whenever she gets the opportunity. She also spent about 15 years doing various overseas mission trips with different teams all over the world. It all started when she spent a year at an orphanage in India caring for 700 kids with her team. She taught the kids action songs, taught English and shared that Jesus loved them. They affectionately called her Auntie. And she's been an Auntie to so many more! Since then she's traveled to almost 30 other countries ministering to and serving adults and children. Her most recent adventure was a year traveling around the world to 11 different countries with the World Race. While I love watching her with other children, I can't wait to see her be a mom full-time and direct all her love and attention to a little one of her own.

Meet Sugar

Sugar is our sweet little fur buddy that we affectionately call Sugar Booger, Shugs, or Shug Boog. He's 1 yr old, or 7 in dog years. We've trained him to sit, lay down, come and so much more. He also graduated from puppy kindergarten with flying colors. He loves to go for walks, roll in the grass, and he says hi to anyone by giving kisses. He LOVES to play with his toys and his bones, but he also likes to just cuddle and take naps in his favorite spots.

Our Promise

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Our promise to your child will be a home filled with laughter, lots of hugs, a safe environment, a helping hand, a listening ear, a chance for a great education, opportunities to travel and learn new cultures, choice to try new activities and learn new hobbies, family and friends to celebrate, encourage and support, and a home that is filled with faith in and love for God. Thank you for considering us for your child! If chosen, we will fall in love with your child and will teach your child how special being adopted truly is. Your child will know about your sacrifice and great love.

Love Rick & Melissa

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