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George + Eve

We are George & Eve - a loving family of four and we're excited to expand our family through adoption and welcome your child into our family and home. We want you to know your baby will be loved and cared for every day of their life.

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are honored and grateful that you are considering us as an adoptive family. As a couple, we have always had the calling to adopt. Adoption has never been foreign to us. Eve and her twin brother are adopted as well as several of George's cousins. We feel that through adoption our family will be complete.

We may never truly understand how difficult this decision is for you but we admire your courage and bravery. We thank you for making adoption the right decision for you and your baby. We will always honor you and speak about you with respect and admiration. Your baby will know you made the ultimate loving sacrifice.

We are excited to expand our family through adoption and welcome your child into our family and home. We want you to know your baby will be loved and cared for every day of their life. We hope you can see the love we have to offer.

How We Met

'How We Met' Image

We met during senior year of high school at an interview for a premedical college program. Once accepted, we became friends very quickly and were inseparable. The two of us were always together, while studying, eating in the dorm cafeteria, or taking a jog around campus.

After 4 years of college, we went to medical school together. We again were inseparable, always supporting the other throughout the process. Between 2nd and 3rd year medical school, George proposed to Eve during a family trip to Italy. Where else but on a gondola ride in Venice! It was so romantic!!

George By Eve

George is my soul mate - I figured that out pretty soon. He is the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for. He is a kind and gentle soul, never raising his voice but yet quick witted and makes you laugh when you least expect it. His easy-going nature allows him to get along with everyone!

He is a calming spirit. It is rare to see him angry. His calming energy is always a delight to be around. His sereneness is also a value at work where he is always graceful under fire.

He is the middle child of 3 brothers, and family is the most important thing to him. He is very close to his immediate and extended family. He has a ton of cousins that are like siblings to him too!

For fun, George loves to read about sports, watch ESPN and check his ESPN app on this phone. But seriously, he likes sports but also plays golf. He enjoys going out to the ranch and relaxing. He is adventurous and always up for a challenge!

George is the most amazing father. He is patient and loving. When our children were babies, I would hand them to him and they would immediately fall asleep. I think they could sense his tranquil spirit.

He is the first to offer a lending hand and the last to complain. We are extremely lucky to have him in our lives!!!

Eve By George

'Eve by George' Image

Meet Eve, the love of my life. We met at a relatively early age, and our relationship blossomed instantly. What attracted me to her you might ask? Plenty of things, starting with her infectious smile, brilliant intellect, and happy-go-lucky personality. We had so much fun together in college, and in addition to being my running partner, she is a math wiz and was critical in helping me pass my calculus class. I cherished our late nights studying together, giving each other quizzes, and making silly mnemonics to help remember all sorts of information. Going through school together was great, and Eve was always so encouraging and urged me to pursue all of my goals.

Fast forward to our married life and things got even better. I love spending each day with Eve in my life. She does such an excellent job in keeping our family together. Her selfless nature and unwavering dedication to me and the kids is such a blessing. Our home is such a happy place, and this is in large part due to her influence. I'm always happy to be home, and there is nothing I love more than spending time together.

Our Children

'Our Children' Image

Our children are the center of our lives and we can't wait to expand our family! Eva is 7 and Joaquin is 4. Waking up to them in the morning feels like Christmas morning every day. We feel so blessed to have 2 little beings to enjoy our life with. They can't wait to become a big sister (again) and big brother. Eva is sweet and easygoing. She always wants to please and is very studious. She enjoys dancing ballet, playing piano and doing art. Joaquin is our feisty little opinionated boy. He is very engaging and loves to get to know people. He loves playing Teeball and doing art. They pray every night for their baby brother or sister. They are excited to have another playmate to "play tractors with", "swing outside" and read books together!

A Day In The Life Of...

George gets an early start in the morning and is usually gone for work by 7 am. Eve gets up and gets the kids ready for school. Evangelina loves to eat blueberry muffins and Joaquin likes toast with peanut butter for breakfast. The kids are really good at getting themselves dressed and out the door for a busy day! Both kids love going to school and enjoy playing with their friends. After school, Evangelina and Joaquin have many activities that include ballet, piano, art lessons, soccer, and studying. When Eve and George come home from work, we like to sit together as a family for dinner. During dinner we talk about our day and our evening plans. After dinner we like to ride bikes, play outside, play board games, practice the piano, and read books. Spending time together as a family is our favorite part of the day!

Some traditions we enjoy are going to our family ranch where we enjoy the serenity away from the city. George loves to fish and Joaquin likes to ride all of the tractors. Evangelina likes to relax and do puzzles, and Eve likes to read books. We enjoy sitting outside and looking at the stars. The kids like to identify the Little Dipper and the North Star. The sky in the country is truly beautiful.

We also enjoy getting together with our families. Eve's family gets together for the holidays, and during the summer they enjoy meeting up at the beach. George's family has traditionally celebrated posadas around Christmas time for the past 70 years. At the posadas, we sing a traditional Spanish song written by George's grandmother, "Mama Grande".

A new tradition is Cousin's Weekend. Over 30 cousins get together over Labor Day weekend. Both sets of generations love hanging out together. We cook, make smores, have dance parties, and swim. We all have a blast!!!


'Closing' Image

We promise to care for your child as our own. We promise to love him or her every day. We promise to raise them to be a responsible caring adult. We will encourage them to be curious, love to travel and seek out adventure. We will give them the best education possible but also remember that some of the most important lessons in life are not taught in the classroom. We hope to expose them to different kinds of sports and art. We will attend Broadway plays together and go to games with local professional sports teams. We will cherish him or her and learn from them. As a parent, we have learned that sometimes parenting is learning about yourself. We will be patient and kind and always remember the best gift a parent can give is love.

With admiration and respect,

George, Eve, Evangelina and Joaquin

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