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Darren + Claire

We are Darren & Claire. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us. We are excited for an opportunity to start our family. Our journey to parenthood has been a difficult but meaningful path. It has strengthened our relationship with each other but more importantly our faith in God. Along the way adoption started as a thought in our minds, then a topic of our conversations and evenually a desire in our hearts. We cannot wait to share all of the love we have with a very special child.

Our Story

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Our love story began in high school. We met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. After dinner, a game of bowling and lots of laughter, high school sweethearts were born. We dated through college and were engaged 7 years after our first date. After college we moved to Texas for jobs. Claire in insurance and Darren in education. We have been happily married since 2008.

What Darren Has To Say About Claire:

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Claire has many amazing qualities: the first of which is her love for God. Secondly she loves unconditionally whether it is a family member, a friend or random person she will go out of her way to help. She loves spending time with family and friends. Some of her passions include cooking, reading, traveling and staying active. There aren't many days she doesn't go to the gym or for a run in our neighborhood. She is an amazing person who has so much love to give.

What Claire Has To Say About Darren

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Darren is more patient than I knew possible. He is strong yet gentle, he has a pure heart and steadfast faith. He is a loyal husband and friend. He is intelligent and has quite a sense of humor. He loves coffee, 80's music and mowing grass. He is creative and hardworking - he has even taught himself to play the drums. He is a gift to me and everyone that knows him.

Our Pets

We have a beautiful gray cat named Darcy. She was rescued in June of 2008. She purrs really loud, loves a cardboard box and to drink from the sink.

George is our beagle that loves to cuddle, chase squirrels and eat textiles. He will dance for cheese!

Our Travels

We pick a new place to visit each summer. Some of our adventures include Yellowstone Park, San Diego, St. Croix, O'ahu, Kona & Key West.

Darren's Family

Darren's family consists of his Mom and Dad (Renee' & Dale), his older brother Todd and his two children Aynsley and Kade. His parents live on a lake about 20 minutes from Claire's parents. Most trips home we do things as one big family.

Darren's parents are very active in their church and love cooking and fishing. Darren's Dad is part of a blue grass band and his Mom decorates the most beautiful cakes! Todd is the fire chief in town. Aynsley is recently married and Kade is quite the fisherman and football player.

Our child will be the 3rd grandchild in the family, but the first in a longtime. They are very excited to have a little baby to love on.

Claire's Family

Claire is part of a close knit family of 4 - Mom and Dad (Kathy and David) and younger sister Sarah. Sarah is married to Matt and they have one daughter, Isabel.

David and Kathy enjoy being outdoors, whether it be on the lake or working in the yard. David loves golf and Kathy is a beautiful seamstress. Even though they don't live close, visits are frequent and always an adventure.

Sarah and Matt live about 10 minutes down the road from us. We spend lots of time together and Sunday night dinners are a priority.

Our child will be the second grandchild in Claire's family. Everyone is so exited - Claire's grandmother is already making blankets!

Our Prayer For You

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Bless this expectant mother who is trying to make a plan for her baby. She may be confused and afraid. I pray that she finds the peace only you can provide. I pray for her support system as they walk this journey alongside her. Give them the words needed to encourage and support this precious woman whatever her decision may be. I pray that you give her endorance during the difficult times, confidence in your divine love and hope in a bright future with abundant blessings.


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