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Dan + Laura

If you decide to pursue an adoption plan and have us walk alongside you in this journey, we want you to know we will support you every step of the way and will honor your wishes in this process. It takes a lot of strength to consider how you want your child to grow up, whether that is through choosing adoption for them, or you choosing to parent. We know you want what's best for your child, whichever path you may choose.


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We can only imagine that while you are no doubt an incredible person, this is probably a very emotionally challenging time for you. You might be feeling scared and maybe even conflicted. This journey has definitely been trying and scary at times for us too -- but the fact that you are here means that you are listening to your heart, and we are too!

We know you are a beautiful person inside and out, strong, and fighting for this life inside of you. We hope we have the opportunity to meet you soon and learn more about you!

Where Our Story Began

We met through Laura's sister. She was a medical social worker at a hospital that Dan worked at as a physician. When Laura moved back to the area from the east coast, her sister thought we would hit it off, connected us on Facebook, and so our relationship began! There is some debate as to who asked who out first! But we officially met on a "blind" date about a week later and have been in each other's lives since. Dan was such a perfect gentleman on their first few dates that Laura thought she was in the friend zone -- but in reality, Dan was just being respectful We dated for a little over a year before we got engaged.

We got married after one house sale, another house purchase, a job change, Dan's broken femur from running with one of our dogs, and after dating for more than two years. We were married on a ranch in horse country Texas, just down the road from where Laura's horse, Bow, was boarded. He was even at the wedding! Our wedding was filled with both sides of our family, Laura's mostly from around Texas and Dan's from Texas and the Midwest. Luckily Dan's broken femur healed in time to be able to walk down the aisle! We are each other's best friend and strongest defenders. We go to each other at our happiest and at our worst. We love each other unconditionally, and while we are both strong-willed people and occasionally disagree, we talk out everything. We have so much respect for each other and we try to show that every day.

Why We Want To Pursue Adoption

When we realized we could not have children naturally without invasive methods, it was instantly on our hearts to consider adoption. We had never envisioned our lives without children and knew that adoption would offer an opportunity for us to grow our family.

There was no question that this was the right choice for us. Laura's cousins are adopted and she also worked in a foster care agency while in social work school. Long before she knew there would be fertility challenges, she always knew she wanted to adopt. As a result, we had always talked about adoption as something we would consider when we got married.


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Dan Shares...

My wife is a fiercely passionate woman in everything that she does. She has never been the person who takes the easy way out. She's a fighter and she fights hard for what she believes in. Laura works as the head of a nonprofit that helps animals by passing animal welfare laws in our state. As you may have noticed in our pictures, we have two rescue dogs, Emma and Minnie. Even her horse, Bow, is a rescue. Laura also puts the same passion into her family, her friends, and her hobbies. Those that she becomes friends with, end up being friends for life. Laura works hard to be involved regularly in the lives of her aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are really excited as we have Laura's parents retiring and moving nearby, which will be an awesome support system for us and our growing family. Laura works very hard at helping and caring for others and treating others as she would like to be treated.

If there is a goal with her hobbies- Laura is going to achieve it. She enjoys staying fit- running, spin classes, and boxing just to name a few. When she runs a 5K, everybody else better watch out, because she's going to try to be the winner, not just finish. It's just how she's wired. She loves to ride horseback and is working hard on Parelli Training her horse Bow. Another passion project of hers! Together we really enjoy hiking, especially around the numerous hiking trails near our home. Even when we travel, we like to find nearby hiking trails to get out, see the town and take in fresh air!

With our marriage, Laura is a rock star. She works hard everyday to ensure that we remain engaged and emotionally connected despite our busy schedules. She is the loving, caring, and dedicated partner that everyone wants in a marriage. In my opinion, she's the total package, which is why I knew I was going to marry her almost from the start of our relationship. I love her with all my heart, and I rest comfortably at night knowing she loves me just as much!

Laura Shares...

Hiking and being outdoors helps me feel connected to the earth and helps me put any problems I'm focusing on in perspective. Being with my horse and soaking up the countryside helps me feel at peace as well. I also enjoy watersports (which Dan does too). We recently moved just four miles from the lake and love paddle-boarding and kayaking. I'm a classic extrovert and love sharing my hobbies with friends. The more the merrier! Game night with friends and family is my favorite Saturday night activity.

During the holidays when we have a full house with both sides of the family present, my heart is full Dan and I are both super close to our families and have one of our siblings or parents visiting monthly. Finally, I am a tireless animal rescuer! Emma, Minnie and Bow are all rescued, but as they say "Who rescued who?" Our pets give us so much unconditional love and I can't imagine not having them in our lives.


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Laura Shares...

