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David + Annabel

Hello, we are Dave, Annabel, and Maggie and we would like to give you a warm hug and welcome you to our family! We have been trying for six years to have a second child and had two losses in the process. After the second loss, Dave and Maggie attended the father daughter dance in our community that was hosted by Gladney and we knew that that was a sign from God to adopt! We feel strongly that there is a child waiting for us just as we have been waiting for them. We are so grateful to the huge sacrifice it is to gift someone with this amazing miracle and want to take the time to thank you for considering us. We hope that we are the missing piece that you are looking for as we feel there is one piece missing in our family puzzle that will someday complete us.

Meet Dave!

'Meet Dave!' Image

Dave was born and raised in Virginia. He is a kind, happy and silly dad who adores Maggie and loves to be playful! Dave loves anything water related. His favorite spot is at the pool or beach. He loves to play with Maggie and likes to make life fun and exciting! He also loves to snuggle and take Maggie to the movies. The past couple of years, Dave and Maggie have run a few 5K's together. He has never met a pizza he didn't like and loves to cover everything in ketchup! He makes the best breakfast and enjoys dance parties with Maggie and Annabel on the weekends.

Maggie always says that "he is the best Dad and fill her heart with joy!"

Dave is a natural leader. He was Vice President of his senior class in high school, President of his college fraternity, and is now the VP of the member services at his work. Dave enjoys his career. His company works to provide financial solutions to electric utilities across the country. It is important to him to have a healthy life-work balance and to make it home for dinner ( as long ketchup is included on the menu!)

Meet Annabel!

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Annabel was born in England and raised in Virginia. She is proud of her British heritage. She is a Pilates instructor and owns her own studio. She taught kindergarten for the public school system for 10 years and loves working with children! When Maggie was born, she stopped working for the public school system to teach at Maggie's preschool. Annabel also teaches teen groups and vision workshop classes for kids to help them develop their goals, wishes and dreams for the future. She has coached Maggie's lacrosse and basketball teams and has been her class her mom several times. She loves to cook healthy and organic meals at home. She's super involved, loving, kind, affectionate, and gentle.

Maggie says that "she is the nicest mom in the world and she is kind and gentle and knows what I love!"

David Annabel met in college and it was love at first sight! They have been together for 18 years now and feel so blessed that they have found their soulmate. We feel strongly about teamwork and communication and are very affectionate.

Meet Maggie!

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Maggie is a spunky, sweet, energetic, silly girl with a nurturing soul. We always say her heart is made of gold because she is so kind, empathetic, and caring towards others. If she were a superhero, her power would be kindness. She loves dressing up, cheetas, wolves, polar bears, sleeping in, Legos, pasta, the pool, making fairy gardens, the beach, finding shells, sports (especially lacrosse), and celebrating with friends and family! Play dates are her favorite thing to do and she has always asked for a sibling to play with!


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As a family, we love to be adventurous. We love to go to the beach, to the lake, and take lots of trips. We are very family oriented. Maggie's grandmother lives two doors down the road in a great neighborhood and her cousins and aunts and uncles are less than 30 miles away. We have a lot of family get together's. We also have a lot of close friends that we consider family who we are always having over.

Our Hope

What we want for our children in the future is to be happy, healthy, kind, confident and loving towards others. We believe that every child has a purpose and finding that purpose is very important. We want to nurture that for our children. We also want our children to have a sibling to be able to share memories with, be able to confide in, and have that unspoken sibling bond.

Thank you for considering us! We hope to be the right fit for each other!

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