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Kevin + Courtney

More than anything we want to acknowledge how much we respect and admire your loving decision to consider an adoption plan for your child. It demonstrates your unconditional love for them. Most of all, thank you for choosing life! We recognize for us to become parents another person will have to make a tremendous sacrifice. That sacrifice is not something we take for granted. If you choose to pursue an adoption plan, our hope is that you become an integral part of our family and that this child knows they are being raised by a community of people who will love them unconditionally. In making your decision, we would love for you to get to know us better! We desire to hear your hopes and dreams for your future and what you long for in life. You matter so very much to us.


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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to share a little bit about us through the pages of our profile. We hope this offers you a glimpse into our life, both the good and hard parts.

We are grateful you have been led to our story and wish you strength and peace as you navigate your journey.

Why We Want To Adopt

For several years we have experienced infertility. We have considered adoption for awhile now and feel like this is the path we are supposed to pursue. Being able to open our home and hearts to foster children in their time of need, has given us much more appreciation for the blessings that life has given us.

Where It Began

We were high school sweethearts with many plans for our future. Those plans consisted of completing school, getting married, own a home, start a family and live the all-American dream. After dating for two years, we became engaged and married in 2005. More than 15 years later, we are still happily married, have a nice home in a small town, and both have great careers but there's still a huge part of our lives (and our hearts) missing...a child to share each day with! As crazy as it may sound, our 15 years of battling with infertility along with 4 years of caring for a dozen foster children, we have a whole new understanding and care for one another. The most important thing we have learned is faith will always make a way even when there seems to be no way. We just learn to be patient.

Meet My Wife Courtney

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Courtney is the most driven, honest, hardworking, reliable person I have ever met. She thrives on doing what she can for anyone that asks or needs her help. She works a full time job, sometimes until 7 o'clock at night, and comes home with a smile. She also has a loves for the outdoors. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty by fishing and hunting with me every chance she gets. Courtney is the type of person that is very competitive. No matter what we are doing together, she will make it a competition (and she WILL NOT lose)! We have been married for 13 wonderful years and I look forward to the lifetime we have together.

More About Courtney

Some of my hobbies include embroidery, sewing, home decorating, and couponing. You could compare my "she shed" to the ones you may have seen on the show "Extreme Couponing". I love trying new recipes and crafting ideas that I come across. I admit, Pinterest and Amazon are both an addiction of mine! I also love to be outdoors as much as possible. I love working in our flower beds, gardening a vegetable garden, camping, and sitting around the bonfire sharing stories with our family. I also have had an increased interest in hunting and fishing in the last few years. It's something Kevin enjoys and we can do it together as we make many memories. I would have to say, there isn't much I don't enjoy doing!

Meet My Husband Kevin

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There's so much to say about Kevin, I'm just not sure where to begin! He has been my best friend since I was 17 years old. Kevin has been there for me through thick and thin, no matter what the situation is. He is full of life and has the best energy. He rarely complains, even when I ask him to help with something around the house. He will randomly call or text me just say "I love you", which makes my heart skip a beat every time.. We share many of the same qualities and interest, which makes life that much more enjoyable together. Many qualities of Kevin's will make him a great father! outgoing. fun loving . hardworking I have a love for hunting and fishing. Even if the fish aren't biting, I love to be out on the boat. I also enjoy gardening even though eating the vegetables, I leave to Courtney! I would say I am an all around "do-it yourself" kind of guy. I have done everything from plumbing, electrical, painting, woodworking, carpentry, welding and refinishing floors. If Courtney finds something that needs to be fixed around the house, I can usually take care of it. Because of the skills I have learned, I was able to redo everything in our home from the bathroom to the kitchen, which saved us a lot of money!

Our Home And Community

We live in a cozy, three bedroom cottage/acadian style home. We have a beautiful, fenced in back yard where our three fur babies enjoy running and playing. Our home is already child-proofed as we were home to eleven foster children in the last several years. The city we live in is a small, quiet town where the neighborhoods are extremely kid friendly. We live less than a mile from the local schools and parks. The home we currently live in is directly across the street from the house Courtney's mother was born and raised in. We often reminisce about her childhood and enjoy sharing our stories of our growing up years.

Our Fur Babies

We have three dogs which we treat like children. Our oldest is a Jack Russell Terrier, Jolie, who we have raised since she was six weeks old. She is now thirteen. We also have a English Bulldog, Uga, that is six years old. She's a big, snuggly teddy bear! Then we have a two year old Yellow Labrador Retriever named Roux. He is Kevin's big baby! In Kevin's spare time, he enjoys training Roux to hunt ducks and also competes with her in local hunter/retriever trials. We also have two Beta Fish. We got the Beta Fish when we had a previous foster child. He still comes over to visit and always checks on his fish. I guess there's no getting rid of the fish .

Our Families

As much as Courtney loves her career in the medical field because it gives her a sense of accomplishment, it also gives her work/family balance. She works four days a week. That allows her to have every Friday through Sunday off to spend time with family and friends. Courtney is the oldest child and has one sister who recently got married and moved to a suburb in Texas. Her family is small but is very close knit. Her father lives a few blocks away from us and visits almost everyday. Her mother lives two hours away, but comes to visit once or twice a month. Courtney's parents are both retired teachers who molded her into the person she is today.

Kevin has a very small family as he is an only child. He was raised by his grandparents who are now deceased. We have many close friends that have become family to us. We enjoy having get-togethers in our home where we often cook good 'ole Cajun food, such as crawfish, shrimp, gumbo, boudin'', cracklins, pig roast, etoufee, oysters, rice and gravy. We gather so we all can enjoy each others company. The local culture is "everyone treats each other as family". All of our friend's children refer to Kevin as "uncle Kevin" because he tends to create a close bond with them. He just has a way with kids.

Our Hearts

'Our hearts' Image

We can imagine that throughout this process you will have many questions, fears and unknowns. We are both far from perfect, but we have learned to embrace it all with a smile.

Equally so, there are certain things we can promise to you and your child. We promise to create a home that nurtures and fosters creativity and acceptance. We promise to face the challenges of parenthood with positive reinforcement and greet each day with new beginnings and thankfulness. We promise to provide a fun and safe household where your child will always feel loved. We promise to live the best versions of ourselves as we possibly can. We will teach your child the same.

We hope you follow your heart through this difficult decision and find what you imagine for your child. If you choose us to parent your child, you will always be known in our home and spoken about on a daily basis. We are more than ready to take the next step and excited by the possibilities of being able to share it with you in whatever way makes you feel comfortable.

With deep admiration,

Courtney and Kevin

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