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Miles + Jen

It is hard to show you our lives through this profile but we hope that you see our love and commitment for each other, family, friends and future children. We can't wait to be parents and be able to share the love we have with our growing family.

Jen + Miles

'Jen + Miles' Image

We met through mutual friends and wondered how we had not met sooner. We started dating in 2005 and were married in 2010. Our first date was on Valentine's Day, we fell in love immediately and knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. Married life is AWESOME!! We love to travel, especially to the beach. About two years into our marriage we decided to start a family. After trying on our own for about a year with no success, we then decided to see a fertility doctor. For the next 5 years we went through several fertility treatments with no success. Our lives had changed so much and through prayers and support from our family and friends we decided to start our adoption journey. Adoption had always been on our minds but from then on we knew that this was the answer to our prayers. We would finally have the family that we had been longing for.


Jen is one of the most compassionate, caring, loving women I know. She is one of those rare people who consistently puts everyone else first. I know I am a better man with her by my side, she gives me the confidence to get through anything. Aside from being completely amazing, she's fun and always up for an adventure. Any time we get together with friends and family, you can usually find "Aunt Jen Jen" with the kids (that is usually where I am too). Jen is also passionate about fitness and loves hanging out at the gym; I think I may be partly responsible for that! All jokes aside, I believe she will be the best mother anyone could ask for. I can't wait to see her dreams of becoming "Mom" come true!



'Miles' Image

Miles is an amazing man and the best husband ever. He is very patient, caring, and thoughtful. He amazes me every day with the amount of joy he brings to everyone he is around. He is a great listener and always has the best advice. Making people smile and laugh is his specialty. He has a true passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals. On his free time, if he is not at the gym, he loves to play soccer. I know Miles will be the best dad ever, he loves being around children and being a big kid himself.



'Pets' Image

Dax is our Boxer, he is 11 years old. He was 6 weeks old when we took him home. He is full of energy and will do anything for a treat. Dax loves to play outside in the water hose and going for walks.

Cash is a 16 month old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. We adopted Cash from our local animal shelter. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle. Cash loves kids and giving lots of kisses.

Miles' Family

Family has always been and still is a very important part of my life. I grew up with three brothers, as you can imagine there was never a dull moment. We remain close today, and look for any reason to get together and have a good time. Without them, I wouldn't be the man I am today. They are all excited that we have decided to grow our family through adoption! We are so blessed with our families living so close to us, we know they will play a huge role in our child's life!

Jen's Family

My family is super close, we love spending time together. I have a younger sister Emilee, she is my best friend and we talk every day. My parents are anxiously waiting for grandchildren to join the family. We love getting the family together, cooking a big meal, playing games and watching movies. We have lots of "little ones" in our family so we are excited to add another cousin to the crew. We have so much support from our family and we know without a doubt that our baby will not only be loved by us, but also by our family.

Our Friends

We have a pretty AWESOME community of friends. They have given us more support throughout this journey than we ever expected. They make our lives so much fun and fill it with so much laughter. We spend almost every weekend hanging out with them and their children. We are all a part of a Crossfit Community, and truly enjoy being able to work out together every day. They are so thrilled that we are adopting and can't wait to welcome our baby into their lives too.


'Crossfit' Image

Crossfit is a huge part of our lives. Miles is a level 1 coach at the crossfit gym we attend. We truly enjoy being able to stay fit and be a part of the community. Although we seem like crazy crossfit people we enjoy having a good time. The best part about crossfit is the friendships that we have formed and the support that they have given us. They want nothing more than to see us as parents.

Thank You!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about our family. More than anything we want you to know that we will love this child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing a loving home and encouraging them to follow their dreams. We will instill them with a sense of pride and an understanding of the sacrifices you have made for them. There is no doubt in our minds that this child will be loved not only by us, but by our family and friends also. Thank you again for considering us and know that we will be praying for you and your child.

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