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Jack + Leah

Our hope is that you see something in us that will help form a connection, one that can grow as your child does, so that each of our separate roles in their life can be honored and celebrated by all of us together.


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We pray that as you look through this profile you can see the love, joy and heart we have to grow our family through adoption. Making a birth plan for your child is a courageous and selfless act. Our hope is that you see something in us that will help form a connection, one that can grow as your child does, so that each of our separate roles in their life can be honored and celebrated by all of us together.

Where It All Began

By Leah: Jack and I met at my best friend's wedding. Yes, I know it sounds just like a movie title, but it's true! I was one of the bridesmaids, and turns out he wasn't my friend's date, as I originally thought, but actually her brother! Though Jack says I made "eyes" at him throughout the entire ceremony, (shhhh don't tell him I was smiling at my mom and dad that were sitting right in front of him!), I didn't see him until later that evening while passing out flower petals for the bride and groom's send off. A couple of days later he asked me out to coffee and that was the end of my dating career! I was completely head over heels.

By Jack: Leah and I hit it off right from the beginning. We both loved the Lord, going on adventures, making memories with friends and staying close to family. While dating we traveled, stayed up too late, I didn't work enough, and Leah didn't study as much as usual.

Our Love Story

He asked...

We both studied abroad separately in Germany during our sophomore years in college and made such great memories studying and learning about the world, growing in our faith and traveling with friends. While dating, we always dreamed of visiting together, but figured it would be down the road before we could make it happen. After about a year of dating, Jack received Leah's parents' blessing to ask Leah to marry him. A few months later, on the terrace of a historical castle in Germany our fairy tale began.

Our Wedding Day

We said our "I Do's" in the church Leah grew up in and celebrated the night surrounded by 300 of our favorite people in the world! We have been reminded of our vows and promises to love each other through the good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, and rich and poor moments throughout our eight and a half years of marriage. Our love grows deeper and fuller through each of these experiences. God has taught us so much and helped us see His love for us through these times. They have shaped who we are and how we see the world, and for that we are grateful!

About My Husband

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Jack is such a wonderful man, husband, father and friend! He is so loving. He still takes me on the sweetest dates, writes me love letters and holds my hand. They may be small things, but he does them well and I am so very thankful. One of the greatest gifts God has given me since we got married was to watch Jack fall in love with Andrew, our son. I just can't wait to see his love multiply for another child. He is so very loyal and steady, to his family, to his friends, and to his job. It is rare to find someone as supportive and consistent to everyone in his life as Jack. I always feel secure knowing I have him standing beside me, and know that I always will - through the easy and tough times.

Jack is also one of the funniest guys around, always ready for a good time! He loves to dance, (80's music will get him moving), will always dress up for silly or funny events to get friends laughing, and loves to play games. But watch out, he usually wins! Everything from a serious round of golf or an intricate game of bridge, to a challenging game of Octonaunt Uno or the biggest water slide, Jack is right there to play along! I'm so lucky to call this steady, silly man mine.

Fun Facts about Jack

-Collects old coins

-Works in the pharmaceutical industry

-Is a scratch golfer

-Likes fishing (when the fish are biting)

-Loves the beach, but NOT the sun

-Writes me a poem every year for our anniversary

About My Wife

Leah is a stay at home mom, and I am so lucky to have found someone who enjoys that incredibly important role as Leah does and who is simply amazing at it. She has so many gifts, and I can honestly say that I believe Andrew's speed in catching up developmentally after being born 10 weeks early is largely due to the countless hours Leah spends with him doing all sorts of activities, from playing at the park or museum to painting, bike riding, cooking, hopscotch, gardening, and the list could go on and on. Leah's heart is truly one of selflessness. She is willing to make any and all sacrifices needed to enhance the lives of those around her. She is constantly thinking about and planning special gifts, celebrations, and experiences for her friends and family, and to know her as a mother, wife or friend is to know true love.

Leah may only be 31, but she has certainly lived a lot of life. Through our infertility struggles, miscarriage, supporting me through my Masters in Business Administration, and overcoming and recovering from an autoimmune illness during our marriage; I haven't seen anything that she can't overcome or accomplish. Her fight and drive to live, love and celebrate life is inspirational! In fact, most days she is celebrating, even if its only that Andrew learned to hop on one leg! She keeps our family focused and celebrating the good moments. There will be times we must push through hard moments together. She knows from experience that through faith in the Lord, a family support system, and the memories of celebrating the good times, we will persevere.

Knowing Leah

-LOVES being a stay-at-home Mommy

-Being outside brings her peace and she prefers sun over shade

-She likes to bake (especially sugar cookies)

-Being creative is her gift: sewing, crafting, painting, knitting,

designing, sculpting

-Her favorite color changes daily

-It is near impossible for her to stand by and watch if a baby is crying

-Thrives with a house full of family & friends

A Day In The Life Of Andrew

'A day in the life of Andrew' Image

Being 4 years old is lots of fun! There is never a dull moment at our house, and that's how we like it! Here is how Andrew spends most of his time:

  • Morning snuggles with Mommy
  • Making Play-dough creatures
  • Digging in the sand, rocks or our flower beds
  • Handling bugs (usually earth worms)
  • Painting a masterpiece for his art wall
  • Building blocks
  • Reading Pete the Cat books
  • Loving everything orange in sight
  • Playing cards (Octonaunt Uno is his favorite)
  • Playing chase with Daddy
  • Eating watermelon whenever possible
  • Helping Mommy cook in the kitchen
  • Bubble baths
  • Cuddles with Mommy & Daddy all night
  • Swinging in the front yard
  • Playing the guitar
  • Eating, snacking...eating some more

You can find Andrew at:

  • The Duck Pond
  • Neighborhood's Playground
  • Music Class
  • The Science Museum
  • The Zoo
  • Miniature Train
  • The Backyard or Playroom


We love to travel to new places and learn about different cultures and people around the world. We try to take a family vacation each year, just the three of us, and also do a couples' trip to give our marriage some focused time. Both provide fun and special times for our family. We also do a trip with each of our extended families every couple of years. It is always an adventure and a great way to build some wonderful lasting memories!

We spend lots of weekends and holidays with family and friends at Leah's parent's lake house. It's so sweet to see how relationships grow and flourish there, when surrounded by nature instead of technology and busy schedules! We fish, ski, tube, cook-out on the grill, swim in the pool, ride the boat to lunch, dance on the dock and watch the sunset! As Andrew says, "I WUV IT!"

Spiritual Growth

The spiritual growth of our children is not only one of the greatest responsibilities God has given us as parents, but also one of our biggest joys! We encourage and expose our children to God's love through many avenues in our daily lives. We often achieve this through family prayer, music in the car, or just casual conversation about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. We also feel it is important to surround our family with others that love the Lord. So, we are actively involved in our church and lead a weekly Bible study in our home with five other couples and their children. This group is actively anticipating the adoption of two babies in the coming year. Our prayer is that each of our children, in their own time, will make the personal decision to love and follow Jesus Christ.

Our Promise To You

'Our Promise To You' Image

Our desire is for our child to know their biological heritage and the miracle of how they became part of our family from the beginning of their life. That story begins with you and the gift you gave them by making a birth plan. We will always prioritize their spiritual, physical and emotional health over our own. We promise to love them unconditionally, teach them tirelessly, nurture their talents, and encourage laughter as we guide them through life.

You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will raise our child to know who you are and the amazing sacrifices you made for him or her in love.

You will be remembered, honored and celebrated in our home always.


Jack & Leah

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