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Mike + Brooke

We have learned that many people offer kind words but sometimes a hug means so much more. So we hope that you feel a *hug* from our family as you read about our family. We are excited about what God has in store. We may not know the exact plan but we believe God is good and trust in his love, his mercy, his guidance and his power. We pray that God blesses you with peace and love.

Dear Expectant Mother,

'Dear Expectant Mother,' Image

We imagined what it might be like to meet us on these pages. We want to offer encouragement to you (whether you should choose us as adoptive parents or not) but kept thinking about how we don't have the perfect words of encouragement because we haven't been there. You see, we have lost 4 babies to miscarriage. We have learned that many people offer kind words but sometimes a hug means so much more. So we hope that you feel a *hug* from our family as you read about our family.

We are excited about what God has in store. We may not know the exact plan but we believe God is good and trust in his love, his mercy, his guidance and his power.

We pray that God blesses you with peace and love.

Our Story

It all began when we met on a dating website "before it was cool". Our first date was a little awkward, and we get a good laugh over the first handful of dates and misadventures. We bonded quickly, and soon we were running on trails together, cheering on our favorite teams at sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. The proposal took place when we were vacationing with family friends in New Mexico. We walked around the small little ski town and at midnight on New Years, Mike proposed in a Christmas lighted gazebo. A couple months later we were married at a small, simple outdoor ceremony surrounded by family and a few close friends.

Meet Mike (by Brooke)

'Meet Mike (by Brooke)' Image

I love Mike's dependability and humor. I can always count on him, and he makes me laugh every day!

He's a loyal friend. When were dating, it became apparent really quickly because he maintains close friendships over time and distance.

He's great at projects around the house. He's also always there with a helping hand when I need one.

Mike is an incredible planner. Whether it's when we travel or when we are getting ready for a busy week, he's great at putting together the details so the trip or the week goes smoothly. And if it doesn't go smoothly, we are prepared to make adjustments.

My favorite time together is our walks in the evenings - THE BEST! We walk our dog Millie and talk about our day and other little and big things in our lives.

Mike will be a great father because he is patient, thoughtful, and makes sure quality time with friends and family are a priority. He has a strong faith and a calm steady presence. When I look at all that can happen in the world, it's so comforting and reassuring to have a strong, best friend and protector that does so much to make sure his family is safe and happy.

Meet Brooke (by Mike)

I love how Brooke always looks at life creatively. Her bedside table is always stacked with books. Besides reading, I love how she enjoys the outdoors and is adventurous.

When we were dating, I noticed how Brooke balanced being a smart professional in the business world, staying active and maintaining close friendships.

Brooke is a great cook and enjoys making healthy meals for her family.

I love it when I get home from work and am greeted by Brooke so we can talk about our day. She is also a lot of fun when we are preparing for hosting friends and their kids when they come over to our house whether it's for a dinner or just some s'mores in the backyard.

Brooke will be a good mom because she is very caring. She loves kids (has spent time helping with kids groups and loves having her niece and friends kids over to the house). She is studious and she is an excellent teacher - very creative with kids in helping them grow.

Meet Millie (by Mike & Brooke)

'Meet Millie (by Mike & Brooke)' Image

Millie is our rescue dog who is a labrador retriever mix. She loves walks, treats and napping. She is obsessed with anything under 3.5 feet tall - meaning she loves meeting and playing with dogs, cats and children. Her favorite holiday is Halloween because of all the kids who visit the house. Hours after trick-or-treating is done, she lays by the front door just in case more kids visit. She naps a lot and only barks at her reflection in the mirror or a stranger who knocks at the door.

Our Home

We really enjoy our home. It is a four-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house with an open floor plan. The kitchen is open into the living room and dining room. Mike and I wanted to be able to have a casual, open feel to our home and we like to be able to cook and clean while chatting with friends, watching a sports game, etc.

We have a nursery room that is on the same floor as our bedroom with its own bathroom and tub. It's definitely a room that will grow with a child and we are so excited to use this room!

We also have a designated play area inside the house and have a nice flat outdoor yard with a patio that we grill out on all the time.

We live within walking distance to a park with swings and slides and big open fields for running and playing. We've made several trips to the park with our friends' kids.

Our Lifestyle

We enjoy an active lifestyle. Mike is a great athlete and Brooke is strong as well. We love to ride our bikes, walk the dog and travel to places where we can spend time outside. We both love the sunshine so much - we actually like yardwork because it's a great excuse to be outside, be active and be together.

We feel lucky that we have gotten to travel to visit friends all over the country... places like Alaska, California, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Texas to name a few. We love to explore and learn, and we think it will be important to share and provide experiences for our family as well as spend time with family and friends. What a cool way to learn and grow!

We believe in taking care of our bodies and that reflects an appreciation for the body that God gave us. So healthy nutrition is an important part of our lives. So we eat healthy but we are definitely not above some chocolate or ice cream.

A Typical Year In Our Life

Every year we visit out of town family multiple times, travel, celebrate birthdays and holidays.

New Years marks when we talk about our personal, work and family goals. For example, projects around the house, plan what vacation might take, consider our budget, etc.

Late winter and early springtime is when we enjoy activities like college baseball and basketball.

In the summer, we love being out in the sunshine, visiting family, and exploring places like Alaska. Mike really starts a nice beard in Alaska, and Brooke gets sad when he shaves it.

The fall is when we do things like watching football and, if it's cold enough, Brooke can convince Mike to grow a beard again.

Thanksgiving and Christmas is spent with our big family and the traditional turkey, ham, mashed potatoes. The works! There's quite a bit of laughter, watching our grown brothers wrestle and little niece open presents.

We carve out some special time around Christmas to really take in the holiday season and enjoy Christmas lights, hot chocolate and Christmas movies.

Family Focus

'Family Focus' Image

A couple of years ago, we sat down to talk about priorities and what we would like to focus on as a family. In an effort to strive and maintain these values, we chose a handful of words that would help us.

We have a faith-centered family that holds love, gratefulness, truth and service in high esteem. Our hope is to raise and teach a little one how to live life with love, gratefulness, truth and service. We believe every person is born with his/her unique personality and God-given talents so we are excited to see a child grow and learn and become who God has made them to be.

Our Prayer

We pray for you to have wisdom, strength and peace. We pray for you to have courage in the valleys in life and to have celebrations on the mountain peaks. We pray for inner joy during good times and bad. We pray for you to experience confidence in your unique capabilities and personality. We pray for perseverance. We pray for your health and that you are surrounded by caring hearts and skilled hands. We pray for love - that it will surround you. We pray for your child to be provided wonderful care and unending love. We pray for adoptive parents to listen to their children, to support their children, speak and act with encouragement and to make good decisions. Amen.

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