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Jannette + Tom

You are already on our minds and in our hearts. We hope this profile gives you a peek into our lives and the love we have to share.


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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We hope this profile gives you a peek into our lives and the love we have to share. We value family deeply, and hope to cultivate a strong sense of self in a child through an open adoption and a lifelong relationship with you. We promise that, if given the opportunity to raise your child, they will be brought up in a secure, nurturing home surrounded by love and laughter.

Tom And Jannette

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We met in medical school and bonded over our love for baseball at an Oakland A's game. We have loved supporting each other through 7 years of medical training, 5 moves, and 2 oversea deployments. We married in 2006, and Katie was born in 2010. Together, with our daughter Katie and dog Chase, we love spending time as a family with an acre of our own that is big enough for running, swinging, swimming, and playing. We love spending time outside where we can unplug, fish, hike, and focus on family.


I am an emergency medicine doctor, I love baseball, and I enjoy hunting and fishing. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I was born in Iowa where I had a lot of great opportunities to spend time outside when I was growing up. I 'm proud to have spent 20 years serving our country in the military including two deployments and I want my children to enjoy the freedom I hold dear.


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I am a pediatrician who loves baking, baseball, and San Francisco. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I was raised in a large, loving, and loud family in California. Three of my four siblings joined our family through adoption. My childhood was packed with the same sort of joy and love I hope to cultivate in my own family. I love caring for children as a career and hope to share all the love in my heart as our family grows.


Katie has a special relationship with her dad because he is the supreme tickle monster that she looks up to. Katie also loves spending time with her mommy who bakes and plays with her. Katie loves LEGOs and has the brain of a scientist. Katie also likes caring for her dolls, the way her mom cares for her clients. Katie loves being outdoors, fishing, and playing. Right now, she wants to be a dentist when she grows up. She also talks about being a big sister with enthusiasm and excitement and insists we pray about it nightly.


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Our family is full of wonderful people. Kayla is Tom's adult daughter who is an amazing young woman. Katie and Kayla have a sweet relationship. Tom's family is full of foodies, and the table is always filled with fabulous dishes. Jannette's family always spends time cooking, celebrating birthdays, and being rowdy and fun together. The families are all very supported of adding another member through adoption.


You are already on our minds and in our hearts. Thank you for taking the time to consider our family for your child's future.

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