Dan is kind, supportive and honest. As a doctor, he treats every patient as if they are the only patient on earth and gives them his full and undivided focus. Dan has a heart for helping those that need it the most and has developed a specialty in serving patients who are diabetic. As a result, he has a very busy practice! Despite Dan's demanding schedule in his job, he makes it home almost every night for dinner and prioritizes our marriage before anything else. Dan tries not to let anyone down that he loves and puts others before himself regularly. As a result, he is the guy that many people lean on when they need a listening ear or a friend. He's the most loyal person I know and has life-long friends from his childhood that he makes a point of keeping in his life. Dan is always there for me and his extended family. He is my rock. He is calm through every storm and level-headed in his decisions - which is a great balance as my passionate personality tends to lead with my heart . I can be impetuous at times, but Dan is the most patient person I know.

Dan loves to live life to the fullest and he inspires me to explore and try new things. He likes to hike, ski, travel and is an AMAZING cook! I clean dishes really well LOL! Dan is philosophical, but pragmatic, and very open-minded. He keeps up with world affairs and national news, as do I, so we never lack engaging topics to discuss at dinner and have fun challenging each other's point of views in debate. That said, he always makes me feel valued. Even when we disagree, whether it's serious or having fun, he is 100% respectful. He doesn't judge others, and that open-minded and loving way of being was one of the first things that attracted me to him. Finally, I will say that Dan has unfailing integrity, and that is hard to find in my opinion. You can trust him at face value. He is honest, open and always has sincere intentions. He is simply a truly awesome human being and I am crazy lucky to have found him!

Dan Shares...

I love music and concerts. Luckily, we now live in a great city in Texas where there are tons of opportunities to see live music. During podiatry school, listening to music was my favorite way to decompress. Like Laura, I like to hike, and I also enjoy golf and skiing. Laura and I both have fun exploring the city we live in, and we both enjoy being outdoors on the weekends. During the weekdays, I love to unwind with the dogs and watch movies. I am a political history junkie and enjoy watching documentaries. Finally, I am a big sports fan, particularly Texas Aggie football and athletics. I also love the teams from my two hometowns - Dallas and Chicago. Bears and Cowboys Football, Rangers and Cubs Baseball, and Mavericks Basketball.

Our Home

Dan and I moved to our city about two years ago. We live where hill country begins. We were instantly drawn to our neighborhood and absolutely love it here! It's a brand new neighborhood and due to the amazing views, is a melting pot of people who have moved here from all over the country, and even the world! We have neighbors from Great Britain, India, Colorado and California. Our neighborhood is geared towards families and almost every house on our cul-de-sac has children. The amenity center has an Olympic size pool and a splash park for children, a huge playground, tennis courts and a soccer field. Dan and I have a ranch-style three-bedroom home with an office. We love our modern house as the kitchen, dining and family room is part of one large great room, so no matter what we're doing, we feel connected. Our patio has a beautiful view of the hills and we have ten miles of hiking trails that are private to our neighborhood. We don't even have to get in the car to go for a hike!

While we are just inside the gateway to hill country, we also have the best of both worlds, as we are just a 30-minute drive into the city. The city has so much to offer and there's always a great concert in town or a community festival. We never lack for fun things to do. Since I work from home, we intentionally bought a home that is only 15 minutes from Dan's work, so that he would never be too far away and had a short commute after a long day. We also chose our neighborhood as the school district here is one of the best in Texas.

Our Pups

We have two rescue dogs that Laura literally rescued from homelessness. One from San Antonio - Emma, the other from Houston- Minnie. They are two gentle souls. They love kids and are basically giant cuddle bugs. Our neighbor's children love to play with Emma.

Before You Go, We Want You To Know...

'Before you go, we want you to know... ' Image

We hope our profile allowed you to get a glimpse into our lives, our personalities and the love we have between us. We want to end this time by dedicating this page to you. To promising you how we can care for a child if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us.

We promise to love your child with our whole hearts, unconditionally, and without fail. We look forward to creating a unique relationship with you and promise to always be open and respectful as we talk about your desires for more connection or privacy as well. We understand that depending upon where you are at any given point in your life that this may evolve or change, and we are excited to always talk through that together.

We want to honor you, respect your wishes always, and we hope for an open adoption. We promise to ensure this child knows how amazing their biological mother/parents are. That he or she will always know and understand the incredibly loving choice you made and will honor you like we do. We promise to provide a loving, safe, nurturing home in which your child can grow into his or her most confident self. Your child's needs will always come first in whatever decisions Dan and I make in life. We will ensure that your child is equipped with all the support, resources and skills they need to be a loving and healthy adult.

We hope to get to know you more in the near future and hear about the many dreams, goals and wants you have for your life. You are important to us and we want you to know that!

With all our love,

Laura & Dan

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