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Josh + Angie

We were both born and raised in Texas, Josh is from the country and Angie is from the city. We met at a high school football game 14 years ago and started dating a few months later. We were college sweethearts and two days after Angie graduated college Josh proposed and were married in January of 2009. We both came from large families and love to spend time with them at every opportunity. We were blessed with our son Ethan in October 2015 but Angie had medical issues after the birth. We knew that adoption was our next step and are excited to complete our little family.

About Josh

'About Josh' Image

Occupation: Network Engineer

Favorite Place: The movies

Can't live without: Music

What Angie has to say:

Josh is an amazing person and a wonderful daddy! He is always up for an adventure and loves playing with Ethan. He is caring and so thoughtful. He is active, loves the outdoors and any sport. He is a huge Cowboys fan which is great because so am I, and he loves to have all our family and friends over to watch the game together. He is also a Star Wars lover just like me and we really enjoy our Star Wars Sunday tradition we started the past few years. He enjoys listening to music and watching movies. Josh always puts his family first and we know we are his top priority!

About Angie

'About Angie' Image

Occupation: Event Planner

Favorite Place: Any museum

Can't live without: Laughter

What Josh has to say:

Angie is the fuel to our family. She gives us all the drive to make the day as great as we can. She is the best mother I could ask for our little man. She is always on alert for anything and everything. She's an amazing cook and makes everyone's home life easier. She enjoys our super hero movie days just as much as our Star Wars Sundays. Iron Man is her favorite by far. Angie has the biggest heart and makes sure we have everything we need.

About Ethan

Ethan is our sweet little boy who was born in October 2015. Right now he loves going outside and playing with the puppies. We are in swim classes since we go to Babo and MomMom's house every Sunday to swim with Angie's family. He really does love Star Wars Sunday; this was one of the first movies he actually sat down to watch with mommy and daddy. He loves to play with his friends as well as his cousins every weekend.

Our Dogs

'Our Dogs' Image

We have two great dogs, both Catahoula Leopards named Luke and Mara Jade. We have had Luke since 2009 and Jade since 2010. They are still full of energy, but are so great with Ethan. He is Jade's baby and she loves on him all the time while Luke is our Lassie dog who comes running anytime Ethan makes a noise. They are a part of our family and we love them so much.

Our Home

We bought our home in the city 5 years ago and love our quiet old neighborhood. We love hosting our friends on the weekends for football games or watching Game of Thrones. We also host our National Dip Day Party for the Super Bowl each year with our families, best friends and their kids. All our neighbors have been here for at least 15 years and love that we have a little one running around outside playing all the time and taking walks in our wagon.

Our Families

Josh's Family is best defined by 'LOUD'. We have very strong bonds throughout cousins and extended cousins. We love to go camping, play soccer, and always make it a point to see each other as often as possible.

Angie's family is really close and we love to see each other every week. On my dad's side I have two sisters and tons of nieces and nephews. We spend every Sunday at their house swimming during the summers, riding on the tractor with Babo and watching football during the winter. The house is always loud and busy and we joke it is always happy when there is food on the table. My mom's side is quieter with just 1 sister, but we have great family traditions. Each December we get together to decorate the Christmas tree and watch White Christmas together. During this time we get to help Grandpa build his holiday village and set up the trains. Christmas time is our favorite time of the year!


'Friends' Image

We have a close group of friends we met in college over 12 years ago that have now become our family. We have grown from a group of 7 college students to 5 families and 6 kids running around together. Each 4th of July we spend the holiday together swimming at our Aunt Nicki's house and watching the fireworks together. We spend each birthday together as a group and they can't wait for our family to grow. Each Christmas we have our "Friends Christmas" together and build our traditional gingerbread house; some years was better than others. We love that we spend every Saturday together with Aunt Jami and Uncle Matt playing and going on fun family adventures.


We traveled a lot before we started our family, but that hasn't slowed us down on our trips. We love to go on adventures and share our favorite childhood memories with our son and will with our future child. We loved our beach vacation with our closest friends and it will be a tradition we can't wait to keep up in the coming years.

Thank You

More than anything we want you to know that we would love your child unconditionally and devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, joy and security we can offer. We want to make sure your child knows where they come from and how important that is in all our lives. This child will be loved beyond any words by us, our family and friends but he or she will always know the great love that you have for them as well. Thank you again for considering us.

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