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Ian + Amber

With a house full of love, happiness, and joy, we are looking for a new addition to join our family and share our fun and love. We have two wonderful small dogs, and a backyard ready for childhood adventures. Our profile will give you some insight into our lives, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Dear Expectant Birth Parent,

'Dear Expectant Birth Parent,' Image

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we are truly excited that you are considering us as adoptive parents. We are a close-knit family that loves to have fun together and stays very active. As you will see from most of our photos, we turn everything into an adventure and spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, exploring, and just hanging out. Our two smaller dogs Oscar and Grace have been great companions throughout our 13 years of marriage, however, we are ready to expand our family and have chosen to adopt as we are not able to have a biological child.

About Us

We were introduced right after college, and quickly hit it off. In fact, after dating for a little over a year, Ian knew that she was the one and asked Amber's dad for permission for her hand in marriage. Ian flew to Paris, France where Amber was studying abroad to surprise her and propose in front of the Eiffel Tower. We were married later that year, and the adventures only got better from there.

After purchasing our first home, we decided to make their first addition to the family, by adopting Oscar, our small rat terrier. A few years later, we decided Oscar needed company so we added another puppy to the mix by adopting Grace, a beagle mix. Both of these puppies were love at first sight at the rescue shelter, and have brought a lot of love and excitement to our lives.

We have lived in a few states in the US, as well as lived abroad in Scotland, and have always embraced exploring new areas, cultures, and ideas. Throughout it all, the common thread has always been our family, as our travels and explorations have allowed them to expand their horizons, as they frequently travel with and stay with us wherever we are.

About Amber From Ian

'About Amber From Ian' Image

Amber is the most supportive and caring individual that I know, and I can't imagine my life without her. She has always pushed me to be the best person that I can be, and has enabled me to follow my dreams while she stands with me every step of the way. Her sister had children at an early age, so Amber has played a large part in our niece and nephew's lives which has shown me how great she will be as a mom. She is empathetic and understanding when it comes to nurturing, but is also fierce and willing to fight to defend what she believes in. I know that any child will thrive with her as a mom, as she will support them in finding their passions, and will make sure that they have the tools and environment to achieve what they set out to do.

About Ian From Amber

'About Ian From Amber' Image

My best friend Ian, is such an amazing husband. He has always been ambitious and determined to succeed. At a young age he began his first business selling baby hamsters to a pet store. Since then his endeavors have advanced to the technology industry, and he is still a successful entrepreneur. Ian is a wonderful provider for our family and will always go the distance to ensure that our child has all that he or she needs.

Ian keeps me laughing and is always up to something interesting. He is very inquisitive, eager to learn and do more in life. He will be an amazing father, teaching our child to reach for anything he or she is interested in pursuing.

Ian is known as the "fun" one in our family, and is always up for playing a game. Just be prepared to lose, as he is very competitive. When our niece and nephew were younger, you could follow the giggles at any family event to him entertaining them.

Most of all, Ian is full of love. He is so thoughtful, always doing little things for me "just because". Our child will never doubt the love Ian has for him or her, as he will continue to remind them through both his words and his actions.

Our Families

We are very close to both of our families, spending holidays together, traveling the world together, and enjoying the little moments of every day life with them. Amber comes from a family with a strong Puerto Rican heritage on her dad's side, which plays a large part in many family traditions. Ian also has a mix of family traditions with a dad who was raised in the north, while his mom has strong southern roots. We each have sisters, whom we both consider our closest friends.

Our Home

We recently moved into a wonderful home in an established older neighborhood in Texas. The neighborhood has great schools close by, plenty of walking paths, and even has ponds that we fish in when the weather is nice. We picked our house due to its large backyard, which gave us plenty of room for a pool and a perfect outdoor space for grilling and hanging out in the summer.

Our Promise

'Our Promise' Image

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us, and we hope that our profile has given you a little insight into who we are, and the love that we share for each other and our family.

While there is no way for us to predict what the future will hold, we can promise you that if you choose to go on this journey with us, then we will provide your child with a loving and supporting environment in which they will thrive. We are committed to supporting them emotionally and financially, and that we will provide them with a stable and safe environment, and most importantly, we will love them unconditionally.

Additionally, we promise to make sure that we are open with them about where they came from and that they know and love you as their birth mother. We want them to celebrate their family heritage and that they come to recognize through this process that they have just gained more people who love them.

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