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Jay + Kate

Hello! We are so grateful that you are taking the time to look at our online profile. We are a down-to-earth family of four, and we love to be outdoors whenever possible. Both of our precious children joined our family through adoption. We hope to adopt one more time and become a family of five!


Through this profile, we hope to give you an honest introduction to "us!" Writing this letter to you is the most difficult part of creating this profile. On one hand, our hearts feel incredibly joyful and excited at the thought of becoming parents again. And yet, we are also filled with raw emotion and heartbreak for you, knowing that you are currently facing some very difficult decisions. We want you to know that we SEE you and desire the best for you, in whatever decisions you make for you and your child.

If you decide to pursue adoption, we would be honored to walk alongside you. We are flexible and truly want to support you as you make a potential adoption plan. We consider our children's first families to be a part of our family now, and we want our relationship with them to be lifelong. We hope that our relationship with you will be lifelong, as well.

We hope you can feel the love we have for you in this letter, and that you continue to learn more about us by reading the rest of this profile! We promise to do our best to be as real as we can. We hope that you may be able to see both our strengths and imperfections shine through!

About Us

'About Us' Image

We met in college! On our first date, we went to an Italian restaurant, and then to watch a local jazz band perform at a coffee shop. It wasn't anything super fancy, but it was perfect for us. Since then, we have been inseparable!

We dated for five years, and have now been married for twelve years. Our marriage is based on a foundation of deep love and friendship. We feel that one our strengths is that we can easily communicate with each other.

We value fun experiences and time together over fancy material possessions. We love to: celebrate holidays and birthdays, share meals together, spend time with our extended families & friends, go on camping trips, explore the forests on hiking trails, spend time at the beach, have fun on sledding & snow-tubing hills, take trips to the movies, visit state and national parks, take outings to local playgrounds, jump around at our local trampoline park, and play board games. Our favorite family game is currently "Pie Face!"

We live in the Northeast, in a neighborhood with many other young families. We love to take walks around the neighborhood while Adham rides his bike and Erika pushes her doll stroller.

Our home is our "together place," and we try to make it cozy and comfortable! We truly believe that quality time around the kitchen table or board games on the floor are some of the best memories we can make with our kids. We do our best to stay organized, but we try to keep it real, too....there are often a few dishes in our sink, a basket of laundry in the living room that needs to be folded, and half-built lego creations on our coffee table. We try not to get so lost in doing housework that we miss out on opportunities to spend time with our kids, or with each other.

Outside, we have a large yard with a swingset, a giant sandbox, and a small vegetable garden. In the winter, we have a small ice rink that is fun for our children and also for our neighbors, too! We recently finished building a deck and this has been a really nice addition to our house- we love to enjoy meals outside. We share our home with a friendly and adventurous cat named Harry.


'Kate' Image

My real name is Katherine, but everyone calls me Kate. I am a wife, mom to Adham & Erika, and a lover of the ocean and chocolate! I am mostly a stay-at-home mom, but I also work a few hours a week at a local preschool. I have a master's degree in special education. Before Adham & Erika joined our family, I taught special education for students in kindergarten through third grade. Now, I enjoy bringing my background in special education into an inclusive preschool setting. Jay and I are fortunate to be able to alternate our work schedules, so that when I am at work, he is home caring for the kids.

I look forward to sharing my love of children's books with another child! My favorite children's books are ones that illustrate popular songs. I also love to sing songs with our kids - although I am a bit off key! We enjoy having family dance parties after dinner. Erika is just starting to learn to dance, and it is absolutely adorable! Adham likes to "break dance" and will proudly show you his fancy moves!

My favorite two places to be are at the beach and camping. I also enjoy gardening, which is something I learned about from my mom. This past summer we grew some delicious tomatoes and carrots! Some of my other interests include running (although I'm pretty slow!,) going for walks, baking sweet treats, and spending time with friends. I also love working on creative activities such as sea glass art, jewelry, card-making, painting pottery, and making fresh evergreen wreaths for the holidays. On days that are rainy or cold, the kids and I almost always work on a creative activity together.

