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Jason & Emily

Giggles, hugs and happiness currently fill our daily home life. The opportunity to share our lives and mold someone's life - we can only aspire to. Our goal, our wish is to be the best parents we can. We are Jason and Emily, and we'd love you to learn a bit more about us!

So Nice To “meet” You!

We are grateful for you. The decision you are making and that you are reading about us and our profile. Most especially, the gift you are giving. There are no words to describe what you are going through but know that we are cheering you on for your selflessness, resolve and endless love. Let us be your cheerleaders - You got this. You can do this.

As for us - We got this. We can do this. We will provide the next step for you. We will be the best parents we can. We will give our everlasting love, everyday. Know that we love you and the gift you are giving.

A Little Bit About Jason (through Emily’s Eyes)

'A little bit about Jason (through Emily’s eyes)' Image

Jason is my rock. He is stable, strong and the foundation in my life. I would never be where I am today without him. He exudes kindness, compassion, love and empathy. This path that we are building together is something most people only dream of. It's so hard to describe in words what Jason means to me other than to say we absolutely love each other and love to do everything together.

I fell in love with Jason when I was studying abroad in France. I wasn't supposed to call him everyday (so expensive!) but I had to - it was worth it - he was worth it. We spoke for hours every night and truly learned to get to know each other. We spoke about aspirations, dreams, family and our future - together. It was right then, 5,000 miles away I knew we would be together forever. He is the light of my life, my soulmate and my best friend.

Since then, we've built our lives around each other carving our way to be the successful adults we are today. Jason's always had a great job - but I joke that it's not the one he's destined for. He is destined to become a father. His full-time occupation - a dad. And that is something I cannot wait to see. Everyday I uncover more traits about how this destined job is meant for him. From goofy dad jokes since I first met him, to the respectful first kiss on my cheek, love pokes and tickles, Jason not only has the fun side in the family - he is the easiest person to talk to. He listens. He loves life. He is the most loyal and passionate person. He exudes all the qualities I lack. I am looking forward to growing old with this amazing man. Even more - I'm counting down the days to share our love and build our family.

A Little Bit About Emily (through Jason’s Eyes)

'A little bit about Emily (through Jason’s eyes)' Image

From the first day we met, I knew that Emily and I would share a future together. She had me smitten. After 10 years of love, dedication and, yes, even resolve, our relationship continues to grow and evolve. Each day in life is a gift, and she continues to challenge me the same as she did the first. She is the love of my life, my soulmate, and best friend forever.

Emily holds the same values and character as when we first met, a conversation that bound us for life. In short, Emily is a sweet, caring person. However, she is much more than that. She is resilient, smart, and savvy. She is an inspiration. I respect her and her accomplishments in life. As my love and best friend, I confide in her often. She is my rock!

I know in my heart, Emily will be a great mother. I have no doubt. She will be an educator, motivator, and looking to the future, mentor. Emily is a great communicator, part of her value system, as in mine, which is important in raising a child. She will be very impactful and inspirational in a child's development. Emily will promote a cohesive; stable; and absolutely, wonderful environment for a child, just as our marriage has been. She has the same devotion to being a parent as she has shown throughout our amazing years together. I love Emily with all my heart and know that she will be a fantastic mother.

Our Family

We like to think of our families as extensions of ourselves. We are a very tight-knit family with so many wonderful traditions including annual family gatherings, vacations and holiday rituals. We are extremely lucky to have both sets of our parents' show us how to build a strong foundation for marriage, infinities of love, laughter and compassion and represent the types of parents we hope to someday become.

On Emily's side: Terry (Grandpa) and Darlene (Mimi) have been married for thirty-seven years, have strong core values and regularly enjoy life - not just life in front of them - all around them. Raised unbiased and cultured you'll find Emily and Uncle Geoffrey (the older brother) were brought up with outpouring amounts of love, kindness and praise. Features we can't wait to instill ourselves with our child. Emily talks to her mother daily, has lunch with her father weekly and avidly loves to spend time with them.

On Jason's side: Jimmy (Papa) and Tracy (Yaya) have been married for forty-two years (which we can only aspire to). Honest, true grit and hardworking are only a few of the adjectives to describe Yaya and Papa. Life on the ranch isn't always easy, but the love of agriculture and cattle encompasses Yaya and Papa's world. They can't wait to share and educate their passion to future grandchildren. With love exuding from them for all of their children and grand-children, Yaya and Papa raised all of their children to become the caring, respectful and gregarious adults they are today.

Lake Hideaway & Ranch Homestead

Emily grew up on the lake. Nearly every weekend was spent learning how to water ski, slalom ski or perfect the graceful art of tubing. Mimi and Grandpa's hideaway house is right on the lake and they can't wait for future grand kids to learn to swim and fish, go on a hike or feed the deer just down the street.

Jason grew up on the ranch. Filled with scenic views, cattle and honey bees, the ranch is down home, country love. Papa and Yaya provide a fun learning environment and athletic one as well. From seeing stars and learning about nature to mountain climbing and fishing in the nearby streams, the ranch is always a fun weekend getaway.

Our Dogs

'Our Dogs' Image

These sweet protectors are a part of our family. Roy & Bailey (the old farts) can't wait to have a sleeping buddy and Ike and Harvey (the fun ones) cannot wait to have a playmate!

Our Home

Our home is tucked away in a secluded neighborhood of acre lots, rolling hills and a nature park. Fireflies, creek beds and a lawn large enough for playing sports, we can't wait to fill our outdoor space with love, laughter and fun. Inside, we love to hang out in the den with the fur family watching movies, TV series and playing Trivia Crack. You'll also find us in the kitchen every night cooking together. (Jason is becoming quite the chef!)

We live less than two miles from the school which features tennis courts, track & field, basketball courts and three different playgrounds.

Our Traditions

'Our Traditions ' Image

We rotate holidays between our families. Traditions are a huge deal for both sides. Each year growing up will include Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixings, Christmas Eve PJ present openings, Easter ham, 4th of July fireworks celebrations on the lake and family reunions every Memorial Day (the annual fish fry) and annual family vacations are just a few of the yearly traditions we look forward to and enjoy.

Each year, we can't wait for Fall. It's the start of our favorite season and our favorite sporting events begin. Typically you'll find us at OU Football and Basketball games or catching a Thunder game in the City.

Our Friends

Families are important to us - as are strong friendships. Each month, we get together with our friends and host an importance of friend's dinner. During this dinner, we cook together, dine together and play games together. You'll find Emily's "sister" Jackie, her husband, Derek and their son, Conner, always at the event - they are a second family to us. We are their Auntie Em and Uncle Jason. They can't wait to be an Aunt Jax and Uncle Derek - And Conner can't wait to meet his cousin!

Before You Go

We want to thank you for having the tenacity, the courage and the love you have to give someone the opportunity of a lifetime.

We also wanted to thank you for reading our story and learning a bit more about us. Our days will be filled with love, laughter, communication, understanding, compassion and opportunity. That is our promise to you. We promise to give our everyday, our everything, our ever-lasting love. As the sun rises and sets so will our hearts always be thinking of your gift, every day.

Now and forever your cheerleaders,

Emily & Jason

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