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George + Dakota

We don't know you yet, but the thought of you reading this sometime in the near future brings joy to our hearts. Above all, we hope that you see yourself through the eyes that we do - as a strong, loving, and brave mother willing to do whatever is necessary for her child. While it is difficult to pack our entire lives into a few paragraphs, we hope this profile gives you a glimpse of who we are as a couple, as individuals, and the life that we have created together.

Our Story

Our story began many, many years ago when George moved to the same school as Dakota in the 3rd grade. Throughout school we had many of the same friends and occasionally hung out together, but we didn't start dating until our senior year of high school. According to George, Dakota came back from vacation "with a nice summer tan," which sealed the deal. By our second date, we both knew that this was much more than just a quick fling based on a summer tan. It was hard to believe that we had known each other for 10 years without realizing how much we had in common. We went to college at The University of Texas at Austin, and lived in Austin for several years. We now live near the city we grew up in, and we love living so close to both of our families. While we love our lives and the adventures that we have together, we are so excited to be able to grow our family and share new adventures with a child.

About George, Written By Dakota

'About George, written by Dakota' Image

George is without a doubt the happiest, most optimistic person I have ever known. He finds joy in everything, from the big moments to the small. In fact, while I am writing this, he is celebrating the fact that he found a mint in his coat pocket leftover from last night's dinner.

George never meets a stranger. That sounds like a cliche, but it's true. He finds something in common with everyone he meets and can carry on a meaningful and genuine conversation with anyone. Even people who have only met him once will tell me how much they enjoyed talking to him.

George has so much love and happiness to share with the world, and I know that this is one of the many qualities that will make him an excellent father. His zest for life is truly contagious, and I am so excited to watch him share this joy with our future child.

George at a Glance:

Career: Director of Merchandising for a sports team

Hobbies: Guitar, cooking, random trivia, golf

Hidden Talent: Can solve a Rubik's Cube in one minute

Favorite Food: Anything with a fried egg on top

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

In 3 Words: Determined, humorous, joyful

About Dakota, Written By George

'About Dakota, written by George' Image

Dakota is someone that everyone should have a chance to get to know. What I love most about her is her intelligence and how open minded she is about everything and everyone. These are inspiring qualities that push me to be the best version of myself. She makes me think about things in ways that I never would have before.

Dakota carries a confidence about her that exudes happiness and a joyful spirit. There is not a negative ounce of energy or negative perspective coming from her. Being around Dakota has always made me feel safe and secure, and I know that those qualities will also make her an incredible mother. Her outlook on life will naturally instill the most beautiful characteristics in our future child, and I cannot wait to watch that happen.

Dakota at a Glance:

Career: 1st Grade Teacher

Hobbies: Photography, writing, cooking, hiking

Hidden Talent: Calligraphy

Favorite Food: Tamales

Favorite TV Show: Friends

In 3 Words: Intelligent, compassionate, witty

Our Daily Life

'Our Daily Life' Image

Our lifestyle can best be described as a balance of a little bit of everything. We enjoy being active and hiking, but we also love a day spent watching shows on Netflix. We love hosting parties and going out with friends, but we can also be major homebodies and have been known to pass up an invitation just so we can stay in and cook together. Our hobbies range from vegetable gardening to community theater to sporting events, but our variety of interests keeps things interesting and allows us to meet friends from many different walks of life.

We live in a quiet suburb of a large city. We love where we live because it provides the comforts of a quiet, family-friendly community, but also the convenience, culture, and liveliness that comes with a big city. This fits our personalities perfectly - we love our quiet evening walks at the local park, but also love to take a quick drive downtown for art festivals, new restaurants, or museums.

We bought our home with children in mind. Our neighborhood is in the same school district that Dakota teaches in, and we look forward to our child being able to make friends with the neighborhood kids that will go to their school. On most nights, you can find us cooking dinner together, taking our dog Lucy for a walk, or enjoying the evening on our back porch.

Things That Bring Us Happiness

'Things That Bring Us Happiness' Image

The Lake

One of our favorite things to do on weekends is spend time at Dakota's parent's lake house. The lake is a perfect place for a child to explore, play, and learn. Many of Dakota's favorite childhood memories are of times at the lake, and we look forward to our child making lifelong memories there too!


We love to travel any chance we get, whether it is a quick weekend getaway, or a cross country road trip. Every summer we take a 10 day vacation to new places. We love road trips, because we get to try a little bit of everything all in one trip - big cities, new restaurants, cheesy tourist attractions, beautiful scenery, hiking, museums, and all other kinds of adventure. We love to visit national parks and we hope to some day see all of them! So far our favorite has been Zion National Park.


Lucy is our Lhasa Apso that we got soon after we got married. She makes us laugh on a daily basis and always keeps us entertained. Lucy is wonderful with kids. She loves to play and cuddle with our nephew and our friends' children.

Our Famillies

Both of our families live within a 20 minute drive from us, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are very close with our families, and the laughter and jokes are never ending any time we get together. Both families have such a warm and friendly quality about them that makes anyone feel welcome.

George is the oldest of five sisters and has 2 nephews and 1 niece. Our nephews and niece are young, and we look forward to our future child being able to grow up with them.

Dakota's parents are both retired (her dad was an elementary school principal and her mom was a teacher). They are so excited for a grandchild! Dakota's sister is a talented artist who will fill the "fun aunt" role perfectly.

Both of our families are thrilled that we are adopting and are looking forward to welcoming a new family member!

Our Promise To You

Our greatest promise to you is that your child will grow up always receiving an abundance of love - not only from the two of us, but from our family, our friends, and from you. Your child will know from the very beginning about the incredible gift that you gave to us and to them, and they will always know how much you love them. We look forward to you becoming a part of our lives in a way that you feel comfortable with.

For the rest of our lives we will be right there with them to share their joy in all of the happy times, and we will stand beside them and be their biggest support system through life's tough moments. We will show them unconditional love, and we will support and guide them through whatever path life leads them on. We will give them as many experiences as we can and show them all of the love and kindness that this world has to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We wish you all the best on this journey, and in whatever path you choose.

With Love,

George & Dakota

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