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Kevin + Cagney

Hello, we are Kevin & Cagney and would love to share our story with you. We've been married for thirteen years and are so excited to be on the adoption journey and look forward to expanding our family. Kevin was adopted as a teen and we understand what a truly special and selfless gift adoption is for everyone involved. We can't wait to welcome a baby into our home and are so grateful to the person who will make this possible. We've been blessed with each other along with wonderful families and we want to share these blessings with a child.

Warm Greetings To You

We are Kevin & Cagney and want to thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to share our story with you. We are so excited to be on the adoption journey and look forward to expanding our family. We hope to provide you with a picture of who we are and what life with our family would be like for your baby. We met in a computer class during Kevin's senior year of high school and became great friends during the year before we began dating, shortly before his graduation. We were engaged a year later and after a yearlong engagement, we were married at a lodge in a nearby state park. Over our thirteen year marriage there have been many changes but our love and friendship has remained constant.

About Kevin By Cagney

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Kevin has been my husband for thirteen years and my best friend for fifteen years. It is always a relief to know at the end of a difficult day that I can go home and feel better because he is there with me. He brings out the best in me (compassion and patience), helps temper the worst (stubbornness and shyness), and is honest even when it is difficult. He is a wonderful partner who balances the everyday chores, I usually cook during the week and he on the weekends, I handle finances (his least favorite) and he cleans the toilets (my least favorite).

I know without a doubt that Kevin will be an amazing father and will show our children how to be a loving, kind, charitable person through the examples he sets. Kevin and our nephews love spending time together, fishing and riding ATV's. He has an easy-going, fun, welcoming personality that always makes people feel comfortable.

Kevin's favorite activities are hunting, fishing, and camping although deer season is more of an obsession than a hobby. He love the outdoors especially summer camping trips and hiking during fall foliage season. He also likes going to the movies, our Friday night Wii battles, and lazy Sunday afternoon's with the family after feasting on his Mom's lasagna & manicotti. Kevin is an equipment operator for a local environmental services company where he has worked for fifteen years. His job is perfect for him since he stays busy and gets to work outdoors, boredom and being stuck inside are his biggest dislikes.

About Cagney By Kevin

Cagney is my best friend and the love of my life. She finds the positive in life when things do not go as planned and helps me laugh when the minor disasters occur, like the hot water heater flooding the hall the day we moved into our new house and more than a few instances of us going the wrong direction during vacations.

Cagney will be a wonderful mother and I know our relationship will continue to grow stronger with an addition to our family. She is always there to offer me support and encouragement, that support will be even greater for our child. Our nephews & niece mean the world to her and they know they can always count on her whenever they need anything.

Reading is a constant hobby for Cagney and her mom has said nothing motivated her more as a kid then the threat to take her books away. She loves to cook, especially something new or when we cook together, and Thanksgiving is a huge event in our home. Autumn is her favorite season and she makes a pre-Thanksgiving meal in early October and again on Thanksgiving Eve. Cagney works as a financial crimes analyst for a local bank where she's been employed for ten years and loves having a job that is so interesting.

Our Interests

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We share many of the same interests and definitely bring out the nerd in each other. Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings movie marathons are common for us as is binge watching some of our favorite old TV shows like X-Files. That along with our mutual love of the outdoors and traveling is one of the reasons we have remained a strong team throughout our relationship. We love spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and fishing. We frequently camp at nearby lakes from April - October, usually just the two of us and extended family trips a couple of times each year.

Kevin looks forward to archery season for whitetail deer hunting every year while Cagney enjoys spending her mornings sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee or tea and a good book, one of the many reasons why autumn is our favorite time of year.

Traveling is a favorite for us both especially to national & state parks. Washington State is our favorite vacation destination since we can enjoy Mount Rainier, the Pacific Ocean, and the wonderfully quirky city of Seattle. We are also history buffs and like visiting large museums as well as small local museums.

Our Family's Future

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Kevin was adopted as a teen and we understand what a truly special and selfless gift adoption is for everyone involved. We can't wait to welcome a baby into our home and are so grateful to the person who will make this possible. We've been blessed with each other along with wonderful families and we want to share these blessings with a child.

We will raise our child in a warm, fun, and loving home and offer as many opportunities as available. We grew up in a small rural area and we plan to take our child on yearly vacations to various areas of the country so that they can experience different lifestyles. When we are blessed with a child we plan to work together in the morning getting him/her ready for the day, we have selected a Christian daycare in the city where I work so I will take the baby there before I go to work. We don't have to work weekends so we will have weekday mornings/evenings and all day Saturday & Sunday to spend with our family. We plan to adopt again in a few years as we know how special it can be to have siblings.

Family & Friends


I am fortunate to have a supportive caring family that is so happy about the addition of another family member. My older sister lives an hour away which is great because I get to spend lots of time with her and her three sons. We love getting together at our parent's house to play games and fish at the river near their home. My older brother lives in a suburb of Washington D.C. with his wife, three sons, and one daughter which means we only get to see them once or twice year but also gives us a great place to stay for vacations. I owe much of who I am to my mother and grandmother who are both strong and independent women. My dad loves being a grandfather, getting to spoil his grandkids, and tell them all of his outrageous stories.


I was adopted into my family when I was fifteen and gained wonderful parents, a brother who was the same age, and a younger sister. Since then I've also gained four amazing nephews who range in age from 5 to 10. They all live within an hour's drive and we visit them regularly, most often during our weekly Sunday dinners. I love spending time with my nephews and trying to out talk my brother. We spend a lot of time outside riding ATV's around their home and playing games. My parents are the best people I know and have always given me unconditional love and support. They are beyond excited about having another grandchild running around the house and are already arguing over who will get to hold him or her first.

Our Faith

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We are both Christians and have attended church regularly since we were children. We believe Jesus guides us throughout our lives with knowledge of the right decisions, forgiveness when the wrong choices are made, and comfort during hardships. As a couple we have attended several churches of various denominations while searching for the one that would offer us the most spiritual growth. We are more concerned with our child learning about Christianity/morals then a specific doctrine.

Thank You

Thank You for reading our story. We will do everything we can to be good parents and will always put our child's well-being as our first priority. Our families are almost as excited as we are about expanding our family and we promise our child will always be loved unconditionally. Adoption is giving us this incredible opportunity and we will be forever grateful and appreciative of this gift. We can only imagine what a difficult decision this is and wish you all the best in whatever you may decide.


Cagney & Kevin

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