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Jake + Maija

We each have a unique story and we desire for our stories to join together to create an even better one. We care about you, want to know you and what's important for you and this child. Thank you for considering us to become part of your story!

Our Family

'Our Family' Image

Family time is a top priority for us. We also value being good neighbors, spending time with friends, and giving back to our community. Some of the things we do together include dinner in the evening at our kitchen table, going for walks around the neighborhood, playing at the playground, reading books, and playing chase or hide and go seek around the house. As a family we like to travel, try new things and visit our extended family. Everyday things we have prioritized doing together are Maxwell's bedtime, a family trip once a year and designated family time on the weekends.

Our family motto is faith, love, adventure.

Our family mission statement is: Our family values each other and is committed to our faith in God. We worship the Lord and share Jesus through serving our church, our community and the nations. We strive to love, forgive and engage with people different than us. We seek truth, justice and education to attain health of mind, body, and spirit. We hope to find adventure, explore and have fun in all that we do.


'Maija' Image

Some words that describe Maija are Christ follower, social worker, Longhorn, adventurer, enjoys baking and being in the mountains, passionate, silly, loves checking the mail. Maija will make you feel comfortable, help you look at things from another perspective, and will want to give you a hug. Taking care of others, the Earth, and animals are important to Maija. She values life and all that God has created.

Favorite color: blue

Food & Drink: Italian (all the carbs!) and milk

Book: A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Number of countries visited: 19

Proudest accomplishment: completing a half ironman

Mountains or beach: mountains

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Birthdays


'Jake' Image

Some words that describe Jake are: Christ follower, civil engineer, Longhorn, intellectual, enjoys grilling and coffee, goofy, devoted, loves everything about the weather. Jake will make you laugh, remind you of what is most important in life, and will want to give you a snack. Being genuine and true to himself is a gift of Jake's. He fully embraces who he is and does not compromise that for others or in different circumstances.

Favorite color: orange

Food & Drink: BBQ (all the meats!) and coffee

Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Number of US National Parks visited: 12

Proudest moment: successful marriage proposal to Maija

Mountains or beach: mountains

Holiday: Christmas


'Maxwell' Image

Some words that describe Maxwell are sweetheart, giggler, snacker, curious, caring, lover of cars and trains, enjoys playing hide and seek, swinging and loves giving high fives. Maxwell likes to run as fast as he can until he's very sweaty and red in the face. Maxwell loves to play and explore the world around him boldly, but even as a young child, knows his comforts and doesn't want to go too far beyond that. We look forward for him to become a big brother!

Our Promises And Our Hopes

We are pursuing adoption because we believe wholeheartedly that this is what God has called us to. We have intentionally chosen to grow our family in this way because we feel it is a direct reflection of the love God has for us as His adopted son and daughter. We have talked about adoption a lot with our son Maxwell and he is excited to welcome a brother or sister into our home. He asks about his brother or sister and likes to talk about them.

In our minds, adoption comes from a place of love. Adoption represents the love you have for your child and the love we have for them as well. Adoption is a story about this love unfolding, joining together and giving one another a love unlike we could give alone. It is a BIG love, a deep love, and in some ways a challenging love. Our hearts have a large capacity to love and we eagerly wait for this part of our story to unfold. We promise to love this child with our whole hearts.

We believe that the Lord is with us- you, this child and our families. We believe that He never forsakes us and we never walk alone. We hope you know we are also here, and want to support you. As adopted children of God, we believe that we are bound together as brothers and sisters in Christ. As you take time to consider our family, know that our hearts, arms and home are open.

Our hope is that our profile gives you a glimpse into who we are and that pieces of it resonate in your heart. It is important to us that you see our authentic lives and family. We are not perfect, we have good days and hard days, but what's important to us is our care and love for one another and the Lord.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read through our story and considering us for becoming part of your story. Even though we have not met you, we think about you every single day, pray for you, and hope to grow a special bond with you. We want you to know that we think of you with the deepest fondness in our hearts and hold the utmost respect for you and the bold and loving decision you are making. We hope you have an understanding of who we are and that what you have read gives you confidence in us as potential parents for this child. You are someone who we will continue to pray for and hope to meet you someday soon.

Wrapping you in our love and hugs,

Jake, Maija and Maxwell

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