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Patrick + Rachel

Hi, we are Patrick and Rachel! We have prayed for the best way to convey what is in our hearts, and ultimately we wish that our profile may provide some encouragement and hope to you as you continue to travel this path. Should you decide to keep reading and get to know more about us, we can only have faith that it will result in a life-long answer to our prayers.

About Us

'About Us' Image

We first met our freshman year of high school. Although we never ended up having any classes together, we certainly noticed each other. Shortly after starting college, we began dating. Prior to getting married we knew adoption would be a part of our lives, so we have faithfully prayed for our future family. Seven years ago, our first niece, Addison, was born and was adopted through Gladney. She has truly been an answer to prayers for the entire family. As our excitement builds for our future child, we continue to pray for the courageous birthmother who will selflessly bring our greatest gift into this world.

All About Rachel

From as far back as I can remember, joy has been the best word to describe my life. I was so lucky to have been raised by parents who value putting God first, always doing your best, and loving others. Having an older sister, Rebecca, gave me an instant best friend and a second mother. Some of my fondest memories include family dinners at the table, catching beads at Mardi Gras with Rebecca, Dad singing songs he made up, making Play Dough with mom, and many holiday traditions. Patrick and I are very close with my immediate and extended family. All 26 members of my extended family are so excited about a new addition.

10 Fun Facts:

1. Education has always been a priority in my family. I earned a Bachelors in English and a Masters in Education.

2. I LOVE kids. I spent my high school and college years as a nanny for various families. I also had the children's choir sing at our wedding. It made the day extra special.

3. I am a 4th generation educator.

4. When I really laugh, it is silent. It's like I laugh so hard that I can't breathe.

5. I have never gone a day without dancing. The rhythm just gets me.

6. Fascinated would be the one word I would use to describe myself. I read constantly because I am fascinated by the world, learning new things, and finding out interesting facts about the past.

7. Helping others is what brings me true joy.

8. Traveling and learning about exciting places, different cultures, and interesting people has always been a part of my life.

9. I still talk to my family every day. We don't live in the same city, but we Facetime regularly.

10. I won the state balance beam championship for the state of Louisiana.

About Rachel by Patrick:

Rachel has always been fun-loving and you can find her on the dance floor at any wedding breaking it down with her best moves. Not only is she fun to be around, but her passion has always been to help others. She is strong in her faith, and she always strives to make everyone around her feel comfortable. Her love for others will make her an incredible mother. I am lucky to have found her and feel even luckier that she agreed to be my wife.

All About Patrick

My earliest and greatest childhood memories involve being outside. My family has land on a lake, so most weekends were spent enjoying time there with my mom, dad, and older sister. I can still hear the crackling of the fire, the taste of warm s'mores, the feeling of reeling in fish with Dad, and seeing my mom and sister trotting on horses across the pasture. I truly feel like I had an idyllic childhood, and I am looking forward to providing that for our child.

10 Fun Facts:

1. Education was and still is extremely important to me. After earning an engineering degree, I went on to earn my MBA. I currently work in the energy industry.

2. I love passing on my knowledge to help others. I volunteer to mentor engineering students at our local colleges and universities. I was blessed with educated and loving parents who always supported my future career goals. I like being able to help those who might not be so lucky.

3. Athletics were a huge part of my childhood. I played baseball, select soccer, and competed in biking tournaments.

4. When I get dressed up, I like wearing bow ties.

5. Rachel's not the only state champion in the family. I won first place in the Louisiana state mountain biking championships.

6. I value maintaining true friendships. I am still close with many of my childhood and college friends.

7. I never miss a good comedy. Afterall, there is not much better than laughing or watching Rachel's silent laugh.

8. Desserts are my jam.

9. My favorite childhood trips were always the ones spent on Lake Powell.

10. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love finding the perfect gift for everyone in the family.

About Patrick by Rachel:

Patrick has a drive to continually improve himself and a desire to help others which has only grown over our ten years together. He is the first person I run to when I am happy, frustrated, disappointed, or just wanting someone to be silly with. Patrick always finds a way to get interested in even the most ridiculous things that I enjoy, like participating in a bracket game during a season of the Bachelorette. He is absolutely my person, and I am so lucky to have found him.

