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Daniel + Alexa

Hello, we are Daniel & Alexa! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and gain a glimpse of our family! We know that this is a very challenging time with trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby. We cannot fathom the circumstances that have brought you to this moment. We pray that you are able to pursue the road ahead with lots of love and support. We admire your decision on choosing LIFE and we are grateful that you have been led to our story.

Dear Friend,

'Dear friend,' Image

We admire your decision on choosing LIFE and we are grateful that you have been led to our story. If you make a decision to pursue the adoption process, we want you to know that we have so much love to give. Both of us come from large families. We can assure you, along with our families, that we will love and cherish the baby God puts in our lives. We promise that his/her life will be full of laughter and happiness. We will provide a faithful and safe environment for the child to grow. It is very important to us that our child know how much they are loved by you and is made aware of the courageous and loving decisions you, their birth mother has made.

Please know that even if we are not the family you choose, you and your little blessing are in our daily thoughts and prayers. We pray that God strengthens you on your journey and protects both you and your child during this pregnancy, and enlightens you with the will and peace to pursue whatever decisions you may choose.

About Us

We will forever be thankful for our mutual friends that put our paths together. We met in 2011. Ironically, we grew up less than 5 miles from one another, in the bayou country, but went to different schools. Surprisingly after 2 years of dating, Daniel proposed. He proposed on a beautiful summer night, underneath the stars. The proposal was perfect (with the exception of those thirsty Louisiana mosquitoes)! We were engaged for 2 years, while Alexa finished nursing school, and we were married on June 5, 2015. As a couple, our love and faith have only grown stronger through the years. Our hearts yearn for children to love and care for. Through much prayer, we feel that adoption is the path God has planned for us. We have always desired pursuing adoption, especially since Daniel's father was adopted as a newborn.

Our Wedding

We got married, on a beautiful summer day at our small-town church. A special addition to our day was having not only 1 but 2 priests from our church community who were able to watch our relationship blossom from the beginning and then marry us. Throughout our relationship, we have experienced many milestones together, but the one we look forward to the most is becoming parents!

What I Love About Daniel, By: Alexa

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Daniel will be a wonderful dad! He loves children! He never complains when I offer to babysit, in fact I think he really looks forward to those days to unleash his inner child. Daniel is a softhearted and thoughtful gentleman. He enjoys spending time with our families, working in the yard, watching movies, playing computer games, and many outdoor activities such as walking and spending time with our dogs. He has grown much in his adulthood in activities such as hunting, fishing, crabbing and trail riding. He cannot wait to share these passions with our future children. Daniel's easy-going spirit is adored by so many. Because he is so patient and kind, many people refer to Daniel as a "gentle giant!" Our nieces look forward to their visits with their "Uncle Dan Dan!"

Daniel works as an account manager for a large Oil & Gas company. He visits rigs and trouble shoots any issues that need resolving with chemicals. Being with the company for 10 years, he has great benefits and gets 4 weeks' vacation a year!

What I Love About Alexa, By: Daniel

Alexa is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met and I am lucky to call her my wife. She truly cares about others and wants everyone to be treated fairly. As a registered nurse, she is often complemented on her bedside manners and friendly demeanor. She knows how to brighten anyone's day even during tough times. She balances me out with all life's stressors and helps me to be a better person. I could not have ended up with a better companion for life's journey. Alexa's love for life will only be amplified by the addition of a child to our lives. She has so much love to give and will make such a great Mom! She is also looking forward to all the fun crafting projects to finish decorating our nursery!

Home Sweet Home

We moved into our home about 2 years ago. Our neighborhood is minutes from both of our parents' homes, which is a blessing. We live in a small Louisiana town. The neighborhood we live in has many young families that have young children. The neighborhood provides a safe environment for the kids to play and socialize. We have a large back yard where our 3 pups enjoy running around and playing. Daniel likes to do wood working and has plans with another friend to make a fun swing set/tree house for our children to play on! We live in a great school district with highly rated schools, which will be so convenient. Our good friends will be moving in soon right down the road. They have the sweetest little girl who is so excited to live near Aunt Lex and Uncle Dan. We have child proofed our home and have a nursery ready for a baby! We are so very excited to welcome a baby into our family!

Our Fur Babies

'Our fur babies' Image

We love our 3 pups! Goose is the eldest; he is a mix between a maltese and beagle. Jolie is the middle pup; she is a black schnauzer. And last but not least is our baby girl pup Belle, who is a brown schnauzer. Our pups enjoy going for walks, riding in the car and playing in our large back yard!

Our Hobbies

Some of the many hobbies we enjoy are fishing, boat riding and trail riding. We love traveling/vacationing and hope to explore many new places in years to come. We can't wait to make new memories doing the things we love with our child/children one day.

Our Family And Friends

We are so blessed to have many friends and family that have been so supportive and excited for our decision to pursue adoption! We see our family and friends often and they will play a large part in our child's growth. They cannot wait to welcome a new child/children into our family!

Holiday Celebrations & Family Traditions

'Holiday celebrations & Family traditions' Image

We LOVE the holidays, especially the ones where we can gather with our family and friends! Every year, we are fortunate to celebrate the holidays with both sides of the family. We especially like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when our family members from out of town can make it in to celebrate. Mardi Gras is a reason for many gatherings in the Spring. We enjoy the parades and often try to bring my younger sister to them when that time of the year rolls around. Our extended families are getting larger with each year that passes. Even though we may not live far from one another, we don't get to see each other as often as we like, which makes the holidays so important.

We have many family traditions, that range from family gatherings for birthday celebrations and family vacations during the summertime. We enjoy crawfish/crab boils, holiday gatherings, etc. These functions are always lots of fun. We are a very close-knit family who cherishes our traditions. We plan to continue sharing these with generations to come.

Thank You

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know just a little bit about us! We have so much more to say, but this could go on forever! We understand that we may not be the first or the last profile that you look through, but we wish you well in whatever decision you feel is best for you and your child. We know this is a tough decision and pray that God strengthens and enlightens you (because he will). Choosing LIFE alone just shows that there are heaven sent angels out there for people, like us, who are ready to start our family. We absolutely cannot contain the excitement we have for the phone call that we are matched, and if you are our Angel we can't wait to meet you! God Bless!

Daniel & Alexa

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