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Jamey + Carrie

We are humbled by the selfless attitude you have and the sacrificial decision you are making on behalf of your child. What love you have for your precious sweet one! We are SO excited to share our lives with your child and provide a nurturing and happy home!

How We Met & Life Today

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We met online in 2011 and we dated for two years before we were married in Bermuda. We are so blessed as a couple; our only regret is we wish we had met ten years sooner. Our biggest struggle we faced in our marriage was not being able to have a child. Through this pain, our unfulfilled plans have made us grow closer and develop a deeper appreciation for family.

We enjoy cooking a variety of foods, from layered salads to juicy steaks on the grill. During our weekends, we enjoy spending time on our boat with our chocolate lab, Riley. After church on Sundays, we go to our local farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegetables. We never rule out any new adventure that may come our way.

About Jamey (country Boy…) Written By Carrie

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As the middle child of three boys, Jamey is the only one in his family with a college degree. He is a soft spoken, smart man with an amazing listening ear. Jamey is a realist. He might come off serious at first, but as soon as you get to know him you see the warm hearted person he is. He is also very loyal and stays in touch with his childhood friends who we see every Christmas. I enjoy hearing the stories from their childhood.

Jamey is extremely hard working at his job and his chores at home. He is always fixing or building something around the house. Jamey has the ability to turn my bad day around with foot massage or an evening boat ride around the lake. I'm so grateful to have him by my side!

Jamey's Career

Growing up, I went to a private Christian school. I graduated fourth in my class and went on to get my undergraduate degree in finance. Once I started my career in the supply chain/distribution field, I decided to go back to school and get my MBA. I now have twenty years' experience in the field and currently work for a global company where I can use my education and experience for growth. I believe that you must work hard for what you want in life. I believe I get this from my parents who instilled a strong work ethic in me.

About Carrie (city Girl…) Written By Jamey

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Carrie has two brothers and one sister. She grew up in a loving family and was taught family values from an early age. She has always been working with kids - whether it was babysitting or helping out others, she loves being around children.

Carrie is an amazing person who loves her job as a school teacher. If she didn't get paid she would still do her job. She's very passionate when it comes to her work. She believes that the kids are number one and she would do whatever it takes to make sure they get the best care. I also admire that she has a natural chemistry with children; she teaches them in such a way that makes learning fun. One quality that I like about her is she is always willing to try new things or go on adventures.

Carrie's Career

In a roundabout way and with a lot of effort I now have my dream job. Late in college I decided that I wanted to teach students with learning disabilities. This partly comes from my experience of having a learning disability. After graduating I took a course to help me get certified in teaching, but found the testing very difficult to pass with no support system in place for students with a learning disability such as me.

Therefore, I followed another interest and went into clothing manufacturing. Living in Manhattan as a young and single woman was a wonderful phase of my life.

Seeking new horizons I took a relocation to the south. Once I was moved, I started to think about my earlier desire to teach. I earned my Master's Degree as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teacher. Now for the past ten years, I am living my dream of being a special education teacher in a place where I am always on my vacation.

Meet Our Dog, Riley

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We are very lucky to have a very close friend that had a female chocolate lab give birth to eight puppies a few years ago. We got to see them from the day they were born to the day we took Riley home. After one day at school with Riley home in her crate. We decided to set up a camera to check up on her while we are working. Jamey set it up and download an app so when I had free time I could take a peek at my sweet puppy. It was the best piece of mind that we could see her safely sleeping in her crate.

Riley enjoys the boat with us; she loves to swim in the lake too. Her coat of fur is soft after she has been swimming in the lake. We have a puppy party every year for all of Riley's siblings. We have started the process for Riley to be a therapy trained dog.

Our Family, Friends, & A Few Traditions

It's our family tradition during the winter holidays to travel to the Midwest to visit Jamey's family. We stay at his childhood home and ask his parents their secret to their 50 years of marriage. Throughout our stay Jamey's brothers come with their growing families, four nieces and nephews. We play traditional board games, silly holiday games, build snowmen, drink hot cocoa and go sledding when we are not snuggling up around a warm fireplace.

For the spring holidays we go to Carrie's parent's beach house and enjoy the company of her two brothers, her sister and their growing families. During summer breaks we visit Carrie's brothers' children in New England or her sister's daughters in the Deep South.

Our Home

Our home is a 1953 bungalow filled with classic, modern upgrades and details and nestled on a lake. We have an over 2-acre lot with a large hammock and oak trees that will one day fill a handcrafted tree house!

Our Faith

We both come from religious backgrounds. Carrie grew up Catholic and Jamey grew up Baptist. We believe that God has a plan for us and that adoption is part of it. We would want to raise our child with a background and foundation in the church. We both have fond memories of going to church with our families. Being able to reminisce brings a smile to our faces and contentment in our hearts.

As Parents

We both would like to foster our child's passions and interests. When a dream has failed, we would not give up. Instead, we would teach them to get up and try again. We would help him/her focus on their strengths and achievements.

In Closing

Your courage and love for your child has given us hope to have a family. The decisions you are about to make will likely be the hardest you will encounter in your entire life. We want you to know that we are sincerely praying for you. May God bless you and whomever you choose. Our hope is that you can get a little look at what our family is like, what we stand for, and what we love to do. We so look forward to meeting you.

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