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David + Meaghan

We are David and Meaghan! We cannot imagine how difficult the process of considering an adoption plan must be for you, but we do know it requires unlimited amounts of love for your child and their future. Thank you for loving them so much! Regardless of whether you choose adoption or parenting, we pray you feel at peace with the choice you make for you both. We admire your strength in earnestly considering what the best choice is for each of your future's. We hope this profile gives you an honest glimpse into our lives and the supportive and excited family and community that is ready to welcome you and your child with open arms if you should choose to walk this path with us. Even if you feel we are not the right family for you and your child, we wish you all the best.

Our Story

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David and Meaghan share many different loves, one of which is sports. Both of them were working in the college athletics department when they met. They were doing the same job at different schools and struck up a friendship. After three years, a friend of David's encouraged him to ask Meaghan out (despite the fact that she soon was moving 1200 miles away), and he did. Fortunately, long distance did not deter the couple, who never lived closer than a five-hour car ride away from one another. More often than not, they lived in different time zones over the course of their 2.5 year relationship before getting married in 2015. In fact, they never lived in the same city until Meaghan moved in with David in Texas two months AFTER they were married in Florida. Meaghan was teaching there at the time. In four years of marriage, they have moved, been through job changes, traveled, suffered loss, celebrated successes, and built a foundation for the future. A future that they hope includes a family.

Meet Meaghan

It didn't take long in our friendship for me to see that Meaghan had so many of the qualities I was looking for in a partner. She is funny, intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind. She is not intimidated by strong personalities because she can stand up to them with her own style of sass and sarcasm. When she smiles, her whole face lights up. There is nothing fake about her. Those qualities, and many more, are exactly what made me fall in love with her when she first met my family. She fit right in and caught on quickly to their style of joking. Within hours of meeting Meaghan, my dad pulled me aside and said I had found a good one. I knew I had found the partner that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! We laugh often, love each other deeply, and enjoy building a life with one another. Meaghan is a force that people can't help but be attracted to because she brings life and love into every occasion. Her passions and hobbies mean she will always have something fun to talk about and her baking skills are the envy of every teacher at her school. I look forward to the next phase in our lives and watching her mother a child!

Meet David

It was at our second meeting that I wondered what it would be like to go out with David! After our third date, I wondered what it would be like to marry him. He is intelligent, kind, loyal, funny, witty, and a thoroughly entertaining dancer - just ask anyone at our wedding! David endeared himself to my family from their first meeting and even shares his own inside jokes with each of my family members. He proves over and over that he can fit in with whatever group of people he is surrounded by. David adores the children of his best friends and I look forward to watching him with a future child. I imagine them reading, playing games, building Lego towers, and more together.

Our Home

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Our neighborhood has many children of all ages and plenty of green space for playing outside. We live on the edge of the city and can enjoy its activities; including music festivals and restaurants, as well as the quiet of the suburbs. We live near a movie theater, several parks, and we also live within a great school district. We have other amenities around such as a pool and playground. Our home is cozy with plenty of room to grow as a family. We have an open living room and kitchen area where we are able to gather together and enjoy a good meal or play board games with family and friends. Some of our friends pictured, are good friends of ours who we get together with often. They all have young children.

Our Families

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Meaghan - My family is small, but it never sounds like it! We fill a room with laughter, talk, and fun whenever we're together. We love to play games, but have standing rules for different games, which include: spouses cannot be partners when playing cards. My mom and I talk on the phone often, but it's only because we have grown into close friends as I have gotten older. My parents even talk about moving closer as our family expands to be more involved in our lives

David - My family is big, loud and filled with love and laughter. My brother and sister have families, so gatherings for the holidays make for a crowded house. Once dinner is over, the cards and board games come out and we play for hours. My brother and I have grown even closer in the last year after our dad passed away. Our family is different now without him, but still full of love. My family is excited for us to begin this journey of parenthood and ready to love with their whole hearts. They are all just a few hours away and are excited to make our holidays and celebrations even bigger and more special.

Before You Go, We Want You To Know...

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As we end our time together, we can't help but express how much we care about you as a person, a mother/father, and someone we see as worthy of love! We believe in you and pray you feel confident in your decision, whatever that may be in the end. If you choose us to parent your child, we promise to love him/her unconditionally. We promise to raise him/her as our parents raised us: in a home grounded in faith and filled with love, laughter, and hope. We promise to guide them through the hard days, encourage them during the exciting times and offer a listening ear during those difficult conversations. We will read many books, travel as much as possible and snuggle together to watch a movie at the end of a long day. We promise to honor you in our words and actions, both big and small. We promise to share with your child the deep love you have for them and that you are an amazing person whom we admire. We will encourage them to explore their heritage and story so they feel confident in themselves and the life before them. We wish you all the best and hope we have an opportunity to get to know you more soon!

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