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Rhy + Samantha

We are excited about the future and we thank you for considering us to love, nurture and protect your child. We greatly admire you and we want you to know that you have all of our support and respect in whatever decision you ultimately make.

Where It Began

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Let's just say the day Rhy met Sam was a true game changer. He was living in a small rural town in Australia. Sam had grown up in this town and was visiting family after living abroad for a couple years. Her plan was to move to Canada and keep her nomadic journey going.

We met on Melbourne Cup Day; a horse race similar to the Kentucky Derby. A mutual friend introduced us and we have been inseparable ever since. After living together, we got married two and a half years after meeting. We always say- when you know you know.

We had opened a restaurant in that two and a half years on Rhy's family's farm and it was also the perfect setting for our wedding. It really was the best day of our lives, surrounded by family and close friends.

We have always loved travel and it's still a big part of our lives today, we love the adventure and meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, which is what brought us to the US. We love being in America and have made our home here.

Why Adoption

From early on in our relationship, we discussed adoption and how we hoped it would be part of the plan in growing our family, whether we were able to have biological children or not. We discovered that we were unable to have children naturally, which did not cause the same amount of grief to us as it does many people since adoption has always been part of our plans.

Meet Samantha

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Rhy shares: Sam is one of the most caring people I know and is always putting other people above herself. Sam is very creative and has a great eye for detail. I've seen this first hand in the renovations we have done in our home. We have completed two-bathroom renovations over the last couple years and both have been Sam's vision (it must be all the HGTV she watches!!).

Sam is the organizer. She keeps our life on track and keeps me focused when most needed. Sam has been my biggest advocate, when I've doubted myself. She has given me the confidence to "just go for it".

Sam's passion for good food is equal to mine and many of our vacations are planned around the great restaurants we want to visit. We want to share these experiences together and with a future child.

Sam's family is my family. From the moment I met them, I've only ever felt welcome. Sam's sister, Tracey, is someone who I consider not just my sister in-law but also one of my dearest friends. Sam's parents are unbelievably supportive of both Sam and I. My parents also adore Sam. In-fact my whole family credits Sam for our success. She is the cool aunty that my niece and nephews love and my brothers and sister say that I won the lottery when I met Sam. I can't disagree!

Samantha shares: My favorite color is currently green. I like to change my mind depending on my mood or as the seasons change.

My music tastes change every week... which also depends on my mood. Currently I'm listening to Rufus du Sol, Khalid, Post Malone and Hayden James. I love listening to podcasts too. Mostly about true crime, current affairs and news, but I also enjoy listening to podcasts that are about lighter topics and make-up ideas.

For fun I enjoy taking Boomer, our dog, hiking and finding some off-leash areas so he run free. Also, taking pictures and touring art galleries or museums.

Meet Rhy

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Samantha shares: Rhy is a generous and giving person. He has the heart of a lion and is always thinking of others and how he can lend a helping hand. We took a trip to Jamaica a few years back and learned about a local foundation that transforms the places where Jamaica's children learn and supports the great people who teach them. After visiting some of the local schools, we spoke of the impression this had left on both our hearts and Rhy was the one who not only suggested but pushed for us to get more involved upon our return to the US. In 2016, we co-hosted our first fundraising dinner where we raised over $40,000 for the foundation. This has become an annual event!

Rhy is passionate about everything he does and does it 100%. He loves his Australian football so much, that he stays up late in the evening to watch it. Apparently, it's not the same if you watch a game on the DVR the next day! His passion for sports recently evolved into running the New York Marathon (he was proudly part of Team Gladney!). He ran an incredible time and I couldn't have been prouder.

His deep love for our dog Boomer can be hilarious at times. Sometimes our daily text messages only consist of photos and videos of what Boomer is doing.

Rhy's family have always been warm, welcoming and full of laughter. I can tell he had a strong family bond growing up. They are still a close-knit group who are quite competitive, especially when it comes to ping pong. Rhy's love of cooking stemmed from his mom as she is an avid traveler and would cook amazing cuisines from all around the world.

Rhy is a lovable, outgoing and committed partner, who supports me in everything I do or I am passion about. He pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and can be the voice of reason. He is truly my best friend.

Rhy shares: My favorite color is blue and I would have to say that my favorite movie is Brave Heart. I enjoy music too and Pearl Jam is absolutely my favorite band!

In my free time I love to golf, but I'm really bad! I also love traveling. I enjoy getting involved in as many charities as possible, the gift of giving back and making a change to someone's life is the greatest gift.

Our Home & Community

When we bought our home in 2013, we knew there would be a few projects, but what we didn't realize was how many. Not because the house really needed anything, but because we both found enjoyment out of mini renovations and projects. Slowly we have been making our house look and feel like a home.

Our home has 4 bedrooms with a large family room and a big backyard with lots of room to play. Our dog Boomer likes to lay on the back deck whenever the sun is shining. He sometimes digs up the garden too, but he really loves to run around and play ball in the backyard. Our home is located in a small suburban city which has everything a family could want. There are beaches and parks, museums and libraries and most recently an outdoor ice-skating rink! When we moved in to our home we were excited to find that our street is amazingly diverse with many cultures. All of our neighbors have interesting and exciting backgrounds.

At the end of Summer there is a street party where all the neighbors get together and play games and bring food and have fun. Last year we even had a face painter come and paint faces for all the kids. They had so much fun!

Boomer is our adorable 6-year-old Black Lab mix rescue pup. The shelter we got him from had saved him and about 30 other dogs from a kill shelter a day earlier. So, within 48 hours, his life had changed and he changed our lives.

He loves to chase the ball when you kick it, but he's not great at bringing it back! We sometimes wonder if he's trying to tell us something - meaning that we need the exercise and we should pick up the ball!! He is obsessed and fascinated with kids and is so gentle with them. I truly think he is an old soul and knows between right and wrong. The look of love on his face when he sees a child is heartwarming. I know he will be a strong protector of any child that enters our family.

Lastly Things We Promise You

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We are sure you have so many different feelings and emotions as you read about families and determine a path that makes sense for you. The decision you are facing is not an easy one, but we want you to know that we see you. We want the best not only for your baby, but for you as well- whatever that choice may be.

If you do choose us to parent your baby, we promise to love, protect and guide your child through life. When times get tough, we will be by your child's side, whatever obstacles they may encounter. We will love and protect your child unconditionally, and provide a safe and nurturing home for them to grow up in. We will support them as they grow and encourage them to become the person, they were set out to be. We will provide an environment that is safe, supportive and above all FUN.

We want you to know that your child's life will be full of experiences and adventures. We will celebrate their milestones as a family whether it's a birthday, their first tooth, a graduation or a first date. We will be there to kiss their booboo's, scare away the bedtime monsters and sit and hold them through the tears. We will take family vacations to all parts of the world and experience the different cultures that make each country so special.

We will teach them the gift of giving and the importance of sharing. Most of all we promise to respect your story and ensure your baby knows and understands that story. It is as important for us, as it is to you, that they know you and the vital role you play in their life!

Love, Samantha and Rhy

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