All About Harper

'All About Harper' Image

Hi! I'm Harper. I am a Miniature Schnauzer who is sometimes affectionately known as Harp, Whopper, The Whopperton, Harpzilla, and most importantly Patrick and Rachel's doghter. (dog and daughter= doghter) See what they did there? I am more than just a dog. I am a valued member of the family. I moved in with Mom while she was still in college. It took me a while to learn all the new rules. From eating Mom's textbooks to getting in the trash, I made all sorts of mischief. Mom never gave up on me though. My ten years with Mom and Dad have been filled with daily snuggles, walks around the neighborhood, trips to my grandparents' houses, birthday parties, and dressing up for Halloween. I am looking forward to being a big sister!

All About Rachel's Family

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My family is a close-knit group. Whenever we are together there is sure to be endless laughter, delicious food, and excitement. My sister, Rebecca, is four years older than I am, and she is married to her college sweetheart, Matt. Rebecca is creative, energetic, and strong in her faith. Matt is a sports fan and the ultimate movie buddy. Addison, their 7-year-old daughter, was adopted through Gladney. She is smart, inquisitive, and has a heart of gold. My parents, Michael and Debbie, have been married for over 40 years. Dad is the CFO of a general contractor and is always ready to partake in a new adventure. He loves hunting, entertaining, and cooking gourmet meals. Mom is a retired art teacher, and she now spends her days volunteering, gardening, and spending time with their dog, Ellie. My parents are a few weeks away from moving near Patrick and me. They are looking forward to spending more time with us and their next grandchild.

All About Patrick's Family

'All About Patrick's Family' Image

My family is fun-loving and adventurous. They are a boisterous group who loves college football, cooking, and traveling the world. My dad, Arris, is a CRNA and is the ultimate project guy. He is always building something or working on his next invention. My dad is married to Glenda. She is a marriage and family therapist who loves reading and yoga. My mom, Deborah, is a CPA, and she enjoys going to our camp. She and her husband, Hal, can be found most weekends riding horses and enjoying the views of the lake. Hal is a high school and college physics teacher. He is equal parts brilliant and endearing. My sister, Celeste, is a civil engineer and is married to Ryan who is also an engineer. They have a daughter, Payton, and a son, Brayden. They are both looking forward to having a cousin to play with!

Our Home And Our City

We have lived in our house for almost five years. Since the day we bought it, our love for it has only grown. We are so looking forward to watching our kids play in the backyard, celebrating holidays together, and creating unforgettable memories in our home. We prayed about finding a home that was surrounded by amazing neighbors, and God certainly delivered. We get together with our neighbors regularly. We also have several young children on our street who we love playing with. There is no doubt that our future child will have plenty of playmates! Our home is a few blocks away from our family friends, Amy, Joe, and their three kids. Amy's father is Rachel's Godfather, and Amy and Rachel grew up more like sisters than just family friends. Amy and Joe and all three of the kids are excited about us adopting.

We live in a city known for its history, barbecue, sport teams, museums, cultural experiences, and fairs. We enjoy spending time at the lake near our house, visiting with friends at parks and restaurants, attending events at our church, and playing softball with Patrick's co-workers.

Our Forever Friends

We have been blessed beyond measure with such wonderful friends, and we treasure each and every one of them. They have enriched our lives in so many ways and have provided us with endless love and support throughout this journey. We know that they are all looking forward to being extended aunts and uncles to our future children and will undoubtedly shower them with love and support.

A Letter From Addison

My name is Addison. I am seven years old. Che Che (Rachel) and Uncle P (Patrick) are my aunt and uncle. Che Che and Uncle P have a great house. It is filled with love. The potty has a little seat just for kids. They have a big backyard with lots of shade. The baby will have a nice room because Che Che is a good decorator. She will make sure one of those spinners is above the baby bed. Che Che is also a great singer. I like it when she sings me bedtime songs. She sings better than my mom. She is funny, and I like it when she makes up silly nicknames for me. Uncle P is sweet. He will keep the baby safe and make sure it gets plenty of food. I like it when he carries me when my legs are tired, and he lifts me up over all the tall people. He also reads with me. Che Che and Uncle P will make sure the baby has a great life.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking a peek into our lives. We are praying for all of the birthmothers out there who are making this courageous choice. Should you decide to get to know more about us, please know that we promise to provide a home filled with unconditional love, neverending laughter, daily dancing, and one where education, faith, and a heart for others will be encouraged. We can't wait to meet you!

With Love,

Patrick, Rachel, and Harper

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