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Joe + Kate

Hello! We are Kate and Joe and we cannot begin to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and consider whether we fit within the dream of your heart for your child. When we think of the decision that you are making for the sake of your little one, we want you to know how much we honor you and the sacrifice that you are choosing to make. We recognize that you don't have to do this, you are choosing to, and in that, you must choose who would love, nurture and raise your little one the most like you would hope to do. Our hope is that through this online profile, you would learn even the littlest about us and if your heart is moved, you would reach out to know us more!


We are Kate and Joe and we are so excited, honored, and very humbled that you are taking the time to learn about us and consider us as parents. We have always considered ourselves "family" people and had dreamed of beginning our own family at the onset of our marriage and life together. Several years in now, we are anticipating this dream to be fulfilled through the gift of adoption and we couldn't be more excited! We also know that for us to receive this beautiful gift, you are choosing the greatest sacrifice. And we want you to know that to us, no matter who you choose, you are a hero. You are a hero because you are choosing the greatest act of love possible, to deny yourself for the sake of another. We so greatly admire your courage and bravery in this and pray for you ever so much that God would surround you, with grace, strength, and the comfort of His love daily. We don't care to build ourselves up in any specific way to you, but hope that the the following paragraphs will speak to you of who we are and help you decide whether we fit within the dream of your heart for your baby. And perhaps you may find that your child fits as well, into these pictures, our story and most importantly into our hearts and family!

About Us

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We met in 2006 while serving together in our church. Our relationship began as a friendship with so much fun, laughter, and silliness. We continued to serve in ministry together for some time, as well as traveled to other countries on missionary trips. In 2013, we were married and began our little family! We have been married for over 5 years and have enjoyed building a life together!

We live a pretty simple life and have a consistent routine throughout the week between work, time with family and friends and spending time together enjoying our home, neighborhood and the outdoors! Some of our favorite things to do are travel, go out to eat, spend time with friends, take family walks, and do projects on our house. We also greatly value our faith in Jesus as a major part of who we are. We also value time with family. We both have large families full of siblings, nieces and nephews. There is not one member of our extended families who cannot wait for this little one! Another significant part of our lives is our support system built with genuine friends through life, church, and other adoptive families. We feel that this child will be so cherished and welcomed by so many who are waiting with us!


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I am a children's social worker, supervising employees and working with children with disabilities. I absolutely love what I do! I have been working in social services for 10 years and before that worked as an administrator and as a youth pastor with teenagers. I love working with people and find every day so adventurous and unexpected. My first love has always been children and I have waited for the day when I have children of my own to love and invest in! My job is very flexible and I am able to create my own schedule and work from home quite a bit, so I feel it's a perfect fit for family life...although I'm still considering whether I will even want to go back full time, part time or even at all after welcoming home a baby!

In my free time, I love to do creative projects, whether that's refinishing furniture, painting, crafting, sewing, making home decor, or anything DIY! I also adore my dog and enjoy taking him for walks in our neighborhood. If I had to choose a favorite day, it would be to do an adventurous activity together as a family and then come home, eat Chinese food and snuggle up on the couch to a movie with a fire in the fireplace!

Another thing that I love is traveling! I have been to over 27 countries and 5 out of the 7 continents, traveling on missions trips and vacations. Joe and I still do quite a bit of traveling, mostly weekend getaways or family vacations, but also sometimes get the opportunity to see other parts of the country and world! We also enjoy serving in our church and spending time with friends and families in our church community. I love Jesus very much! I love learning about Him and sharing his goodness with others!

Mostly, I am SO excited and cannot wait to experience being a mother! We are very warm and welcoming and love to love people, but can't wait to let that love spill over as parents! I feel at times as though my heart could burst with anticipation and keep myself busy by getting our home and hearts ready to welcome home a little one!


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I am an Insurance and FinanciaI Advisor and I own my own Agency. Although I protect many things through my job, my greatest passion is to protect people. I love building relationships that last a lifetime. Because I own my own business, I also have a lot of flexibility and am able to create my own schedule. It couldn't be more perfect to be available and involved with my family!

I am a Christian and I love and worship God every day of my life. My hobbies are bible reading, writing, and playing golf. One of my favorite things to do is travel with my wife and dog and I can't wait to include a child! I love exploring new places and experiences together and can't wait for family vacations! My favorite foods are tacos, spaghetti, and most of all, anything on the grill! A perfect day for me would be to wake up and have breakfast as a family, then a time of prayer together, then golf as a family and come home to a cookout out on the deck together.

I am extremely sensitive and compassionate towards others. I'm also very relational and outgoing. I love to get to know people and understand them - their life and their story. I am great at encouraging people to become all they were meant to be. I love to help people find freedom from fear and anxiety.

I have wanted to be a father since I was a little boy. I used to pray to God when I was young and ask him for a wife, a home, a son and a daughter. That's all I wanted. Since my wife and I have been married, I have wished deeply to have children, buy a home and establish a family life together. At this point, the only thing missing is a child and I cannot wait for this dream to be fulfilled! I am very excited to welcome a child into our family and see my deepest desire to be a father become a reality!

Our Dog And Home

Our current joy is our one year old Golden Reteiver named, Phineas. He is the most silly dog with so much personality that you would question if he's truly a dog sometimes! Phineas would chase after balls and play in water every moment of his life he could. He is also very gentle, tender and in our (bias) opinion, the greatest family dog in the world!

Our home is a raised ranch style house with an extra big back yard for play! We have a living room with a working fireplace upstairs which is SO cozy in the winter! We also have a family room downstairs with lots of room to be a playroom in time! Our home has a large kitchen that tends to be the hub of our busyness and plenty of extra bedrooms for our growing family!

Our Promise To You

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Our promise to you is to love your child unconditionally in every way and to raise them with kindness and respect. We desire to teach them to show the same respect and love to others. We will make every effort to raise your child to be honest and lead a life of good character. Our hope is that they will grow up with confidence and peace in who they are. We promise to always honor you and share of the selfless choice that you made to love them and put them first. And raise them with the love, encouragement and support that empowers them to become all that they are meant to be.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and consider us as parents! We are excited for what the future holds and the possibility that it includes you and your baby! Our prayers and deepest love and respect are with you in this time of decision.

~Kate and Joe

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