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Matthew + Krista

If you want your baby to be loved by parents who still have crushes on each more than a decade later, believe in equal parts structure and silliness, and come with a bonus (currently little) big brother whose laugh is lovable as his ridiculously blonde hair, then we're the family for you. Either way, we couldn't be more grateful that you're considering this gigantic, selfless decision.

Dear New Favorite Person On The Planet,

Is that too much? We know we're supposed to start this letter with "Dear Birth Parent" or something, but that simply doesn't encompass how we see you. It's a bit impersonal, especially for someone making such a personal decision.

Because, yes, you're the birth parent, but you're also the selfless being who has the power to complete our little family. You're the first safe, perfect prenatal home for a tiny, wiggly life. You're also probably either tired or hungry or have a headache or feel nauseous because, man, pregnancy is HARD.

We cannot imagine being in your (hopefully comfortable - how's the swelling?) shoes for one second.

But as we said, we're so, so glad that you're considering adoption. We just hope you'll also consider picking us to be the lucky family to give your baby the life you want for him or her. We promise we'll make you proud.

First Comes Marriage... Barely.

We met in 2006 after Krista moved to Matthew's home state for a job. Moments after our first date ended, Krista told her lovably nosy neighbor that Matt was "the guy I'm going to marry."

Two states, two homes, two cats, and eight years later, we finally tied the knot. Now, we love weddings. Other people's weddings. But for us, we preferred the non-traditional route, getting married at the local courthouse on December 1st, 2015, just the two of us. Or should I say, "Just the two and a half of us?"

Yes, our amazing son, Tully, was born the following March.

You do the math.

Tully Ryan, Big Brother-in-waiting

'Tully Ryan, Big Brother-in-Waiting' Image

Tully (By the way, it's TULL-e, not TOOL-e) has a gigantic personality. He's a super goofy chatterbox who loves books, dump trucks, kitchen dance parties, broccoli and M&Ms (just not at the same time) and pretending to be a snake to scare his daddy.

He talks a whole bunch about wanting a "bruvver" or sister. He says he wants to be "helpful" and "share," and for some reason finds it very disappointing that the baby will be too small to ring the doorbell when we bring him or her home for the first time.

Meet Matthew

'Meet Matthew' Image

Matt is calm and kind and the world's best listener.

He's a contractor and partner for an interior design firm, and he also designs furniture and mirrors for his clients. He loves using his hands, whether that means cooking, fixing things around the house, woodworking, playing basketball or being Tickle Monster to Tully.

He's 6'3" with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. He's basically the one person left on Earth with no tattoos, and he's a night owl who loves watching football, drinking plain ol' coffee - or an Espresso when he's feeling fancy - and listening to podcasts about history. He's never met a chocolate chip cookie or a nap he didn't love.

Meet Krista

'Meet Krista' Image

Krista is outgoing and silly and forever cracking jokes.

She's the Creative Director of an advertising agency, which she considers a dream job. She also considers her crazy crew of coworkers her second family, so Baby #2 will have lots of people lined up to give him or her big cuddles and tiny high fives.

She's 5'8" with brown hair, blue eyes and one terrible lower back tattoo (hey, it was the 90s!). She loves scary movies, red lipstick, Chai lattes and watching documentaries. She's a morning person who reads herself to sleep every night and is constantly losing her phone. She also hiccups when she's hungry, which is pretty weird.

Meet The Rest Of The Crew

Krista's brother, Ryan, and his husband, John, live in New York City and both work for Broadway. Matthew's brother, Tom, lives in Florida, but loves to spend time at his cabin in the woods of South Carolina. We're both super tight with our brothers, who are already amazing uncles.

There are no "real" Aunts, but "Aunt" Sara is Krista's best friend of almost 30 years. They met in 4th grade and have been as close as sisters ever since.

Matt's parents, Tom and Frances, live in Florida, which means beach vacations and Disney World! Krista's Mom, Janet aka Grammy, is moving to our neighborhood in May 2018, which means lots of cookie baking and hugs. (Krista's Dad, John, passed away ten years ago. She misses him dearly and would love to tell you all about the nutty Chemistry professor with the goofy jokes in person.)

Both of our Moms worked in special education for over 30 years, as well as Krista's Mom teaching 3rd grade. They not only ADORE kids, but they're incredible resources for parenting advice and techniques. But don't worry, they still spoil the grandkids like crazy.

We also have a three-legged black cat whose full name is Mae Crashenburn, but she generally goes by "Mae Mae." She's a cuddle pro.

Our (new!) Home

We specifically chose our new house with our future family of four in mind. It's sunshiney and open, with a big upstairs playroom, a "secret hideout" where we read books to Tully before bed, and a lovely formal dining room that we rarely eat in, opting instead to eat dinner at our kitchen's "breakfast" table. (It's closer to the ice cream.)

Our house is on a cul-de-sac, with big shade trees (and a perfect climbing tree in our front yard), a park and a lake at the end of the street, a gated entrance, and lots of neighbors with infants, babies and little kids. It's also right down the street from the kids' future elementary school, so we'll be able to ride bikes to drop off. In other words, it's the American Dream for raising a family, and we can't wait to bring our new baby home.

Get Outta Town

Family and travel are both important to us, so we go on an adventurous family vacation with Krista's Mom, brother and brother-in-law every summer. We've white water rafted in Costa Rica, toured the Parthenon in Greece, hiked the Black Forest in Germany, traveled from Switzerland to Amsterdam on a Rhine river cruise, floated in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, snorkled in the Bahamas, explored castles in Scotland, zip-lined anywhere we can, and the list goes on.

Of course, with kiddos the trips are a little more tame (think Colorado for mountain hikes, San Diego for paragliding and Jackson Hole for horseback rides), but the older they get, the more farflung and adventurous we'll be.

Thank You. We Mean It.

'Thank You. We Mean It.' Image

Before Tully was born, we hung an unconventional print in his nursery. It said, "Could be worse."

We knew that, as new parents, we'd have many long nights and lots of uncertainty in that room. Looking at those words at 3:00 in the morning with a screaming baby in our arms reminded us that we were so, so lucky to have a (mostly) happy, healthy little boy, teething, tears and all.

Of course, now we can't wait for more teething and tears. And more tiny toes, contagious giggles, spit-ups, first smiles, first steps, millions of diapers, millions of memories and every other magical moment that comes with earning the names "Mommy" and "Daddy."

We know we'll give your baby a life you'll be proud of, and we hope with all our hearts that you honor us with the greatest gift imaginable. After all, we already love your little one.

Almost as much as you do.


Krista, Matthew & Tully

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