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Jason + Margaret

We want you to know we understand that is one of the most difficult times in your life. The decisions and choices you are considering are not only selfless but the absolute most loving option for your child's life. It is obvious to us that you want a bright and loving future for your child but still these decisions must weigh heavy for you. We hope and wish for you clarity and peace as you make these challenging choices.

Before I Met Jason

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Before I met Jason, I grew up in a supportive and loving family. We traveled a lot and created many family memories outdoors exploring nature together by hiking, camping, and spending time on the lake. I was raised in a family full of educators and artists. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I went to college and received an undergraduate and master's degree in early childhood education. I began teaching elementary school and have taught pre-k through sixth grade over the past 15 years. I have taught every subject but have a love for all things science. My mother is a retired college science professor and she taught me the love of curiosity and wonder at a very young age. Before making the decision to be a stay-at-home mother, I taught elementary school science to K-4th graders. Teaching is my professional calling. It is such a passion that I have been lucky enough to be awarded "teacher of the year" three separate times over my career. I have a tremendous enthusiasm for helping students achieve their full potential. My classroom was always active, hands-on, and always an exciting place to be. I truly believe every child can be successful in school when taught the way they learn. My professional dream is to one day open my very own Montessori school! My personal dream is to be able to share my passion for curiosity and learning with my own child. Now that I am a stay-at-home mother, I use my education degree with my son and our many play group friends. I often host baby book clubs and educational themed events at our house. I also organize several weekly playgroups and we participate in many activities outside of the house such as music classes, Gymboree, and library story times. My days are spent planning and cultivating family experiences where we are growing and learning together while building loving memories for years to come. I dream of sharing our days with more children in our family.

Before I Met Margaret

Before I met Margaret, I grew up playing sports and spending a lot of time with my best friend, my dad. He taught me how to play golf and he made every activity together exciting and fun. I was a strong academic student growing up. My mother was a school teacher and made sure I had the best education possible. I always excelled at math and science. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in an engineering field but did not know exactly what until the events of 9-11-01 occurred. After this event I was inspired to become a structural engineer. I am privileged to design and create buildings that are safe for people and their communities. I have enjoyed every minute of being a father so far to our son. I want for him to have siblings to grow with. I often imagine coaching our future childrenss' sports teams and teaching them to ride a bike.

How We Met

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We met on eHarmony! We often joke about trying out to be on their TV commercials. At the time, we were living in separate cities. After exchanging a few emails, we began talking on the phone every night for at least two hours. We quickly became best friends and would travel each weekend to spend time together. One day we realized we were not only best friends but had fallen in love. We were married at the top of Pikes Peak six months later. We have a strong and loving marriage. The only thing missing to complete our family is another set of tiny feet playing in the backyard. The thought of adding another child to our family through adoption feels like it was meant to be. We anxiously await the gift of a new family member to complete our lives.

Margaret's Thoughts About Jason

Jason is to the most amazing father! He is the kindest and funniest man I know. He constantly goes out of his way to help everyone in his family and community. I often find him helping out strangers at the store from helping someone carry their groceries outside in the rain to getting items high up on a shelf for an elderly man. He is incredibly smart and has so much to teach our children. In the future, I imagine him helping our children with school projects and coaching their sports teams. He is committed to his family and would do anything to provide for and protect us.


Jason's Thoughts About Margaret

For me to say that Margaret is a caring person would be an understatement. Ever since I've known her, she's always been willing to go out of her way to have positive impacts on the lives of others. When I first met her, this quality was reflected in her teaching, where she went above and beyond to plan exciting lessons and experiments for her students. Now I watch her plan and implement activities for our son and his many friends. I've been lucky to marry the person that I consider my best friend. She's always up for trying new things, which has really helped me to expand my horizons. Whether it's trying a new restaurant, going to a museum exhibit, or simply going for a walk at a new trail, she enjoys the journey, and cherishes those new experiences. Early on in our relationship, it was clear that she would make an amazing mother, someone who would be able to love a child with all her heart and raise a child so that they can do anything that they can dream of. She has far surpassed every expectation that I had of her being a mother.


Our Family Traditions

'Our Family Traditions' Image

We have many family traditions. Every summer we go to the coast and enjoy family beach time. We picnic every Fourth of July and watch fireworks as a family. We also enjoy travelling during spring break and visiting new places. In the fall, we dress the dog up for Halloween and let him help us hand out candy. The neighborhood children love stopping at our house to get the best candy! We host Thanksgiving at our house every year and we love to decorate for the holidays. Margaret also plans and hosts holiday themed parties throughout the year for our son's playgroup. She creates costumes for the children, holiday themed games, crafts and unbelievable treats. Margaret is a wonderful cook and loves to bake for family and friends! Every Christmas, we get a special ornament made that celebrates our year as a family. Hanging this ornament is a special time for our family. Together, we are both creative, silly, and love surprising others. In between holidays, it is important for us to spend time and create memories with our extended families. One Saturday every month we meet with Jason's family for brunch and Margaret's family comes over often for family game night. We have a lot of fun laughing and enjoying each other's company.


We are great lovers of animals. We have had animals from turtles to hedgehogs. Currently, we are a one dog family. Blue is our three year old fluffy Tibetan terrier mix. We rescued him from a shelter. Blue is a wonderful companion, and has a great temperament with children.

Our Family Activities

We have an active and adventurous family. We have hobbies we like to do separately and together. Margaret loves gardening. She not only has flower gardens but grows fruits and vegetables in the backyard. Jason enjoys helping her out in the garden and taste testing her produce. We both enjoy cooking and grilling our veggies straight from the garden especially during the summer time. We also enjoy family walks and runs with our dog, Blue, who loves to lead our pack! We bike ride often and generally love doing anything outdoors from hiking to feeding the ducks at the neighborhood pond. Margaret enjoys yoga and portrait painting. Jason plays softball and golf often. Together, we like to play basketball. We also like to spend time at home playing games and watching movies. We both read in our spare time. We often go to the library as a family and we are working together to keep a reading log for our son. Our goal is to reach at least 1,000 books each year. We firmly believe that a love of reading is created at home, well before a child begins school.

Thank You

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Thank you for considering us to be a part of this journey with you. Even though we have a life filled with love and laughter, we long to grow our family through adoption. Even though we dreamed of having many children it is uncertain if we will ever be able to do so. Adoption for us is not only about bringing a child home but being part of something much larger than ourselves. We want you to know that a child in our care would be raised to honor and respect his/her birthmother. We look forward to meeting you and would love to hear the dreams and wishes you have for your child. If you would be open to it, we would like to have a letter from you to place on our nursery wall or even your hand print to sew on a pillow case or baby's blanket. We want to raise a child to have three essential things: happiness, good health, and to know he/she is loved by all of us. With these three things, he/she will be able to grow into the person and life he/she so deserves.

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