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Kevin + Marcy

Love, kindness, faith, and courage are core values in our family. These are also the values that we admire in you as you consider what is best for your child. We pray that your journey and decision bring peace and blessings to you and your child. We hope that our words and pictures give you a glimpse into our life and show our excitement to grow our family.

Our Family

'Our Family' Image

Hi! We are Kevin and Marcy. Jack and Gavin are our two adventurous sons and our greatest blessings. Our family also includes Izzy, our sweet and spunky little dog, Sammy, our curious and sometimes mischievous cat, and Bailey, our crazy and loving puppy.....and yes, our dogs and cat get along and hang out together! We can't wait to add another blessing to our family!

We love our family movie nights and family dinners where we cook though is definitely not Marcy's best talent! Sports and being outdoors are a big part of our family. Between the four of us we swim, ski, run, bike, hike and play tennis, golf, lacrosse, football, water polo, baseball, and basketball. We love being active and we are the loudest cheerers at a sporting event! We also enjoy going to plays and concerts together. Gavin sings and plays the guitar and Jack plays the trumpet. Kevin and Marcy also love music, wish they played an instrument, and love to sing but mostly in the car and thankfully alone!

We just love being together. We especially enjoy celebrating birthdays and holidays with our extended family. Kevin has two older brothers and Marcy has one younger brother. Together, Jack and Gavin have eight cousins, two grandmothers that love to spoil them, and two grandfathers watching over them from heaven. Although our extended family doesn't live in our town, they all live within a few hours and we always get together for holidays and weekend family celebrations. Our home is always filled with love, laughter, and joy. Family is our number one priority.

We first met in college when we were 18 years old. We began dating, fell in love, and have been married for 20 years. We are best friends and life partners. We love skiing, traveling and just hanging out together; we especially enjoy having friends and family over for barbecues and celebrations. We strive to be life-long learners and are committed to giving back to our community both near and far. Education, fitness, learning how to be a better person every day, and sharing our blessings with others are very important in our family.

We have always wanted a bigger family and our sons are so very excited to be big brothers. Jack and Gavin will be the ultimate big brothers who give endless love, joy, fun and guidance to a little sister or brother. Our faith and our hope to grow our family have led us to adoption. We are incredibly excited to have another laughing and smiling child to share in our love and joy.

A Few Of Our Family Traditions:

-Turkey Trot (5k run/walk) with family and friends on Thanksgiving morning (We run in Superhero costumes!)

-Seeing a play or musical in New York City the day after Thanksgiving

-Family Adventure Vacations (We love to travel! Iceland and Peru have been two of our favorite adventures together.)

-Skiing together every year with family and friends at our ski home

-Big birthday celebrations and special birthday breakfasts in bed (Marcy loves planning birthday parties!)

-Family movie nights with lots of popcorn Kevin's Words

Marcy is my soul mate. Among the words I would use to describe my better half: incredibly smart, hard-working, loving, and enthusiastic about art, sports, and music. Marcy especially enjoys playing tennis, coaching girls lacrosse, and spending time with family and friends. Not surprisingly, this list of qualities makes Marcy not only a great mom and wife, but also a great doctor. Although she has stopped practicing full time to spend more time with our sons, she still sees patients a couple of days a month at a medical clinic that serves underprivileged communities. I love it that my wife has both the skill to really help those in need and the heart to do it simply for the joy of giving back. Marcy is deeply spiritual, and her kindness is most on display in her day-to-day actions - my wife is a truly good person.

Marcy also serves as the quarterback of both our immediate family and her extended family. She's always the one organizing adventurous vacations and big family gatherings. Marcy even makes hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 35 people seem easy! Her first priority though is raising our sons to be thoughtful, caring, healthy, and good people. She always encourages our sons to believe in themselves and to try new things, and she teaches them that through hard work and perseverance their dreams can come true. Marcy loves being a mom and celebrating the many blessings of family and life together.

Marcy's Best Mom Kevin, Jack, and Gavin's words:

-Your best cheerleader in life

-Gives an entirely new level of meaning to being "dependable" and "caring." It is great to have a mom and a wife who is also a doctor...Marcy always takes such good care of us!

-Loves us with all her heart and shows it every day; "I love you more than you can ever imagine!" is Marcy's favorite expression followed by smothering us with hugs and kisses

-The best planner of fun; Marcy will make it happen & in a BIG way...birthday parties, vacations to far away places, and surprise "Mom & Me" days together

-Creates a home that is safe, warm, and fun for our family; Marcy designed our home and it is so awesome for family gatherings and hanging out together with friends; Marcy is in the process of designing our ski home in Utah which will the ultimate place of family fun!

-Sets the best example of planning ahead, giving back to our community, and learning something new every day; Marcy is high energy and her energy is always focused on helping her family, friends, neighbors, and community.

Kevin... In Marcy's Words

'Kevin... in Marcy's Words' Image

Generous, intelligent, hard-working, dependable, and fun all describe Kevin. I have never met anyone with as much zeal and love of life! And this zeal is contagious. Kevin can make even the most mundane tasks fun and interesting.

