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Jim + Layne

Your decision to create an adoption plan for your child shows you're a courageous and loving person. We hope that our profile gives you a glimpse of who we are and what we value. We are a fun-loving family with the desire to grow. We have a lot of love to give, and we hope you will consider our family for your precious child.

Meet Layne

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Layne and I met in college and became good friends. Eventually we started dating, and we married in September of 2006. Layne is one of the most caring and down to earth women anyone could meet. She is usually the quiet one in our relationship as I am the loud one. I have watched Layne grow over the last 10 years and become a great mother to our daughter. She has also taught me patience, love, and understanding. She is everything a man could want in a friend, wife, and mother.

Layne loves to work on small projects, scrapbook, try new recipes, walk in the park and gets super competitive at tennis on the Wii!

Meet Jim

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Putting Jim on paper is really difficult. There's so much to him that can't be described and broken down into words. I've seen him grow so much since we first met. He is a sweet and caring man with an awesome personality that everyone loves to be around. He never meets a stranger and is always trying to make someone laugh.

Being from a small family, Jim didn't have much experience being around kids until we started dating. He wasn't sure how to handle and interact with babies and kids, but when we had our daughter his natural instincts kicked in, and he is a wonderful father.

Jim loves to run, work outside, play golf, work on projects, scuba dive, go to the lake and would live there if I let him!

Meet Gracie

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Gracie is your typical 6 year-old girl in most ways, but in other ways there is no one else like her. Just like her Daddy, she loves to make people laugh, and she keeps us on our toes! She loves to play outside with friends, ride her bike and scooter, and go to the movies. She is also very competitive at board and video games. Our neighbors haven't complained yet when we sing at the top of our lungs while we play American Idol, but I'm sure it's coming! Gracie has been talking about being a big sister for a while now, and she is way beyond excited that it may happen soon.

Our Families

Our families are very different yet alike at the same time. Jim comes from a small family, while Layne comes from a much bigger one. With that being said, holidays and other occasions are very different between our two families. In Layne's family, things can get a little crazy because there are so many people and kids running around. In Jim's family, it's very laid back and relaxed.

Both of our families live close to us, and we love to spend time with them when time allows. Our parents have taught us a lot about love and marriage by being living examples of how a marriage should work.


We really enjoy taking trips when we can, whether it's to the beach, camping or sailing. So far, our favorite vacation was a Disney Cruise with Jim's family. There were so many wonderful memories made on that trip, and Gracie was treated like a princess everywhere she went. We look forward to many more vacations in the future as we grow our family.

We Chose Gladney Because (by Jim)

As an adopted child from Gladney, I always knew I would return here someday. I was adopted as an infant in 1979 and so was my sister, Marianne, in 1984. Gladney was a clear choice for my wife and I after we were told we could not have children naturally about 8 years ago. We started the adoption process, and then found out we were pregnant with Gracie. After years of trying and something pulling us back to Gladney, here we are again!

Thank You

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We hope you have gotten to know us a little, and we get to know you soon. We know you have many hard decisions ahead of you, and you are going through emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. We wish you peace, comfort and confidence throughout this process.

Jim Layne & Gracie

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