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Josh + Holly

As you determine your adoption plan, we can't imagine how difficult and how much courage it must take to be the champion for your child considering his/her possible home and future. We're looking to share our love and lives with another child in our family. We would love to be the champion for this child everyday no matter what life brings! We aspire to mold him/her to have the same courage and selflessness you're demonstrating now. Perhaps we were meant to find each other? We're praying for you that you have a peace in the decision you are led to make.

How Josh Thinks Of Holly

'How Josh Thinks of Holly' Image

I sure love that blonde haired, blued eyed West Texas girl. I tell her she's like a sparkler - fun to hold and pretty to look at. She claims to be on the more serious side but she can zing you with a funny wisecrack that you won't see coming. She is one of the most humble hard working people I know. She's not in it for herself and would prefer not to get recognition for what she does for others. She's appreciative for what she has and doesn't need 'fancy' to make her happy.

My favorite thing about her is how much she loves being a mom. You'll often find her on a weekend night letting Micah be her stylist, applying her make-up and braiding her hair. She's also the mom yelling on the soccer side lines encouraging her girl to be aggressive.

She strives to do what's right and is determined to mold our daughter to have the same values and moral character. I'm proud to call her my wife and the mother of my child. Any addition to our family is already blessed to have her as his/her mom.

How Holly Thinks Of Josh

'How Holly Thinks of Josh' Image

Josh and I are opposites and just the right match for each other. I'm the planner. I get us places on time and he's the reason we have fun on the journey. He cooks where as I'm pretty lost in the kitchen. Sometimes my personality is more serious where he's the one cracking jokes and I adore him for it. He's a bit louder to my quiet. He'll belt out lyrics (even if they're wrong) and I'm more of the chuckle and observe type. I'm so glad he encourages me to 'jump in' instead of overthinking. Life is more fun because he's in it. He's slow to anger and quick to forgive. He's loyal and always has his family and friends' backs.

My favorite thing about him is his love and faithfulness to us. I can't imagine there's anyone who loves being a hands on dad more than Josh. He takes Micah on dates including her favorite - Daddy Daughter Dances when he brings her flowers. He loves BIG and will do anything to keep his girls happy. We're lucky he's ours and whoever joins our family will be lucky to be loved by him.

Our Home And Neighborhood

Our house is less than 1/2 a mile from the closest elementary school. The neighborhood pool (we visit it a lot) and play area is about a mile away. You will find lots of neighborhood kids using the bike trails and fishing in the pond. We live in a suburb so we have the bonus of being away from the busy city life but we are close enough to enjoy the many attractions it holds.

Our Careers

Josh and Holly have both been in education for more than 15 years. Both love what they do and feel that it is most definitely their calling. A bonus is getting to have the same breaks and summers off together as a family. An even bigger bonus is that Micah gets to go to school/work with one of her parents. She loves being a 'staff kid' and playing after school during clean up or being a helper during Daddy's Field Day.

Our Adventures

'Our Adventures' Image

Sometimes our adventures are big like this summer we went on the biggest one to date. We took a trip to California. Our week was filled with a dip in the ocean, time at Disneyland and a day at Universal Studios. We can't wait to plan our next trip.

Other times our adventures are things like waking up early on a Saturday morning and going to iHop in our jammies.

Our Promise To You

'Our Promise to You ' Image

For us, being Mommy and Daddy is the greatest blessing in life. Our dream is to add more joy with another child. We promise to celebrate birthdays and adoption day and continue to live our best lives with time together during game nights, movie nights, and trips.

Micah can't wait to be a big sister and promises to happily do the duties that entails- cuddling, protecting, watching out for, and playing with her sibling.

There is nothing more important to us than family. We vow a lifetime of support and unconditional love. We promise to honor your amazing gift and our relationship with you.

Thank you again for considering us,

Josh, Holly and Micah

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