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John + Johanna

Welcome to a brief look at our lives and who we are. We know it is important for you to choose the perfect family for your baby and we can only imagine the emotions and struggles you are going through. We are grateful that you are trying to make the best decision for your baby's future and thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We hope you see how much our family would love to welcome your baby into our home. He or she will have lots of love, adventures, and opportunities for a happy successful life.

A Little About Us

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I'm John. I was born in Colombia, moved to The U.S.A in 2003. I've been a school teacher for over 20 years. I have two children, Daniela and Sebastian, who make me very proud.

I'm Hanna. I was born in Illinois. I moved to Texas in 2009 for my job. I have been working on the logistics field for over 20 years. For the last 5 years, I've had the chance to work from home, which I love!

We met a few years before starting dating, at a local gym where John was a fitness trainer. One of our friends from the gym was trying to get us to know each other a little more. And that finally happened when we attended a common friend's nerdy 30 b-day party. We were a couple of "nerds" starting to know each other. After a couple of months we finally went on our first date. We went to a Colombian restaurant where we had a great time together. On June 26th, 2015, we got engaged and decided to walk the rest of our lives together.

Hanna By John

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I could probably write a book to talk about my wife, Hanna. The woman who has not only been a blessing to my life, but also the love of my life. Hanna is a loving woman who does everything to help and make others happy. Independent, strong, smart, and passionate for all she does. Hanna has the magic to impact the life of those around her, with love and support, just how she has impacted my kids lives and my own.

My family in Colombia loves Hanna, even though they do not speak English or Hanna Spanish, every time they visit us she finds the way to make them feel welcome and loved.

Hanna loves horses, since she grew up riding horses in the country in Illinois. She enjoys exercising, traveling and good food. As well as taking care of Chief, the handsome red heeler she adopted almost seven years ago.

I couldn't close my writing without telling you about Hanna's signature sneeze. That is something special that runs in her family, and this girl could wake up a neighborhood with her powerful sneeze!

John By Hanna

John has truly changed my life and I am so blessed to have found the love of my life. A man who is so compassionate, patient, kind, strong, loving, romantic and passionate. My family fell in love with John too, as they quickly saw how happy he made me. The first time most of my family met John was at my Grandma's funeral. We had not been dating very long, but he flew to Illinois to support me. This man is irreplaceable, always there for me and my family from the beginning.

I have had the opportunity to see John as a father and get to know his amazing children. He loves them so much and would do anything for them. John is a wonderful loving father who has so much to give and does not hold back.

John enjoys traveling, camping with his son, time with family, is passionate about health and fitness, finds it relaxing to work in the yard and loves to decorate for Halloween and Christmas.

John is a wonderful teacher, I have seen the extra time and effort he puts in to help provide a great environment for the children to learn. He is a great role model and no doubt proud that his daughter is now a teacher as well.

Daniela & Sebastian

'Daniela & Sebastian' Image

Daniela and Sebastian are John's children. Daniela is 24 years old and is also a school teacher. She is a very smart young lady, very devoted to everything she does. Daniela loves traveling, dancing and making new friends. Sebastian is 12 years old, he loves practicing tae kwon do, which has given him lots of great experiences and accomplishments, he also enjoys playing the saxophone at school and at home.

A note from Daniela, the Big Sister

I want to express my admiration to you, for making such a hard decision on behalf of your baby's future, and thank you for giving my family the opportunity to fulfill our dream.

My dad has always been an amazing father to my brother and I. He has always set a great example and has been extremely supportive in our education and dreams.

Hanna came into our lives a few years ago, and from the beginning has always been there for us. We'd be so blessed for having your baby as a new member of our family.

Our Faith

John comes from a mainly Catholic country. So, he grew up in the Catholic Church education, while Hanna was raised in the Baptist Church. From the time that we have been together, we have attended a small Christian church in our community. This church has embraced us in a warm atmosphere. We enjoy participating in the activities they plan, especially those focused on guiding the couples.

Chief, Our Loving Dog

'Chief, our loving dog' Image

Chief is a rescued red heeler adopted by Hanna. He was a little crazy dog when he first came home, but now he is the sweetest puppy on Earth. He loves being around people, going for walks, riding in the car, food, and being brushed. Chief is just the perfect puppy for grown-ups and kids. We love him!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to study our profile. We hope you see not a perfect family, but a family that may be perfect for your baby. We would all welcome your baby into our home to love and cherish forever.

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