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Greg + Liz

Shadow puppets on bedroom walls, pots and pans that suddenly transform into a drum kit. Awesome art work on the dog's fur (no wait skip that one). These are some things that already happen at our house. Now all we need is an audience that would be entertained by all of this! We are Greg and Liz, and if you're interested to find out more about us, please read on.

My Husband

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Greg is my best friend. He is funny, thoughtful and the smartest person I know. Greg likes to cook and play drums. He is an amazing writer. Greg works with children and adults with special needs. His patience and sense of humor is what I love most about him. Greg can always make me laugh. He is an amazing dad! He loves reading stories and teaching Phoenix all about Godzilla!

My Wife

Liz is my friend, wife, and partner in life. She is hilarious, and knows exactly when I need an extra dose of that. She is a phenomenal teacher, and a great mom. Liz is very organized (one of us has to be), and spends her time using that skill to help rescue dogs. She also has an uncanny ability to turn most anything into a song!

Home Sweet Home

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We live in a suburban lake community. There are several lakes, pools and playgrounds surrounding our home. Our school district is wonderful and each season brings new activities for the neighborhood children to participate in.

Our Pups

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Bosco - He is a mama's boy and loves to go on walks and looking out the window. Bosco can be found chasing Phoenix around the house as he is his playmate.

Delilah "Lilah" - Doesn't play favorites. She is a certified therapy dog who visits schools and libraries. Delilah loves wearing clothes and has been in the newspaper several times. Phoenix loves to give Lilah hugs and calls her "cute".

Cleo - Is a daddy's girl. She loves to chew on bones and her ears perk up when you say "Dog Park". Cleo can always be found outside of Phoenix's bedroom as she is his protector.

Our dogs are friendly and can't wait to welcome another little one in the home to play with.


Phoenix is three years old. He is a smart and adventurous child. He loves anything that has to do with superheros and vehicles. Phoenix loves to be outside and has tons of friends his age to play with. He is excited to be a big brother!

The Adventure Continues...

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Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We truly can't wait to learn all about you. We are so excited to be expanding our family through adoption again. When we met Phoenix it was instant love. From that moment on we have made him our top priority. We speak of his birth family everyday. Please know that you can always be honest with us. Your child will have every opportunity in life. We value education, individuality, and doing the right thing (even though it's usually not the easy thing). These are the values we will instill in your child. Whether you choose us, or one of the many other wonderful families at Gladney, we wish you nothing but good fortune as you embark upon this journey as well.

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