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James + Amanda

We are James and Amanda and we want to share our respect for your courage and strength. We can't imagine the strength you have called upon or the feelings you have experienced in your decision to create an adoption plan. We are grateful that you are sharing your dreams with us and considering us as loving parents. There is no way to express how much we admire your decision or how loved and cherished your child will be in our family.

Our Story

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We met while attending law school together. James was a year ahead of me in school and after my 1st year of law school the firm James worked for hired me. We immediately became friends and a bond formed between us. Soon we were eating lunch together every day and going out to dinner on weekends, eventually becoming inseparable. Unbeknownst to me, as I later found out, it was during the first weekend we were apart that James knew he was going to marry me. After I graduated from law school, James proposed, and we became engaged to be married. After dating for three years, we married on a beach in Jamaica in 2007. We lived in our first house together until 2013 and then moved into our current home so that we could be closer to work. We enjoy our life here!

We always knew it was in our heart to adopt. As we became established in our careers we knew now was the perfect time. The work life balance is important to us and we can dedicate the time to be present in our child's life. James will put his law practice on hold and work from home, while I will continue to work outside the home. I am blessed in that my job will still allow a lot of flexible hours and time off to be present in our child's life.

We decided early in our marriage that eating dinner together at the dinner table was very important to us. So we make it a point to prepare dinner together and then sit down and visit during dinner. We even clean up together. We are very team oriented and believe it is better to act together as team. We look forward to raising a child together as a team.

About James By Amanda

When I met James, I instantly knew that life would never be boring with him in it. That's just as true today as it was 14 years ago. Whether it's a long car ride where we turn off our cell phones and discuss everything from buttercream versus cream cheese icing to our hopes and dreams for our family or whether it is at the dinner table after my day at the office, life is just better with James in it.

James loves and supports me with all of his being and I know he'll do the same with your child. This love will multiply as a baby enters our family. No one can predict what our child's hopes and dreams will be, but I know James will support those no matter what they are. His consistency, tolerance for individuality and energy will make him the perfect stay-at-home dad.

About Amanda By James

Amanda is the beacon of light that guides those around her to do their best. She is an honest and caring person whose presence just makes things better. An example of this occurred during her birthday last year she asked her family and friends to celebrate with her by preparing breakfast for children staying at the Ronald McDonald house. She is always willing to listen and help others when they are in need. She cares for her family and friends a great deal and is always there to support them. I know Amanda is well equipped to become a mom as she is full of love and has been passionate about motherhood her whole life. She inspires confidence in others while exhibiting patience and understanding. I know that she will give her whole self to being a devoted and loving mother. She is a reliable and dependable person that I know will bestow her all in guiding the precious life entrusted to her.

Our Dog Skipper

Skipper is an old Basset hound that we rescued from the shelter. He loves to take long naps during the day and a short walk after dinner. His favorite time of day is sunrise so that he can wake us up. He is well known throughout our neighborhood.


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We believe that part of what makes a relationship strong is communication. We enjoy talking with each other while going on long walks or bicycle rides. We discuss our days with each other as we prepare dinner together and then we sit down at our dinning room table together and enjoy family time. We think communication is important in growing as a family and helps us in working together as a team to accomplish goals as a family. We look forward to family dinners with our child and learning about their day.

During the summer months we enjoy spending time with our families and cycling. Sometimes we will go on bike rides and afterwards enjoy a picnic lunch together. We also enjoy standup paddle boarding and kayaking. Some off our favorite travel spots are great for enjoying these summer water activities.

James's Family

I love family gathering and always look forward to seeing my family. My father is an outdoorsman and enjoys riding horses. When we visit his farm, there is always something new and exciting to see or do. We also have two trips a year with my father and are excited to bring a new child along so that we can have a truly multigenerational vacation. My Mom usually stays with us for about a week three times a year during which time we explore our city and take day trips. My mother loves children and when she is not visiting, she passionately participates in the reading buddy program with her local school district. My brother and his wife along with their three children live nearby in the same metroplex. My family enjoys get-togethers where we cook and celebrate a holiday or birthday. It will be exciting to have a new birthday to celebrate with everyone. James's family makes a wedding quilt for all members when they get married. And James's aunt makes everyone in family a homemade Christmas stocking when they join the family.

Amanda's Family

I am very close to my family and am blessed to have such loving and supportive parents. My parents who are now both retirees will be excellent grandparents and are so excited to be adding a grandchild to the family. My mother loves playing educational games with children, taught kindergarten for 30 plus years and I am an only child and have a cousin that is like a sister to me as we were born 3 months apart. I am close with her two boys and visit them as often as I can. Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday for my family and we always have a wonderful gathering. My parents split their time between their home in west Texas and their lake house that is near us. We frequently visit them at the lake and enjoy feeding the ducks and geese in the mornings. Amanda's mom makes all new babies, homemade baby blankets

Our Home

We live in a great historic neighborhood in the cultural center of our city with tree lined streets and plenty of side walks. Our home is warm, inviting, and filled with natural light. The nursery has a window facing the east with a tree allowing tranquil filtered light to enter the room as the sun rises. We are only blocks away from the elementary school and neighborhood park. We are also just a short walk from the nearby children's museum and a few miles from the zoo. We have sweet neighbors with lots of young children in a safe environment. There are always children playing at the nearby park and families walking and biking on our street.

Travel, Parenting, And Education

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We enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. We take an annual cruise to the Caribbean with one of our close friends from law school and his family, including his two young children. Most of our other trips throughout the year usually involve weekend trips to the beach or interesting places nearby. We both traveled with our families as kids and are excited to share these experiences with a child and explore the world together.

We are ready and excited to experience parenting. We believe the love and logic parenting style is one that is well suited for children at all ages. We believe there must be a balance between structure and fun. We know that we will have a loving home--always teaching and nurturing a child in order to raise a child that is self-confident and motivated as well as respectful and compassionate to others.

Education is important to us and we will emphasize and encourage education in all aspects not just schooling. We believe learning is a lifelong process and that builds on the foundation of early childhood. We will always make the best interest of our child our first priority and have budgeted for private school tuition and college.


Our child will grow up in a home knowing about their adoption in age appropriate ways. You will always be our child's mother and we will raise him or her to know you in that way. It is comforting knowing we have the support of our family and friends. We will make sure that our child knows the love and support of their parents and family.

We will describe you to your child with admiration and respect because of the choice that you are making. You will receive updates and pictures of your child as long as you desire, while we will respect your privacy and boundaries. We will always celebrate your amazing gift.

Final Thoughts

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We are excited that you have taken the time to consider us as parents for you precious child and hope this profile has provided you with insight into what that life would be like. We want you to know that if you chose us for your child, we will work towards realizing the dreams that you have for your child. We will be dedicated parents, doing everything we can to help your child grow into a happy, healthy, motivated person. We wish you continued strength and courage as you pass through the days ahead and the decisions you will make for our child. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.


James & Amanda

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