Kevin is my best friend and my constant supporter. Even though we have known each other for more than half our lives, Kevin continues to surprise me with romantic date nights. Kevin is always full of fun surprises; he even proposed to me underwater when we were scuba diving together! Kevin's positive and energetic personality motivates others to appreciate the moment and encourages others to be curious about the next life adventure that may lie around the corner. And he gives the best bear hugs... and often!

Kevin has so many admirable qualities and accomplishments. He is a successful financial investor, a loyal friend, a relentless marathon runner, an avid reader, an enthusiastic youth baseball coach, and a dedicated mentor of business school students. Everyone loves hanging out with Kevin!

Kevin's most impressive accomplishment though and his number one priority is being an amazing father. I am often awed by Kevin's patience when he helps our sons with their homework while also making learning fun. Kevin is a loving protector and provider; our sons know every day that they are loved and will always be loved by their father. Kevin is the most awesome dad who fills every day with love, laughter, learning, adventure, and fun!

Kevin's Best Dad Marcy, Jack, and Gavin's words:

-The first to give you praise, congratulate you with a big hug, and celebrate your success

-An avid reader that inspires others to read and learn; Kevin is so smart and knows something about everything! (Yes, he usually wins at games like Trivial Pursuit!) It is so awesome to have Kevin as a dad and as a husband because he usually knows the answer to most questions, and if he doesn't, he always takes the time to figure out the answer and help us.

-Teaches us something new every day, including funny silly jokes. Kevin is so witty and funny that he makes our stomachs hurt from laughing so much!

-Sets the best example of staying fit through a healthy diet and exercise; Kevin has run eight marathons!

-Always tells us how much he loves us and always makes us feel loved, protected, and safe. There is never a day that goes by that Kevin doesn't tell us "I love you...A LOT!"

-So in the moment...and so fun and enthusiastic about life!

Our Sons

Our two boys, Jack and Gavin, were born fourteen months apart and are now 16 and 15 years old. They are good natured, smart, caring, and fun-loving children, and both are thrilled about having a little brother or sister join the family. Jack can't wait to teach his little brother or sister how to dribble and shoot a basketball and how to tell the funniest jokes. Gavin insists that our family needs another guitarist. and can't wait to have a partner to play jokes on Jack. Jack and Gavin have big hearts and have asked us for years to grow our family. Jack and Gavin will be amazing big brothers and will provide endless amounts of fun, support, love, and adventure for a younger brother or sister!


-Smart, witty, and so very funny. Jack can find humor in most anything.

-Realist. Honest and loyal. Jack calls it like it is.

-Gives the best unexpected hugs...although at 6 ft 5 inches and still growing, Jack's hugs almost knock you over!


-Loves learning and is an amazing teacher of what he has learned.

-Creative, thoughtful, and responsible.

-Adventurous and full of zeal; the best celebrator of anything and everything!

Our Home

'Our Home' Image

Our home has lots of room for lots of fun! Our home has many bedrooms and large comfortable family rooms which make extended family gatherings and sleepovers easy. We live in a close-knit neighborhood with parks, great schools, and fun activities for families. We can walk or bike to everything in our town and we are close to a major city where we go to plays and concerts. Jack and Gavin are always excited to bike to our neighborhood's ice cream shop, baseball fields, pool, and beach. We also love walking our dog on the golf course near our house. Playing ping pong in our playroom and jamming on guitars and drums in our music room are also a blast, literally! Our home's front and back doors are constantly open as neighborhood kids come by to play soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and whiffle ball in our backyard. It is difficult to keep the popsicles and drinks stocked, but we love having our home as a gathering place for friends and family!

Thank You

'Thank You ' Image

Words cannot express our admiration and appreciation of you. Please know that if you choose our family to be part of your family that we will honor and cherish you and your child. Education, faith, and family are priorities in our home; your child will have two parents and two older brothers who will surround your child with endless love, support, encouragement, and joy. Your child will always be loved, will know that he or she is loved unconditionally, and will be taught to love.

Our Promises To You:

*We promise to always love you and your child. The story of how your child became part of our family will always include your courage and love. He or she will always know that you wanted the best for him or her, and through your love, he or she became a gift of love to our family.

*We promise to provide the absolute best education. We promise to enroll him or her in schools that suport their talents and interests and help them learn in a caring environment. We also promise lots of travel, activities, support, and encouragement so that he or she has roots and wings to follow thier dreams!

*We promise to teach the importance of health and fitness so he or she grows up healthy both physically and emotionally.

*We promise to instill the lessons of love and Christianity. He or she will learn about God's grace and love, and learn to embrace others with love and kindness.

*We promise that he or she will grow up in a loving community. It takes a family and a village to raise a healthy and happy child. He or she will be surrounded by a community of caring friends and extended family.

*We promise that he or she will know and feel that our love and his or her big brothers' love is unconditional and forever. He or she will always be surrounded by joy, laughter, adventure, and the love and adoration of two parents and two brothers.

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rain fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

With much love and admiration,

Kevin, Marcy, Jack & Gavin

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