As our children grow, we want to make sure that they have frequent opportunities to network with other children who have also been adopted. Last summer, Jay & I started a social group for adoptive families in our area, and have been organizing activities where families like ours can meet, support each other, and have fun! Our first event was a picnic and beach day at a local lake, and we are currently planning an ice cream social at a local park.


'Jay' Image

I see myself as a curious and adventurous person. I'm very social and love to be around friends and family. I work as a flight nurse, and spend my nights on a helicopter, caring for children and adults who can be quite sick or hurt. I have been a nurse now for about thirteen years, and it's been great! In addition to working at local hospitals, I have also volunteered as a nurse internationally, in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Most of my free time has been happily transformed into time with my family. I still do most of the things I did before they were born, but now its with the children as a focus. Getting exercise just means that I'm pushing Erika in the stroller while she watches for birds and airplanes, and Adham catches a Pichu in Pokemon Go. I've always enjoyed building model rockets, and now I enjoy sending them high into the sky with Adham! In our yard, I have built sledding hills and skating rinks. Inside, when I have free time, I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. As a family, we always find ways to have fun, be silly, and enjoy life!

I'm always willing to try something new. Over the years I have learned that if I make a plan and stick to it, there's nothing that's out of reach. Kate and I hope to raise our children to have the confidence to try new things, and to never hold back from giving new opportunities a try.

Our children will always know our unconditional love and support. Not a day goes by that we don't wish for another little one to take out into the world with us. We are raising our kids with the excitement for life that we were brought up with!

About Kate, Written By Jay

I feel like I won the lottery when I got to marry Kate. She is an incredible woman who's stolen my heart! She's everything in one person: adventurous and down-to-earth, exciting and intelligent, and both patient and kind. She has never been one to need the next new thing to be happy, she just is.

The greatest ability Kate has as a person, and by extension a parent, is to bring out the best in people. I wish you could see the love and patience she has with Adham, and the glow in her eyes when she plays with Erika. I've become such a better father to our children because of what I have learned from her! Kate's work as a teacher is unsurpassed, but it's her excitement to inspire that I first noticed about her. She is simply so good with children, so patient and loving, that I've never seen anyone who can bring out the best in others so well. As a mother, I know she will gently guide your little one to grow up curious, brave, and kind. Through Kate, your child will always have a tireless cheerleader in their corner, and a constant source of inspiration.

About Jay, Written By Kate

'About Jay, Written by Kate' Image

Jay is the love of my life, and my best friend! He is hard-working, kind, thoughtful, generous, and always willing to help others. Also, he has a great sense of humor! Jay often surprises me with notes by the coffee maker, gift certificates for pedicures, dinners, and weekend outings. One of the things that I love about Jay is his sense of adventure. He is always willing to try new activities and explore new places. We have done such fun things together as a couple, and as a family.

I am incredibly proud of how hard Jay works as a flight nurse, providing for our family. He is often recognized by staff members, patients, and families- for his skills, compassion, and bedside manner. Recently, he was presented with an award for his hard work on a project that improved patient care during emergency situations.

Jay is an amazing dad. He is incredibly involved, loving, patient, nurturing, and encouraging--and Adham & Erika adore him! He loves to take them on little adventures, like going hiking, treasure hunting, swimming, sledding, and to playgrounds. At home, I will often find him with the kids, building race track systems across the living room, constructing spaceships out of legos, or playing hide and seek. They laugh and giggle the entire time and always give away their hiding spots!

About Adham & Erika, Written By Kate & Jay

Our children are our greatest joys in this life, and we feel incredibly grateful that we were chosen to be their parents. We love watching them interact and form sibling bonds--it is the sweetest to observe! We will tell you a little bit about each of them below.

Adham likes to tell people that he is "almost 6!" His name was chosen by his precious first family, and is actually a combination of their last names (it's simply pronounced "Adam"). We love how it ties our families together, and connects him to his first parents. He is an amazing little guy, who is friendly, adventurous, imaginative, and almost always happy & smiling! He has an incredibly kind heart and is very empathetic. He loves to have fun and is such a little socialite. He is always up for trying new things, tumbling around, & laughing! Some of his favorite things include: legos, searching for insects, science experiments, monster trucks, hot wheels cars, swimming, and visiting playgrounds. He likes to race in Mario Kart with Jay, and is just starting to learn about collecting Pokemon cards.

