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Kyle + Amanda

Words cannot express the deep-felt gratitude we have for you taking the time to learn about us and consider us as a family for your child. You are on a very courageous journey and before we share a little about ourselves, we want you to know how much we admire your strength. We have been a part of this journey with our son's Birth mother and we have seen first-hand what a selfless decision this is and all the love it takes. We are so humbled by it. Please know that if you choose us to parent your child we will provide a home and family filled with unconditional love, joy and laughter.

Our Story

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We met in graduate school when we were randomly assigned to the same group project. We instantly clicked and started dating shortly after meeting. It didn't take long for us to both know that we would be together forever. A year after we started dating, Kyle proposed and we were married later that year. We've been married for over ten years and our love keeps getting stronger.

We wanted to start a family shortly after we got married and after learning we were unable to conceive, we decided adoption would be the way we expanded our family. We were blessed to be chosen by our son's Birth mother and were able to adopt our son, Knox, in 2014. Watching him grow, develop, and experience life as a family has been our greatest joy. We are ready to expand our family again. We can't wait to experience the joy of another child and share our love with him or her.

About Kyle

Kyle is confident, clever, and charming! He always knows how to make me laugh and put a smile on my face. He truly can light up a room in an instant and he is so full of life! Kyle is very generous and has so much love to give. He leads by example and is extremely supportive. Kyle is also a hard worker. He takes providing for his family very seriously and it's definitely one of the wonderful traits he got from his Dad. Last, Kyle is a fantastic Dad. His love for Knox and the joy they share with each other is incredible. It's always fun to watch Knox get excited when he sees Dad is home! Kyle makes the most of every minute he has with Knox. ~ Amanda

Quick Facts about Kyle:

  • I grew up in a small town in Central Texas.
  • I am Vice President at a University.
  • I am very numbers oriented and love being around people.
  • I love to travel, especially to the beach and the Caribbean is my favorite.
  • Listening to music helps me wake up and puts me in a good mood in the morning.
  • I am avid sports fan. College teams are my favorite, but I enjoy professional too.
  • My friends say I am very generous, giving, and loyal.

About Amanda

Amanda is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, and most patient person I know. She has a wonderful sense of humor, incredible passion, and tremendous empathy. She loves family and friends and makes sure we spend as much time as possible with everyone. She brings us all together even if it's only to share a meal or catch up. Her primary goal in life has been to be a mother and she is so enthusiastic about expanding our family. She is such a wonderful and committed mom. I look forward to coming home every day to hear about Amanda and Knox's activities and to see what she has taught him. She is an amazing mother. -- Kyle

Quick Facts about Amanda:

  • I love being able to stay home with Knox.
  • I love music and going to concerts.
  • I'm a numbers girl and worked in finance before I became a mom.
  • I love to volunteer!
  • Saying I love to read is an understatement.
  • I'm a firm believer that we're all put on this Earth for a special reason and that God has a plan for us. Some days it may be harder to understand, but there is a reason for everything.

About Knox

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Knox is 2, born in 2014, and is constantly on the move! He loves puzzles, trips to the park, animals, musical instruments (especially the drums!), climbing, reading, and airplanes. Our typical week includes a Mommy and Me Music Class, playdates with our friends, story time at the library, and lots of time playing outside! He loves playing with other children and we know he will be a loving big brother!

We have an open relationship with Knox's Birth Mother and remain in contact with her. We were at Knox's birth and have visited his Birth Mother and siblings twice. It is important to us that Knox understands how much his Birth Mother loves him and the high esteem we hold her in.

Time As A Family

Spending time together as a family is very important to us. We love going to the beach, visiting our extended family and friends, traveling, attending concerts, game nights, cooking, and cheering on our favorite teams. We also love to travel and explore new places together. We like to visit zoos, children's museums, and aquariums and attend baseball or basketball games when we travel.

Our Home And Community

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We moved from Texas to Florida three years ago and absolutely love it. Our home is very kid friendly and has plenty of room for our expanding family. One of the things we love most about our community is our wonderful neighbors and all of their children. Our street is very quiet so all of the children play together in the front yard. We also have multiple parks, trails, and ponds right in our neighborhood, so there are plenty of places for our children to expend their energy and just have fun.

We are lucky to have a major University in our town that allows us to be a part of a large extended family. We get to attend fun events that range from football games to concerts to plays. Our town's proximity to Disneyworld, several major cities, and to the beautiful beaches in Florida allows us to be within driving distance of so many fun family activities. Even though we moved, our families have visited often. It has given us a new place to explore and build wonderful memories.

We also share our home with our dog, Gus.

Our Promise

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We Promise You

  • We promise to love, support, and guide your child towards whatever makes him or her happy.
  • We promise to make education a priority and ensure learning is fun!
  • We promise to give lots of hugs, kisses, and say I love you.
  • We promise to put your child first in all we do.
  • We promise to protect them, respect them, and give them room to grow.
  • We promise to bake cookies, build sand castles, play games, and have plenty of play times with other kids.
  • We promise to provide them with a spiritual foundation and values.
  • We promise to let them be kids.
  • We promise to take bubble baths, read bedtime stories, and always include you in our night time prayers.

We hope you know that we will love your child unconditionally and share you and their adoption story with them. He or she will always know what a blessing you are to us and feel the gratitude we have for you and the gift you have given us. We pray you are able to make a decision you are at peace with. We know any decision you make will be what is best for you and your child. Thank you again for getting to know us and we would love to visit with you more.

With Love, Kyle, Amanda, and Knox

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