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Henry + Lauren

You are a great parent already! Parenthood demands love, bravery, trust, and the willingness to put your child's needs above your own. It takes an extra dose of those things when your pregnancy is unexpected. By choosing to bring your child into the world and carefully select an adoptive family for him or her you are exhibiting tremendous strength. This brave choice and the sacrifices you make during this period will be rewarded when you give your beautiful child the best possible start in this world. Thank you for taking time to learn more about our family and we cannot wait to learn more about you as well.

Our Family Story

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In 2011 we met in graduate school, but didn't have our first date until February 9, 2013. After that we quickly became inseparable. We enjoyed golfing together, riding bikes, playing scrabble, and spending time with one another's families. One year after our first date we went to the cinema, where Henry had arranged a special proposal video to appear in the movie previews.

We were married in July 2014. We were both very anxious to start our family and were so happy when we learned we had a baby on the way. In June 2015 we welcomed our son, Ricky. He is a very kind and thoughtful boy who loves to laugh and be silly, too. We know he will be a great big brother because of his sweet and empathetic nature.

About Lauren

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I love to be a stay-at-home mom. Ricky and I have lots of fun together. We go swimming or to the park, read books, work in the garden. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and though I've lived other places I'm glad to be back. I have lots of family here and Ricky loves spending time with his grandparents, cousins, and friends.

Four months after I gave birth to Ricky I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My treatments were very successful and now I am cancer free. Because of the treatments I am not able to have another baby at this time, but I trust in God that He is putting together our family in His own wonderful way. I am also trusting Him for the relationship that we will develop with you, the birth parent. Though I don't know you yet I have been praying for you for many months and I can't wait to meet you!

About Henry

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I was born in Brazil but moved to Miami in 1989. Graduating from engineering school, I have worked in different capacities and am currently employed as a financial advisor. I enjoy swimming, barbecuing, and playing chess. But mostly I love spending time with Ricky and making him laugh with silly faces.

I always dreamed of having a large family and I am very excited about the opportunity to raise another wonderful child. My goal is to provide for them with love, respect and kindness. When I envision my family in the future I see lots of kids around the table laughing and playing board games together, the way I loved to do with my own parents.

Little Ricky, The Big Brother To Be

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Ricky turned 2 in June 2017. He is a very sweet and cautious boy who loves to read books, play with toy cars, do puzzles and swing at the park. We know he will be a nice big brother because he is very protective and likes to share.

Our Town

We live in a small Midwestern suburban town. We love our town because there are many kids to play with and it's very safe. Kids zoom around town on their bikes. We can walk to the park, to schools, restaurants, and shops. There is always something fun happening. At the end of our street is a baseball field where we can watch games in the summertime.

A Day In Our Life

When we wake up we usually have scrambled eggs for breakfast, but sometimes we change it up. After we eat we usually go for a walk around town in the stroller. Ricky loves to see cars as well as the dogs and cats in the neighborhood. Then we might go to the park to play with friends or to visit Ricky's grandparents. Some days mommy does activities at church and Ricky plays with friends in the nursery. Other days we might go to the library or to the zoo. Unless it's rainy we get outside every day.

Ricky also likes to stay home and play with his toys, especially his building blocks, cars, books and puzzles. After lunch he usually takes a nap. His daddy always hurries home from work to play with his little boy. When the weather is nice we grill in the backyard and eat on the patio. On Thursday evenings Ricky has swimming lessons. He has been doing this since he was six months old and is getting to be a very good swimmer. He loves the water just like his dad! When it starts getting dark we read some books or watch a couple of videos. Ricky really likes musical numbers from Mary Poppins, the Lion King, and Sound of Music. Then it's time for bath and bed. We get a good night's sleep and do it all again the next day!

Even though our world revolves around Ricky right now we have lots more love to share with a new little brother or sister. We hope to continue to grow our family and fill our house with fun, love and play.

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