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Daniel + Martha

It is difficult to summarize our whole lives in one profile, but we hope that we gave you a glimpse of who we are. We can promise your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and surrounded by family and friends who will cherish them. We will provide your child with the best possible education and spiritual upbringing possible.

Our Story

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We met each other through an online dating site. We were instantly intrigued with each other. In our profiles we listed favorite color and song among other things, noticing we both had the same favorite color, green and the same favorite song, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot, we both knew we had to meet each other. We dated for a year, we were engaged for a year and have currently been married for four years.

After being married for a year we bought our home with the hope of starting a family. After trying to conceive for 3 years and having two miscarriages, it seems God has other plans for us. We realized creating a family the "traditional" way just wasn't going to happen. These issues have done nothing but bring us closer together and open our hearts to the prospect of adoption.

Meet Daniel

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Daniel is quiet, responsible, strong, kind, dependable, a great cook and grill master. Daniel keeps up with the yard work, even in the Texas heat. He loves the outdoors; camping, fishing and kayaking. He is a handyman. If Daniel doesn't know how to fix something he will research and figure it out. He loves animals, especially his dog Freya. His Grandma (Bema) lives on a farm with cows, chickens, horses and even a pot belly pig. When he goes to visit her, he gets up early to help make sure they are all fed.

Daniel works in the transportation field. He drove 18 wheelers for 13 years before becoming the company driver trainer. Now he works as a freight inspector making sure the company's shipments are correctly categorized and inspected. This ensures that he keeps costs down for the company. He really loves his job.

Daniel has a lovely, supportive family. He has his mother & step-father, a younger brother and sister. His sister is married with 3 kids. He sure knows how to spoil his niece and nephews. They sure do love their Uncle Daniel.

Meet Martha

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Martha is kind, sweet, friendly, patient, loving, hardworking and a little loud with her laughter. She loves to sing and dance, even if she isn't that good at it. She talks to everyone she meets like they are already a friend. Martha loves to travel and is always up for a nice drive, going wherever the car takes her. Martha has a large collection of bouncy balls that she has been collecting for over 10 years. Hanging out with friends and family is what really makes Martha happy.

She works at the Police Department in the Property and Evidence section. She has been doing this for almost 12 years and loves it.

Martha has a large, loving family, her mother, 2 older sisters and a younger brother. Martha's father passed away unexpectedly in December 2012. Martha was always a daddy's girl, but she knows he is still watching over her. Her siblings are all married and each has two children, giving her 4 nephews and 2 nieces. Martha loves those kids and can't help but spoil them. They are all so supportive for this journey she is on.

Our Home

We own a 2 story, 4 bedroom home with a game room and large backyard.

The nieces and nephews love the pool table, even though they don't really understand how to play real pool, they love learning. Upstairs is also where the fish tank of bouncy balls is located, over 4,000 of them. Our nieces and nephews will sit and point out their favorite ones. The bedrooms are large and spacious with plenty of room for a dedicated play area. The backyard is gated and ready for a swing set. It is large enough to have room to run around and play in.

The neighborhood is full of children of all ages. The neighbors are friendly and always willing to help. We have a community pool with a fun splash pad, a basketball court and a shaded park to play in.

We live in a top ranked school district. The elementary school is just a 5-minute walk down the street. The middle school bus stop is next door and the high school is only a mile and half away.


Family is so important to both Daniel and Martha. We both have big loving families and we love spending time together. Daniel's family lives in the area and Martha's family kind of lives all over, from as close as 4 hours to as far away as Germany.

Our families get along great. When we got married, it was fun watching the cousins dance together. Then when we moved into our home, we had everyone over for a BBQ. They swam in a kiddy pool and played with water balloons. Having family weekends, holiday gatherings and celebrating birthdays are some of the things we enjoy doing. We love spending Thanksgiving in Arkansas with Bema and all her animals. Living in this area there is always something fun to do, so we are the go-to house.


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Friendship is just as important as family. Our friends are family, we love getting to spend time with each other. Our friends have been nothing but supportive as we all go on this journey. Most of our friends have children so it's like we have even more nieces and nephews. They sometimes even call us Uncle Daniel and Auntie Martha.

We enjoy playing board games, going to sporting events, concerts and Broadway musicals. Daniel, Martha and some friends were part of a bowling league. Team name Ignore the Score because we weren't that good but we always had fun doing it.

Thank You

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. The choice you are making is likely one of the hardest of your life and what you are considering is the most generous of acts that anyone can possibly do for an adoptive couple like us. Without a doubt, this will not be easy and we commend you on your bravery. We hope that we can be a part of your journey and give you peace with your decision. Through this profile you will be able to see the love we have for each other and our families.

We are excited to become parents and welcoming a child into our home and family.

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