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Joshua + Mako

Lovely to meet you. Thank you for taking your time to read our profile. We understand and respect that you have come to make the decision to have an adoption plan because you love your child. We know the decision is not easy. We believe that you are a very special person. Whether you choose us to be the parents of your child or not we know that you are making the choice that you feel in your heart is right. We are very excited about the possibility to welcome you and your precious baby into our life.

Our Story

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We met in September, 2002 at a party on a beach in Hawaii. Mako was attending school at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Joshua was serving in the United States Air Force. We had friends that were dating each other at the time. Joshua knew he had found the girl of his dreams the day Mako made him a traditional Japanese dinner called Sukiyaki. We dated for a little over 3 years before we got married in Hawaii.

Since we have been married we have lived in Hawaii, Maryland, and Texas. We settled in Texas after Joshua was honorably discharged after 15 years of service in the Air Force.

Why We Are Choosing Adoption

We have wanted children since we got married, but having children naturally did not happen. We have tried some medical interventions including in vitro fertilization but they were unsuccessful. And we decided not to pursure more treatments. Now that we are both in our mid-thirties, we think that the best option for us to have a complete family is through adoption. We know that our child is waiting for us just as we are waiting for him or her.

Our Lifestyle

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We have a lot of fun together. Our favorite memories together are when we are both experiencing something for the first time. We love to try new things, and get pretty silly sometimes. We like to collect frog souvenirs from places we visit.

We have visited Tokyo twice. We drove from California to Florida in one summer. We have toured many museums and have seen many historical sites. Now, we are ready to see more new things with our baby boy or girl.

About Mako

Birth place: Japan

College: University of Hawaii Education: Bachelors Degree in Second Language Studies

Occupation: Store Manager

Interests: Japanese manga and anime, ancient history, travel, & animals

About my Wife, by Joshua

Mako is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. She is very shy to new people, but once she makes connection she loves to joke and chat about her hobbies. Mako has a great laugh and loves watching comedies. She thinks every animal she sees is cute. She will be a very thoughtful and supportive mother. She has a very strong family background and believes a peaceful home is the most important element of a good life.

About Joshua

Birth Place: Texas

College: University of North Texas

Education: Masters Degree in Public Administration

Occupation: 9-1-1 Special Projects Coordinator

Interests: watching sports, outdoors adventures, batman comics, & star wars

About my Husband - by Mako

Joshua is the most considerate person I have ever known. He is always on my side and knows how to make me relaxed when I am feeling stressed or worried. He has great sense of humor and makes me laugh everyday. It's really fun to watch him play with his nieces. He is very active on his days off. He takes me camping and fishing. We also go watch sporting events. He will be a fantastic father!!

Our Parenting Philosophy

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We believe it is important for a parent to be available for their child as much as possible in the first few years, so Mako will be a stay-at-home mom until Pre-K.

We intend our parenting style to be one in which we support growth and self-discovery by exposing our child to science, art, music and cultures early in life. We want our child to choose their own path in life, but also have as much information about the world as we can practically provide. Right now, we do not see our future family as a "sports family" or a "music family". We just do not know yet. We cannot wait to find out what kind of person our child will choose to be.


Let us introduce our Fur Baby. His name is Ace. He is a medium size Papillon (17 lbs). We adopted him in Maryland in 2006.

He is a very smart, friendly and healthy doggy for his age. He loves to play with people and chase balls around the house.

Our Home

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We recently moved into our 3-bedroom house in a cute neighborhood in Texas. It has a big family room and a study. The kitchen and dining area is made for hosting family gatherings; the table can seat up to 10. We have already prepared the nursery room for a boy or a girl. Our neighborhood has a community pool and several parks and playgrounds. The closest elementary school is about a half mile away.

Thank You

In closing, we know you have a huge decision to make. We know that however you choose, you make the choice with love and hope. We are happy to have this opportunity to share some of our life story with you. We are very excited about the possibility to welcome you and your precious baby into our life.

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