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Paul + Alissa

We are a happily married couple that is looking to build our family through adoption! Thank you for choosing adoption and giving us a chance to be parents. Even though we haven't met you yet, we have a tremendous amount of respect for you.

We Are Paul And Alissa!

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It is the love, courage, and selflessness that you possess that can give us the chance to fulfill our dream of being parents. We will be forever grateful for you. Even though we haven't met you yet, we have a tremendous amount of respect for you. Although we will never understand what you are experiencing, it is important for us to let you know that we will support you and are open to share with you anything you need to know as you make the decision on who will raise your child. We promise to give your child a warm and loving home full of laughter and happiness. Making sure that your child knows how much you love them and that they know about the great sacrifice that you made to be sure they were placed in a loving home is something that we will strive to teach your child daily. Thank you for considering us as potential parents to raise your child. We hope that by reading about our lives, you will find comfort in knowing that we are ready to dedicate the rest of our lives to be the best parents that we can be!

Paul From Alissa's Point Of View

Paul is the most loving, thoughtful person I have ever met. He is a natural caregiver and provider. He loves our families, our dogs, and myself more than I ever imagined someone could love. He has the biggest heart in the world. Paul is a big kid and children love him. I think people are drawn to him because of his fun-loving personality and his genuine interest of others. He has never met a stranger and will become friends with the guy standing behind him in the grocery store. He's a hard worker and so incredibly smart. Paul works as an accountant for a company in town that makes snacks! So we are never in need of popcorn, nuts, crackers or cookies!

Most importantly, Paul is going to be a wonderful Dad, which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. He often plays ball and chase with our dogs in the backyard and has told me on numerous occasions how he can't wait to have children to play with outside. His love for sports of all kinds is undeniable. It is not just the sport itself that he is drawn to, but it is how sports bring people together that he loves. I can't wait to see Paul as a Dad. There is no doubt that he will excel at parenting the same way he excels at everything he does in life.

Alissa From Paul's Point Of View

Alissa is kind, nurturing, thoughtful, selfless, generous, strong and courageous. I admire her perseverance even when it is difficult, guided by her moral compass. She always puts others first and would excel at making our child feel loved, nurtured and safe. She has a loyalty and love for everyone in her life, which makes her a wonderful daughter, sister, friend, dog mom, and wife. Alissa has a way to make people feel at ease, which is one reason she excels at her job as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She makes me laugh and never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see her. Alissa is a morning person never failing to wake with the sun, I often wake up and roll over in the morning to find her already starting her day. Likewise, she falls asleep quicker than anyone can imagine. She loves the outdoors, taking walks with friends, going to yoga classes, and just spending time with the people that she loves.

Our Life Together

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We had our first date at a pizza restaurant and we both remember not wanting the date to end. We were engaged 18 months later and were married two years after that! We had a long engagement because Alissa was in graduate school and wanted to finish school before beginning the planning of a wedding. Our wedding was beautiful! We had family from other states and from other countries to come celebrate with us! Our honeymoon was in Africa! Which was the best honeymoon we could have ever imagined. We bought a house in a beautiful neighborhood in our city and we have now made it our "forever" home. We both share so many loves in life! We love finding adventure by exploring new places and meeting new people. Equally, we love staying at home and having outings with friends. We love to be outside on warm days whether it be in our own backyard or hiking on trails around town. Taking day trips to nearby mountains or lakes is something that we do often. Having friends and family over for dinner, going to the movies, and attending local sporting events are other things that we greatly enjoy.

Our Families

Alissa's Family

Alissa grew up about an hour from where we live now. Her parents have been married for 40 years and still live in the same house that she grew up in! She has a younger brother that lives in the same city as her parents. Alissa has always been close to her parents and her brother. We both talk to them and see them often. Alissa and her mom talk on the phone every day! Her parents have always been involved and supportive in her life, which she is so grateful for. They are so thrilled that we have chosen adoption and can't wait to meet our future addition!

Alissa's extended family are scattered throughout the United States. We have a family beach trip in the summer when we all get to see each other. We also get to see our extended family on holidays! They are all beyond excited to welcome a new baby into our family!

Paul's Family

Paul's parents live in London. They have been married for 42 years! We are lucky, because we get to see them 2-3 times per year. We take a yearly trip to London to visit them and they come to visit us in the US 1-2 times per year! Paul also has aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada! He has a brother, sister-in-law, and a nephew that live in Washington DC. They are all so excited that we are in the process of adoption and will welcome with open arms a new member to the family! Paul's Canadian cousins are adopted and we have learned so much about adoption through their family! Despite living in different countries, Paul is very close to his family. We often FaceTime, send cards and write letters to each other! We also see Paul's extended family yearly, whether it is when we go back to the United Kingdom, or go to his Aunt, Uncle's and cousin's lake cottage in Canada!

Our Home & Pets

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When we first saw our house we instantly fell in love with it and the fenced in backyard. We saw it as a perfect place for our dogs to run around in and for any future children we would be lucky enough to have. Paul saw himself playing soccer and throwing balls around with children. We loved the deck for having friends and family over for cookouts! We also have our church, a neighborhood park, and the local middle school all located right in our neighborhood!

Oliver (Pomeranian) - Oliver is Alissa's first love. Alissa got Oliver as a puppy when she was a travel nurse in California. He is 11 years old and he runs the house. He loves going for walks to sniff new smells, twirling around on his back legs, and, most of all, treats. At the end of a long day he simply loves laying at the end of the couch or foot of the bed.

Teddy (Terrier mix) - Teddy was our foster dog that we ended up adopting because he and Pippi became best friends. He follows Paul around the house like a shadow and loves belly rubs and snuggling. When he is not playing with Pippi he can be found on one of our laps.

Pippi (Border Collie Mix) - We rescued Pippi through the local SPCA almost 2 years ago. She is an incredibly smart dog that loves people, especially kids. Often on walks in our neighborhood, she will walk slowly up to children and lay down by them to allow them to pet her. Pippi is full of energy and love! Her favorite things are squirrels, chipmunks, and running around our backyard.

Our Adventures

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We love to travel and explore the world, experiencing different cultures and viewing local scenery. Paul grew up traveling all over the world as a child and teenager and Alissa traveled a lot within the U.S. as a child. We have loved traveling around the U.S. together and going back to England and Europe together. We try to take 1-2 big holidays a year and several weekends away. Just this year we took an Alaskan cruise with Alissa's parents. We often try to incorporate animals and wildlife in our travels too which is why we went to Africa on our honeymoon. We also both love to scuba dive, snorkel, and just lay out on the beach! Alissa was a certified scuba diver when we met and Paul took classes so that we could scuba dive together on our adventures.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We hope that you were able to learn about us and the life that we share together. As you consider us as potential parents for your child, please know that we have unconditional love to give and cannot wait to meet the child that God has planned for us to parent. We would also love to have you as a part of our lives as well!

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