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Matt + Tracey

Hello! We are Matt, Tracey and Brantley. We are excited to grow our family, and want to share a little about us. While we do not know you, please know that you are already in our hearts and our prayers. We have been blessed by the journey of adoption once with our precious baby girl, and we have seen the courage, bravery and unconditional love of a birth mom. We are so thankful to you for taking time to learn about our family--we hope these notes and pictures can convey a bit about who we are. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for our family, and for you. (And, our little one prays for a baby sister or brother every day)! We wish you peace and good health, and we anxiously await meeting you.

Matt Through Tracey's Eyes...

'Matt through Tracey's eyes...' Image

Matt is the rock in our family. He has a tough exterior, but is one of the most genuine and honest men I know. Matt is a salesperson in an oil related field, working in partnership with my dad. He is a loyal, dedicated, hardworking guy, but when it comes to our daughter, he is silly, fun and adventurous. He is her hero. One of my greatest gifts is watching him be a Daddy.

Matt loves cars and is also the consummate outdoorsman. Matt pitched baseball through high school (and still loves baseball); he enjoys hunting; and, these days, his competitive spirit really kicks in on the golf course. He has a dedication to staying fit and healthy and would rather be outside than anywhere.

Matt is smart and driven and always eager to learn. He is patient and kind, with big muscles and a bigger heart. He loves the Lord, and loves his family with all of his being. We are so grateful to call him ours!

Tracey Through Matt's Eyes...

'Tracey through Matt's eyes...' Image

Tracey is a very loving, devoted, sweet, and fun-loving wife and Mommy. She is blessed with a style and grace that is evident to all who are around her and, I adore that in her. She is playful and silly and loves to make others happy. She is THE BEST MOMMY to our baby girl--she was simply made to be a Mom. I know that being a mother is now, and always has been, truly the desire of her heart.

At home, Tracey loves to cook and entertain family and friends. We are spoiled with her cooking, and all the other things she does to make our house a home.

A nurse by profession, Tracey has worked in the neonatal intensive care unit, home health, and family practice. As soon as our daughter was born, however, together we made the decision for Tracey to stay home with her, and Tracey has never looked back. Our daughter, who we affectionately call 'B', is her greatest joy, and you can just see that she doesn't want to miss a minute of her growing up.

Tracey serves at church, and is involved in the women's ministry. B tags right along, and loves going to church--usually, walking in as if she owns the place--as only a 3 year old can do!

Tracey is the person God gave me to share life with, and to raise our children together. We are so blessed to have her as wife and Mommy!

Our Life Together...

'Our life together...' Image

We have a very special relationship...we are best friends, and share an unconditional love for one another. We know that God created us for each other and are eternally grateful that He did! We have been through joyful, as well as tearful times, always holding each other's hands through good and through bad. Becoming parents, however, has transformed our relationship in a more special way than either of us could have ever dreamed.

We enjoy spending time as a family, hosting friends and family for cookouts, pool parties, and holiday meals, going to baseball games (and a little football), and just being outdoors. We recently took our first vacation alone since our daughter was born. We really enjoyed the beach, but we both agreed...there's no place we love more than being at home as a family!

Our Promise

'Our Promise' Image

Your Baby will know the story about the unconditional love and sacrifice you gave in finding the perfect parents for her/him. We will always make certain that this Baby knows the precious gift that he/she is to the world, and to our family!

We are prepared to give your Child everything that we have to give. Not only giving our unconditional love, forever and always, but, also providing him/her every opportunity to succeed and to flourish in life. We are blessed to be able to provide full medical care and a college education, and we will vow to provide this for your Child.

We are committed to each other in life and are committed to being loving parents to your Child. We will support and nurture her/his spiritual, physical, mental and educational growth. We will bring your Child up teaching and modeling our faith, morals and values.

Faith, Family and Home are first and foremost in our lives. Our entire family is thrilled to welcome this new life, and will love your Child with all their hearts. We have so many people who will support our family and help us along the way. Big Sister Brantley can't wait until she has a little baby sister or brother...And, the grandparents promise to totally spoil and adore this special baby!

Until We Meet...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our profile, and hopefully to see a peak inside our family's life together.

We pray for you in making your decision, and will be anxiously, but patiently , waiting to see what God brings to our life and to yours. We hope that you will have peace, be healthy and well. Hoping to meet you soon!

From our Hearts,

Matthew, Tracey & Brantley

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