As a big brother, he seems to really love the roles of being a teacher and a helper. In the morning, he often greets Erika by giving her a hug and saying "Good Morning, little E!" He is quite excited that a new baby brother or sister will potentially be joining our family. He has told us that he is excited to hold the new baby, and to teach the baby "how to play legos" when he or she gets older.

Erika is our incredibly joyful and sweet toddler. Her smile shines so, so brightly! Her name also has special significance and honors her courageous and beautiful first mother, and we love this! Erika is a happy, affectionate, and easy-going little girl, who loves to laugh, be silly, and try to keep up with her older brother. She is very interested in the way things work and likes to open and close containers and figure out how to use toys independently. She absolutely loves animals, especially our cat and her Auntie Sarah's dog, Waldo. She also loves stuffed animals and can often be found carrying one around the house in her doll carrier.

Erika is very expressive and her vocabulary is expanding every day. There is nothing more adorable then watching her sing and dance. Some of her current favorite activities include: swimming and water play, playing ball with Adham, practicing her climbing skills at the playground, reading board books, swinging, finger painting, and playing with other children.

We are excited that Erika and a potential younger sibling to-be will be close in age, and we look forward to seeing her in the role of a big sister one day!

If you do make an adoption plan, and if it is something that you would like, we would love for your child's name to also have special significance that connects him or her to you.

Family & Friends

We love spending time with our families--around the holidays, over long weekends, during special events, and "just because." We are both quite close to our extended families and value spending as much time with them as possible. Jay has one younger brother, and Kate has one younger sister. Our children love to spend time with both sets of their grandparents, and with their "Uncle David" and "Auntie Sarah!" We both have lots of cousins, and it has been really fun to watch our children playing together.

Both sets of our parents are very excited about our adoption plans. Our children are their only grandchildren so far, and they are very much loved and treasured!

Our friends have been incredibly supportive of our family and our plans for this adoption. We have two sets of close friends who are also adoptive parents, and we are enjoying watching our children grow up together!

One of our favorite activities to share with friends is get-togethers at our homes, and sometimes at lakeside camps. We all bring food to share and enjoy afternoons of swimming, boating/ water tubing, frisbee, family games, sledding, ice skating, and roasting s'mores at dusk. Our friend Ryan recently taught our family how to go ice fishing, which was a new experience for all of us. Adham was so excited to try to catch a fish!

Community Involvement

We both feel that community involvement and volunteer work are very important. We work to support good causes, as often as we can! We have volunteered at Special Olympics, the local homeless shelter, at hospital pediatric events, and at Adham's preschool. Kate volunteers with a local group that works to support families who have experienced pregnancy loss, and Jay was a volunteer soccer coach last fall for Adham's soccer team.

Before having children, we had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in a two-week health outreach program to families in rural villages. Jay has also traveled to Haiti to volunteer as a nurse with International Medical Corps.

As parents, we work hard to model and teach the values of kindness, empathy, generosity, love, respecting differences, standing up against racism and injustice, and the importance of community involvement and volunteerism. Adham and Erika have already participated in several volunteer activities with us, including fundraisers for cancer research, projects at our animal shelter, and collecting items for family giving baskets at the holidays.

Before You Go....

We want to thank you one last time for reading about our family. Whatever decisions you make, we truly wish you and your child the best!

If you do decide to pursue an adoption plan, and feel that our family might be a good fit for you and your child, we would love to talk more. We long to know who you are, and what your hopes and dreams are for yourself and for your baby.

We promise to be intentional about speaking your name daily in our home. When we tuck Adham and Erika into bed at night, we talk to them about all of the people who love them, including their first families. When another child joins our family, this will become an important part of his or her bedtime, too. If you are open to it, we would love to have pictures of you displayed in our home, as well.

We want you to know that we are committed to learning about adoption for the rest of our lives and to growing and changing as parents as we learn. We feel that it is incredibly important to listen to the voices and experiences of expectant parents, birth parents, and adoptees...and most importantly, we want to listen to your voice. You are very important to us, and you always will be.

If you would like to see more pictures of our family and read about some of our recent adventures, you can visit our Shutterfly share site at We are thinking of you and hope to talk with you more soon!

with love,

Kate & Jay

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